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There is nothing more exciting than packing for an upcoming trip or long weekend getaway, right? Ha Ha!  I know, I know… I don’t like packing for anything, even if it is a little weekend trip or stay-cation.  But, I figured I could help you out with a little something something that could lend to be beneficial.  If you’re looking to pamper yourself on your trip or planning to hit the road this Labor Day weekend, how’s about packing an accessory or accessories that can add to the calm and relaxation?  It’s not going to take up much room in your bags and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.  Luckily for my readers AHAVA Dead Sea Mask Sampler Pack is a freebie you can take advantage of and just in time for your Labor Day weekend or for the holiday travels that are coming up in the next few months.

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Packing toiletries is one of those things I dread doing.  Not only can it be confusing because of the type of product it is, but how much will you need and how much do you want to take?  Will you be able to get it on the plane or will it spill in your luggage and bags?  It’s bad enough that you have to figure out if you need to take a facial wash or shampoo, perfume or deodorant, so getting all this together and ready to go when packing can be cumbersome and frustrating.  That’s why I love that AHAVA is offering this fun deal and I wanted to make sure to share it with all of you.

From a lifting mask, to a facial renewal peel – you get these portable individual mud mask packs that will allow you to freshen up at anytime and anywhere.  All you need to do is add this item to your cart and receive your FREE Dead Sea mask sampler pack (shipping fees may apply).

Go ahead, click on ADD to CART and get you a little travel companion for your weekend getaway.  Offer is valid once per customer and cannot be combined with any other offers.  If you have tried AHAVA before, then you know this will be a fine treat.

Note:  I paid $5.95 shipping / handling for my samples, but I live in Hawaii.

Enjoy your samples & pamper yourself.

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Disclaimer:  This post is for informational purposes only.  Images were provided by the Brand/PR company and I was not paid or did not receive anything in return for this post.  I simply provided this information for my readers so they could take advantage of this.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and affiliate links are posted through out.



Let’s face it, not everyone is blessed with curly hair.  I’m really lucky in that I have coiled curls that grace my long luscious locks, but those that don’t have curls need to improvise some.  Since my natural curls are coiled and there are days that I may want softer, larger barrel size curls, I turn to one of my favorite hair tool brands.  I have a pretty nice collection of Nume goodies from the Lustrum Set, Classic Reverse Wand and the 25mm Classic Wand so it’s a hair tool line that I truly do enjoy.  As I say, when you don’t have them yourself – improvise and Nume has the tools to help with that.  Nume celebrates their 5 year anniversary (Happy Birthday Nume!) and with that I want to share with you one of my favorite hair tools and some fun discounts you can utilize to get in on some of this hair tool goodness for yourself.

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If you are looking to change up your style some, I definitely suggest the classic wand.  I have the 25mm which is a common barrel size and perfect for someone who is a beginner hair tool user or advanced.  The Classic Wand has a 100% Tourmaline-infused ceramic coated barrel and utilizes an innovative clipless design for crease-free curls.  Since I naturally have dry hair – it’s great to use a wand instead of a curling iron because the clip can cause creases and with dry hair, it literally can ruin all that work… so I prefer a wand vs. a curling iron.  The curling wand has negative ion technology and heats up to 410°F.  What I love the most is that with your purchase/order you also get a heat-resistant glove that helps with the curling process.  I put emphasis on “heat resistant” because you can still burn your fingers, so use extreme caution still.

curly hair, curly hair don't care, Nume, Nume Products, curling wand, hair, curls, easy curls, nume tools, nume curling wand, discount,

Since I have natural curls that tend to be really coiled and tight, I like to brush my hair out with my fingers to soften my natural curls.  Using a Flat Iron can help straighten your natural curls prior to adding them back in with the curling wand.  Since the Classic Wand has that tourmaline-infused ceramic coated barrel, when using it on your hair you are locking in shine and your curls will last longer.  This type of curling wand is perfect for those beachy waves we all love to rock during the summer months or voluminous glam waves for that night out with the girls or a date.  This wand is perfect for use on medium or long hair and since it heats up quickly, it makes the process of creating your perfect waves easy as pie.

curly hair, curly hair don't care, Nume, Nume Products, curling wand, hair, curls, easy curls, nume tools, nume curling wand, discount,

To create the soft beachy waves I am sporting today – I finger combed my natural curls so that they were not so tight and then grabbed 1 inch sections of my hair.  Starting at various lengths of my hair (some near the root, some near the bottom and the middle of my locks) I added the curl using the Nume 25mm Classic Wand.  Once I completed my whole head of hair, I finger combed through my hair once again to pull out the curls so they were not so tight.  Since I added the curls to different sections and lengths of my hair, it gave me much needed volume and created a fuller textured look.  To set the curls, I added a shine spray and scrunched my hair with some Argan Oil.  Since I have thin hair but my hair is long… I need to create more volume and add to the bulk of my hair so I also spray with a light leave-in conditioner and I’m good to go.  If you want more curls then texture, you can always skip running your fingers through your hair and leave the curls intact and set with a setting or hair spray.  Make sure prior to adding any heat to your hair that you use a heat protectant so that you are protecting your locks from damage.

Creating beautiful locks with curls for days is as easy as moving your arms above your head.  It can take a little practice sometimes, but once you find a routine you enjoy – you will find that it is easier than you thought.  Since my hair is just about past my butt, it can take me a while to get through my whole head of hair, but it’s all worth it in the end.

curly hair, curly hair don't care, Nume, Nume Products, curling wand, hair, curls, easy curls, nume tools, nume curling wand, discount,

Like I mentioned previously, it is Nume’s 5th Anniversary!  Because of this awesome celebration – Nume is offering great discounts for all of my readers and followers.  If you are looking to add to your hair tool collection or to pick something up for the first time – now’s your chance to get some of these awesome tools at a discount.  I’ve been buying Nume products now for as long as they have been a company and I love not only their quality but the products themselves, so I know you’ll enjoy them too.

Any classic wand (reg $79) $19.99 using code HAPPY5YEARS

Any magic wand (reg $89) $29.99 using code ANNIVMAGIC

Silhouette straighteners (reg $99) $24.99 with ANNIVIRONS

Any set $89.99 (including Octowands) with ANNIVSETS

So, do you have your eyes on any of these beauties?  What set or wand or straightener are you looking at picking up for yourself?  I can’t recommend them enough and as I said previously, while I do receive PR Samples I have purchased from Nume on many occasions.  I plan to pick up a Straightener and a Titan 3 to add to my collection soon.  Be sure to head on over to the site and click on the links above to utilize the coupon codes.  The sale begins today and ends on Easter Sunday (March 27, 2016) so be sure to check it out in time to take advantage of the awesome deals.


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Disclaimer:  The products mentioned and/or featured in this post were sent to me for review consideration and some were purchased by me with my own money.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased and I was not paid to provide my thoughts or feature these products.  Affiliate links are posted through out.



Valentine’s Day is just a week away so if you haven’t gotten a gift for that special loved one or for yourself, why not check out the sale from Silk’n.  Silk’n is offering a Valentine’s Day sale with a 20% discount.  The sale is running now until the 15th and includes favorites like Silk’n ReVit, Silk’n Blue and Silk’n Pedi.  Almost everything is 20% off with code LOVE20 so be sure to head on over to the site and check it out.

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Well – well… today we are going to chit chat about brushes.  It’s no secret that it is one of the many things I collect when it comes to beauty.  Let’s face it, an artist needs their tools and a great set of tools is essential.  I have tried them all and with a collection of over 250 makeup brushes, I’m always interested in trying out new ones.  With the cost of a cosmetic brush ranging anywhere from $4.00 to $40.00 in price and in some cases more, I always appreciate a referral on a good one that I can not only utilize but enjoy using.  Today I’m going to share with you my thoughts on Beauty Junkees Makeup Brush Sets.  These affordable beauties have been a new favorite in my makeup arsenal and I think I should share them with you.

Affordable Makeup Brushes - Beauty Junkees Makeup Brush Sets

I’m not gonna lie, affordable and good quality are hard to come by these days and today I’m sharing with you a company and brand that offers both.   With a mission to “be a testing ground for all things beauty so that you can get honest reviews from real women before spending your hard earned money on the next miracle”, Beauty Junkees is a hub for all things beauty accessories and a place you can find some of your favorite products.  Today I share with you two Makeup Brush sets that I think would make wonderful tools for anyone whether a beginner or someone in the industry.

Also – it’s still technically the holidays, so you could snag some for that loved one or as a treat to yourself before Christmas.

Holiday Gift Guide - Fun Stocking Stuffers

The first set I am going to talk about is my favorite.  The 8 Piece Pro Series Brush Set comes with everything you need to create the perfect eye look.  Retailing for $39.97 (currently on sale for $24.97 – not sure how long the sale will last) you receive 8 gorgeous and well made eye brushes and a great quality zip top brush case.

You receive the following brushes:

  1. Pro Pencil – used for smudging eye liner or apply shadow for a more defined and precision application.
  2. Pro Tapered Blending – used for applying and blending shadow on the eye or use to apply transition shade to the crease.
  3. Pro All Over Shader – with dense bristles this is used to pack shadow on the entire lid but still can be used to blend some.
  4. Pro Precision Eye liner – perfect for tight lining the upper and lower lash lines using liquid, gel or cream (powders too).  I especially like to use this brush to smudge out the lower lash line and smoke it out.
  5. Pro Angled Shading – this is a great brush to apply to shadow to the brow bone or to blend color into the crease.
  6. Pro Flat Definer – use this brush to create a sharp and precise line o nthe upper and lower lash line with your liner or product of choice – cream, gel, powder.
  7. Pro Blending – This great brush is used to blend powder shadows and buff harsh lines to give a gorgeous and diffused effect.
  8. Pro Crease – use this brush to apply shadow in the crease for a soft and diffused effect.

Each brush comes with a solid wood handle – sturdy and well made and a double crimped copper ferrule.  The ferrule is positioned well and holds the brush hair in place perfectly.  I haven’t had any issues with shedding and love that each brush can be used with a variety of mediums – powders, creams and liquids.

Affordable Makeup Brushes - Beauty Junkees Makeup Brush Sets

I love that this eye set includes all the brushes I need to create a great eye look and more so it has brushes that are essential for any makeup brush arsenal.  Each one is well made and well put together and after much washing, I haven’t noticed any shedding (with exception to tiny hair during initial wash – which is normal) after many uses.  The brushes are soft and well made and the blending brushes remind me of some of my favorites from well known high-end brands.  I’m absolutely loving them.

Affordable Makeup Brushes - Beauty Junkees Makeup Brush Sets

Next is the Mini 5 Piece Kabuki Makeup Brush Set with brush case.  This set retails for $39.97 (on sale right now for $18.97) and includes 5 brushes in the set.  The name “mini” does not refer to the size of the brush handle, but the size of the actual brushes as this is a smaller size to the actual Kabuki brushes you would use to apply foundation.  These little brushes are so fun and perfect for people like me who contour and apply highlight.  Each brush is dense but soft and made specifically so that they will not soak up excess amounts of product.  This is particularly awesome for those that like to use cream based products as these brushes will allow you to get the right amount of product with an easy application.

Included in this brush set:

  1. Mini Flat Makeup Brush – this brush is my favorite for buffing out my contour along the sides of my nose for a more chiseled and defined look without looking harsh.  It’s perfect for stippling concealer onto sun spots, blemishes and other small imperfections as well.
  2. Mini Angled Makeup Brush – this brush is a favorite because it can be used on the eyes for blending, I love to use it to apply my ColourPop eye shadows into the crease or apply as transition.  This brush is also dense enough to use as a foundation brush or to contour your cheekbones.
  3. Mini Flat Angled Makeup Brush – this brush combines the blending application of the flat kabuki with the contouring application of the angled kabuki – packed into a mini for precision contouring anywhere on the face.  I especially love this brush for also contouring down the sides of my nose and to really provide a chiseled and defined contour below my cheekbones.
  4. Mini Tapered Makeup Brush – this brush was designed to provide coverage in hard to reach areas such as the eyelid, corner of the eye and under eye for a flawless finish.  I love using this brush to blend out my cream or liquid highlight or to also contour since the tip allows you to really define the areas.
  5. Mini Round Makeup Brush – this brush has a variety of uses but is perfect for mineral makeup concealer to buff the product on and blend or to just apply as an all over contour brush for detail and precision.

Each brush is made of high density synthetic bristles and is vegan friendly.  They each come with a solid wood handle that includes a double crimped copper ferrule and I haven’t noticed any shedding with this product.  They can be used with liquid,  powder or creams and I find these work especially well with my ColourPop shadows.  Due to the size of these minis (the bristle size) they are not intended for full face coverage when applying foundation, but great for detail work.

Affordable Makeup Brushes - Beauty Junkees Makeup Brush Sets

After years of spending lots and lots of money on makeup brushes – I’m beyond impressed with Beauty Junkees not only for the price point, but the quality.  Each brush comes with a sturdy wooden handle that is long making application easy for me when using them.  I’m very particular with the weight of my brushes, especially because of my Carpel Tunnel and find that these are well weighted but not too heavy that it will hurt me when using them for long periods of time.  That is especially important when you’re a makeup artist because after a while of doing several clients in a row, your hands and arms can get very tired and sore if the brush is too heavy.  Even if they are light weight, they still have a good balance making application and blending a breeze.  It’s all about that balance and movement in the wrist that really helps with the blending technique.  The cinching in the ferrules for each brush is absolutely well made and done to perfection which means your brushes will last longer with proper cleaning and care.  I found that cleaning each brush is easy.  I use my Parian Spirt or regular brush cleaner as well as soap and water without any issues and after several cleaning with using these brushes they kept their shape well, dried nicely and I didn’t experience any shedding.

I didn’t discuss the brow brush but know that for $10 – the Pro Brow Brush has a great spoolie on the end and an awesome angle brush which works well with gel or powder.  It’s pretty fabulous too.

Affordable Makeup Brushes - Beauty Junkees Makeup Brush Sets


*In the look above I used Beauty Junkees to apply all of my products from eyes to face – even my brows and eye liner!

So – what do you think?  Could you see yourself using any of these brushes I discussed here today.  You can use code: HONEYGW1 for 25% off your order (from now till January 15, 2016) which would make these prices even better and you could pick something up for yourself this Holiday season.  Also – if you have Amazon Prime – shipping is FREE.  Click here to check out other products that Beauty Junkees has to offer.  I know I have my eyes set on more brushes as well as some of their beauty sponges, so you may see many more reviews or features here later.

Beauty Junkees has definitely impressed me, so much so that I featured them in my Holiday Gift Guide – Stocking Stuffers because the price point is fab and the product great.  I definitely suggest you checking them out for yourself.  We all know I keep it real here and if they didn’t work well, well… we know I would be the one to lay it all out there.  I’m quite impressed and really enjoy what I tried, so I figured I would share it all with you.


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Disclaimer:  Products mentioned in this post were sent to me for review/feature consideration.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased.  I was not paid to provide my thoughts on these products or to feature them, but affiliate links are posted through out.

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Michael Todd and the Soniclear Elite. This awesome cleansing tool is one of my favorites and I use it consistently on my sensitive skin.  With its ease of use, fun and funky designs and colors and antimicrobial properties, this product easily is a hit for me and my household.  I have been using the Soniclear products now for over a year, off and on with some of my all time favorite must-haves for skin care and I can certainly agree that it is one of the best cleansing tools I have used.  The Soniclear Elite has been a new addition to my skincare arsenal, I’ve had it now a few months and after I have tried them all, I totally think Soniclear is my Jam!  I have written about the Soniclear Elite a few times here on the blog (which you can read about here) and today I want to share with you some awesome information on the Michael Todd Soniclear Elite Deluxe on EVINE Live!


Michael Todd is premiering their Soniclear Elite Deluxe on EVINE Live and featuring a special Michael Todd Today’s Top Value – EVINE Live’s best value of the day!

If you aren’t familiar with the Soniclear Elite, it will refresh and revive the look of tired skin with its sonic-powered, antimicrobial brush heads. The complete body, pedi and face system with an optional C-Boost™ Technology mode, make this &youth machine& the go-to cleansing and exfoliating tool for all skin types. Especially suited for aging skin to slough off dead dulling skin cells while deep cleaning the pores of dirty and makeup for a refreshed appearance and a more radiant complexion.

Great for gifting, Soniclear Elite Deluxe will be offered in eight different colors! The Deluxe set can be yours for less than $129 plus S&H and will include:

Soniclear Elite Sonic Powered Skin Cleansing System with C-Boost™ Technology, Charging Stand and Power Adapter

Antimicrobial Face Brush Head

Antimicrobial Body Brush Head

Pedi Treatment Head

Shower Extension Arm

Hard Shell Travel Case

Shower Caddy

This special price is good for a limited time through 9:59pm ET 11/4/15.

Michael Todd is premiering their Soniclear Elite Deluxe on EVINE Live and on 11/3 at 10pm and 11pm ET and 11/4 at 4am, 5am, 6am, 10am, 2pm and 7pm ET.

Tune in to watch the show live on or find EVINE Live on your local station.  You can also buy it now or shop all Michael Todd products on EVINE Live.


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Ulta 21 Days of Beauty is Back for Fall 2015

I’m so excited because September means that Pumkin Spice Lattes and the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty is back for Fall.  Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Event is one that many of us beauty lovers look forward to and anticipate each year.  The event allows you to get awesome deals on some of your favorite products and beauty brands and today I’m sharing with you my Top Picks for this sale that began a few days ago.

Ulta 21 Days of Beauty is Back for Fall 2015

If you have been following me a while – you know that the Per-fekt Beauty line is one of my favorites and the Lash Perfection Gel is one of my Top 5 Favorite Mascaras.  Available on Sept. 17th – The Per-fekt Beauty Lash Perfection Gel is going to be on sale for $14 versus $28.50 at its retail price.  Woohoo – time to stock up.

Ulta 21 Days of Beauty is Back for Fall 2015

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had my eyes on the Urban Decay Naked Skin Line since I first seen its release, and more so the Beauty Balm since I know I would get use out of it.  Instead of $34 the Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm is just $17 – which is an absolute steal.  Available Sept. 18th.

Ulta 21 Days of Beauty is Back for Fall 2015

On Sept. 21st you can stock up on some Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels from Skyn Iceland.  This Online Only steal is perfect to take advantage of so you can up your skin care game.  Get 35% off the products and get ready for your Fall and Winter skin care routine.  I have tried many eye gels but have had this product on my wishlist now since I first seen it released.  I’m excited to try it and add this product to my nighttime skincare routine.

The last product I have is the Cargo Swimmables Water Resistant Blush & Powder Blush.  I got Los Cabos which is a peach toned blush that will be perfect to add a little brightness to your cheeks year round.  Originally retailing for $26.00 – during the Ulta Beauty 21 Days of Beauty Sale you will get the full sized blush for just $13.

Ulta 21 Days of Beauty is Back for Fall 2015

While some of my picks may not tickle your fancy – there is a bunch of goodies available for you to choose from – all at discounted prices for your picking and taking.  Here is a small list of products on sale in case you are interested. I started the sale from today’s date on so that you will not be sad that you may have missed out on some of the others that were available last week 🙂

You can check out the full list here.

September 15 – IT Cosmetics Eye lift in a Tube (50% off / now $14.50) and Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation (Online only – 35% off / Now $22.75)

September 17 – Too Faced Bulletproof 24 Hour Eye Liner (50% off / now $11) and Per-fect Beauty Lash Perfection Gel & Liquid Lash Curler (Online only – now $14)

September 18thUrban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balms (50% off / now $17) and Clarisonic Cleansing Brush Heads (Buy One Get One Free)

September 19thBare Minerals Lasting Line or Round The Clock Eye liner (50% off / now $8), Exuviance – Entire Line (25% off / now $18-90)

September 20thLaura Geller Balance-n-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation (now $20 / regular $33) and Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara (50% off / now $10)

September 21stSkyn Iceland (online only steal) Hydro Cool Firming Eye and Face Gels (35% off / now $19.50 – 22.75)

September 22ndAmazing Cosmetics Anti-Aging Primer, Travel size (now $10 / regular $18)

September 23rdCargo Swimmables Water Resistant Blush and Powder Blush (online only steal – 50% off / now $13)

September 24thStila Convertible Color (now $12 / regular $25)

September 25thIT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara (50% off / now $12)

September 26thTarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Precision Longwear Liner (50% off / now $10)

Are you going to be taking advantage of some of these awesome steals?  While I think this list of goodies that Ulta Beauty has for discount is great – there are a few brands I would have loved to seen in the sale… do you have any brands you would have liked to see too?  What’s on your list to pick up?

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Disclaimer:  The products mentioned in this post were sent to me for review and consideration.  All opinions are my own and 100% honest and unbiased.  I was not paid to provide my thoughts on these items or to feature them however, there are affiliate links posted through out.

It’s no secret that I am Photography obsessed.  Since the day my dad put a camera in my hands many many moons ago, I have a love of photos and taking images that is beyond passion.  After having my children, that love and passion turned into an addiction – so much so that most times when my children see a camera… they are already smiling. lol  And, if you have been following me on Instagram, you know that I’m also a Selfie Obsessed Makeup Addict – self proclaimed, of course.  Taking photos constantly and on a daily basis is a part of my life and sharing them with family and friends is important to me.  But, what if my family members don’t have Facebook or Instagram?  Well, that is where the Seahorse app makes my life in photos fun and interesting…

seahorse appThe Seahorse app is available for both iPhone and Android and is a way to privately share your images with Family and Friends.  Our life is full with different scenes whether it be a trip, a celebration, a wedding or just a day where you want to take a bunch of photos. Share those photos with those that are special to you without sharing them with the World is now easier than ever.  Gone are the days of emailing a limited amount of images because you are going over your email limit or texting galleries to family and friends.  Now you can share your images on one little app while your family/friends can add their own images and video to your scenes too.

seahorse app

Using the app is easy as pie… I have an Android Phone so here is what I did.

  • Download the app directly to your phone, iPad or Tablet.  Search “Seahorse” and you’ll see an icon with a little white seahorse against a purple toned background.
  • Download Seahorse via iPhone.
  • Download Seahorse via Android.
  • Log in (if you already have an account) or Sign Up.  Signing up is easy – simply use your Facebook, Google + or your email address to sign up for a free account.  Already have an account?  Then go ahead and log in.
  • After you have signed up, follow the prompts to create a new scene to share with your friends and family… Select… New Scene or Tap the Camera Icon on the top right of your screen and a pop up with be visible stating to “Take a Photo or Video, Import from Gallery, Import from Other services, + New Scene”.
  • Tap the “New Scene” and name your gallery – i.e. Twins Birthday Celebration
  • Be sure to invite some of your friends and family to view the gallery.  You can manually type in an email address or it will search for contacts through your contact list.
  • Select or Tap “Create”
  • You can now start adding images to your scene and your friends will receive an email with directions to download the app.

“Uploading images from your galleries on your device or computer is simple.  Just select the image from one of your galleries or a video and you’re good to go.”  

seahorse app

A huge huge benefit for me when it comes to Seahorse is that I can also upload and add images directly from my computer which is a big convenience for me.  Since a lot of my images are taken with my DSLR and imported directly to my computer, this allows me to upload directly into Seahorse without the additional steps that I may need from other applications.  I also like to have a break from my phone and tablet from time to time and this really allows me to use the source of choice easily.  And, this photog is all about resolution so I’m happy to say that Seahorse saves your images in their original resolution.

“Use Magic to shake your phone for random images from across scenes to discover a forgotten moment, milestone or celebration”

seahorse app

Uploading images, viewing your scenes and sharing images is very easy. Simply tap to upload, tap to view and tap to share. And, what I love is that the friends that are added to your scenes can also upload and add images and video to share with you.  It’s like a personal gallery that you each can enjoy.  I especially love this option because family parties or gatherings can be turned into a scene full with images from each person that attended.

“All photos and videos shared in a Seahorse scene are co-owned, or belong to, everyone invited to that scene.  Intuitive organizing and sorting by date, location, friends and scenes make it easy to find and share memories.”

Girls night out?  Yay – simply add your friends and you can each share images and video that you captured that evening.  

Since my parents don’t use social media sites, this gives all of us the opportunity to connect and share our treasured moments with one another without being bogged down by a news feed.  For those of you that have family or friends that are trying to stay away from Social Media – this is a great way to share your life’s scenes with them instantly and quickly.  Seahorse is ALWAYS private.  So feel confident knowing that you only share what you are comfortable with and whom.

seahorse app

Seahorse is offering my readers an extra 5GB of storage by using promo code: CLEVERHORSE.  This promo code is good until October 31, 2014 and it can only be used once per user.

To redeem:

    • Tap the icon on the top left corner to access your account settings
    • Tap “Redeem”
    • Tap “Write code” and enter CLEVERHORSE
    • Tap “Go” on your keyboard

Technology offers so many advancements now a days and sharing your life with those you love is now much simpler and fun.  The Seahorse app made my favorites this month and I know it will be a favorite of yours too.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

I love monthly subscription boxes and while I’ve had my fair share of them, I think the Popsugar Must Have box is definitely one that you must try out at least once.  This awesome subscription delivers a plethora of treats from beauty and skin care to food, fashion and more and for just $39.95 a month, shipping included.  I love receiving this box because I know that everything included is full size so I’m definitely getting my money’s worth with just a couple of items.  This month there was a range of surprises and treats that I couldn’t wait to dig into.  Check out my video embedded below to see the unboxing, or click here to watch it directly on YouTube.  Scroll down to see all the delectable treats and fine goods I got in my August box.

popsugar must-have august box


As you can see – the box was filled with a bunch of awesome goodies.

Paddywax Candle

The Paddywax Ocean Tide + Sea Salt Mini Jar Candle ($10) smells like a beautiful sea breeze in a jar.  Fragrance notes of sea salt and the ocean tide, this soy-wax candle brings the beach directly to you.  I love the scent… it is subtle but you still get an awesome fragrance from it.  The packaging is awesome and reminds me of sea glass. When I use up the candle, I will be saving the jar for little knick-knacks or to make my own little candle DIY.

thinkThin brownie crunch high protein bar

The thinkThin Brownie Crunch High Protein Bar didn’t last long.  After snapping the photo, I ate it in a quick jiffy.  This was a special extra in the box this month and I really did enjoy it.  It has a nice chocolate taste and is 20g of Protein, 0g of Sugar and great for on the go or after a work out for a quick snack.

Kendra Scott Elisa necklace

Next in the box was the Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace in Black Cat’s Eye ($50).  I was very excited to get this necklace because those that know me, know I’m big on natural minerals and stones, crystals and such and this will be a great addition to my growing jewelry collection.  It’s set in 14k gold over brass, and I love Gold jewelry and it has a gorgeous black oval stone that is classic and timeless. This is the first and only piece I own from Kendra Scott so I’m very proud to have this in this month’s box.  This piece alone pays for the entire box and then some… so the rest of the goodies included are actually extra goodies.

Goodbyn Purple Meal and Dipper Set

The Goodbyn Purple Meal & Dipper Set ($8.00) Now – this next item is awesome for me and I’m super excited to get it.  First off… it’s purple, yes… praise the purple loving Gods… it’s purple.  Then it is an awesome way to keep track of meal portions and is a great portable way for me to travel with a meal when I’m on the go.  I’m so busy sometimes, I skip out on a meal because I just don’t have the time, but this will really give me the option to pack something to eat ahead of time and be on my way.

Mason Jar Cookie Company

The Mason Jar Cookie Company Celebrate! Cookie Mix ($12) Being a mommy of boys, goodies are essential and I’m always looking to add new treats to our foodie line-up.  We haven’t had the chance to bake these up yet, but know that I will post all about it once I do.  This treat is festive and ready to go – just add butter and an egg and bake it up for a delectable treat.

Lollia At Last Perfumed Shower Gel

Lollia At Last Perfumed Shower Gel ($22).  I was pretty excited to see this in my box, because I have heard of the brand but have never tried the products before.  It smells really nice, but sadly – my box was a complete mess when it arrived due to the fact that this shower gel leaked everywhere.  It seems like the cap was not tight on the bottle and even after cleaning it up and tightening the cap, it continues to leak.  This shower gel is infused with shea butter and jojoba oil so I’m excited to give it a whirl with what I have left in the bottle.

Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip

Ooh La La – the Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip in Popsugar was a surprise to me but I was so excited to get it. ($22.00).  I’m a huge fan of the brand and this will be the first lip gloss that I have been able to try.  To celebrate Popsugar’s Must Have’s second birthday, Bite Beauty created this new shade for the occasion and it’s so sweet.  Strawberry, Coconut and avocado oils leave my lips yummy and pink.

Bite Beauty Popsugar

The shade of Popsugar is a tad sheer, but it’s a gorgeous shade nonetheless and I love how it feels on the lips.  A little sticky but not so much that it’s irritating to use.  Definitely a gorgeous color.

Overall – I’m quite impressed with this month’s Popsugar box.  Overall I received a total of $124+ worth of products and all of them in full size.  Each month the Must Have box is $39.95 and includes full size goodies for you to test out.  I love the goodies Popsugar sends out because this particular box is much more lifestyle based, then beauty – so you get a variety of goodies that you can use on yourself or with your family in mind.  Have you tried the Popsugar Must Have box?  If not – is this something you may be interested in?  If you have, what are your thoughts?  Popsugar is a great way to try out some new things, click here to learn more about it.

Due to where I live – I apologize that it took me a while to get my unboxing up and live.  But I do have a discount code for anyone interested:

Get $10 off of a 3-month subscription by using CODE: AUG14SELECT Code is live and expires on 9/10/14.

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DISCLAIMER: POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.

Summer is all about ease and simplicity and when it comes to personalizing something for myself or my family, I look for ways that will offer just that.  Who wants to be working when the days are scorching hot?  Certainly not me.  When I need to add a little “Honey touch” to something – I turn to Cafe Press for help.

cafe press

Cafe Press offers over 300 million different products to choose from… including clothing, wall art, home decor and even things like Monopoly boards and even flip flops (which are perfect for summer I might add).

cafe press

So are you Summer Ready?  Do you have all your hot summer gear ready for those days at the beach or on the water?  With a plethora of selections from – you can certainly find any type of product for you or your family to customize your summer days.  Flip flops, towels and water bottles are all summer must haves and don’t forget that cool tote you can get to carry it all as well as the hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.  Spruce up your style by adding a little personal touch to your items and do it all for you or as a gift for someone you love at


Clarity Organic Vitamin C Serum


Have you tried using a Vitamin C serum before?  Over the last year I have had the opportunity to try out some cool skin care products and it has had me on a Serum kick lately.  I have been using the Clarity Organic Vitamin C Serum with E + Hyaluronic Acid the last few weeks and I am LOVING IT.  I am 34 years young and have really been doing everything I can to improve my skin – especially since I have severe Eczema and sensitive skin naturally.  Trying out different products can leave my face screaming and trying to run in a different direction or happy and excited to reapply.  I am absolutely loving this Vitamin C Serum and I know my skin is loving it too.

Clarity Vitamin C Serum antioxidant blend features Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, and Herbal Extracts, shown to smooth the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and treat dark spots. Stimulate collagen production for radiant and youthful looking skin.


The formula contains ingredients like Vitamin C and Vitamin E that have been shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It is easy and fast to apply, and used regularly, it can prevent damage to your skin and keep it looking young and radiant for many years to come.

Clarity Organic Vitamin C Serum

This Vitamin C Serum is clear and liquid like in texture – not thick at all.  I use approximately 5 drops of this product each morning and apply it before my other skincare products, but after cleansing.  After putting 5 drops into my clean hand, I rub my hands together and then apply to my clean/dry face, neck and décolleté areas.  Once I apply – I wait a minute or so for the product to soak into my skin and then apply my other daily serums and moisturizer.  Used in combination with some of my favorite skincare products, I have noticed that my skin is not only brighter, but smoother and while I do have wrinkles, I also noticed that they have softened quite a bit since I began using this product.

Clarity ORganic Vitamin C Serum

Skin care products can range in cost and this serum retails for $39.95.  You will receive a 3 FL OZ bottle with a dropper that will make application simple and quick.  I love that this product is pretty affordable considering the benefits and I have used a few Vitamin C Serums in the past that were much more costly.

As I mentioned previously, I have very sensitive skin and many products on the market that will work wonders for others will drive my skin absolutely insane.  After using this product for a few weeks, I haven’t noticed or experienced any break outs, flare ups or irritations from using the product.  I am quite pleased with what it has done for my skin in combination with other products in such a short time frame.

Clarity Organic Vitamin C Serum


Deionized Water, Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C), Methylsulfonylmethane, Cassia Angustifolia Seed Polysaccharide (Botanical Hyaluronic Acid), Hamamelis Virginiana, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Carbomer, Arginine, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Simmondsia Chinensis, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Phenoxyethanol, Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin, Organic Centella Asiatica, Organic Equisetum Arvense, Organic Pelagonium Gravoleons, Organic Taraxacum Officinale

About the Brand
At Eu Natural, our goal is to provide you with the purest nutritional products based on the latest health research. It may cost us more, but we manufacture without the use of any extra fillers, binders, or excipients.

Do you currently use a Vitamin C serum as a part of your skin care regimen?  If so, what benefits have you seen from the product you are using?  If you are interested in trying out Clarity Organic Vitamin C Serum – check out their Amazon store and use CODE: EUN15OFF for a 15% discount on your purchase of your serum.

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Beautiful flower bouquets at an affordable price?  Raises Hand and screams… “Over here!”  I have been told by people before that they are not fans of receiving flowers or bouquets, for whatever reason.  A few have even compared receiving bouquets to funerals and even death.  I’m sure everyone has their own opinion to whether they enjoy receiving the “smell great” beauties or not but I know I love them.  Receiving flowers to me is a sweet and kind gesture.  As a child, I worked in the garden with my Mom and Grandma and we loved picking the flowers from our Garden and arranging them in a vase to look at and as I got older my Dad and I spent hours photographing florals.  Part of the reason I am a Photographer today is because of these gorgeous creations that God and Mother Nature has gifted to us.  Flowers remind me of my childhood, life and love.

Rose Bouquet

Having received a plethora of different bouquets in my lifetime (thanks to a wonderful husband), I cherish them a lot because I know how costly they can be.   A dozen roses arranged in a vase and delivered to my work place is not cheap and many times if it is on a busy Holiday (i.e. Valentine’s Day), if you are not pre-ordered, you will not make the deadline for delivery. is a site filled with a huge array of bouquets – not just roses but flora of all shapes, sizes and gorgeous colors.  Not a roses type of gal or guy?  Don’t worry… Daisies, lillies… you name it – they have it.  What I love best is the affordable prices and how quick it all gets delivered. Floral Selection

My bouquet came all the way from Ecuador delivered via Fed-ex.  It was wrapped well and packaged nicely.  Considering it was in transit to Hawaii from Ecuador for a week before it was delivered, the bouquet arrived safe and sound and as fresh and gorgeous as I would expect it to have been if it came from a local Florist.

Bouqs Delivery

The Volcano collection (my roses came from this one) cost $40 and come from South America, the California Collection is $50 and comes from the West Coast.  Securely packaged and ready for delivery.  Of course if you want to have an added touch, you can certainly add your own vase – but considering a bouquet of flowers can cost well over $75 and even over $100 I think the deal you get from is definitely a great one. Delivery

After opening up my package, I removed the roses nicely and set them on the side.  I filled my vase with room temperature water, added in the little packet of flower food and while that was sitting I began cutting the stems of my new flowers.  My parents both worked in a florist so I learned that you must cut your stems diagonally under cool water – not cold and not hot.  The diagonal cut ensures the flowers are getting enough water to keep them lasting.  You should remove the leaves that are below the water line when the roses or flowers are placed in the vase, but I don’t like how they look – so I tend to leave them in.  Once you are done – admire your flowers.  I add fresh water to the vase every day and change out the water after a week to ensure that the bouquet lasts.  If your bouquet lasts a while, then you can always remove leaves and petals as you need.

Bouqs Affordable bouquets

Here’s why I love flowers and bouquets so much.  The first image (at the top) was taken on the day the bouquet arrived.  The picture above was taken 7 days later.  If you take care of flowers, they can last for a few weeks, even if they are a bouquet and technically “not living” because they have been cut. takes so many measures to ensure that your flowers are delivered as beautiful as it would be if you had ordered them locally.

Affordable Bouquets

Did I mention I love photographing flowers?  I think they are breathtaking and divine and they certainly remind me of spring.  The close up of these roses are from the same bouquet I received, but these taken on Day 9 – they are still beautiful and smell heavenly.

Pink Roses

The flowers in the above photo have bloomed so nicely.  This photo was taken on Day 13.  As you can see – even with the heat that Hawai’i experiences, with proper care the roses or any of the flowers for that matter will blossom and open up beautifully.  I had the opportunity to enjoy these flowers for over two weeks until they started to wilt completely.  They were a breath-taking addition to my decor in the house and smelled just as nice.

So are you looking for affordable bouquets for Easter, an Anniversary, special occasion?  Definitely check out and browse through their selection of gorgeous bouquets that will warm any heart.

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{PR Sample & Affiliate Links}

As many know, I am a huge supporter and addict of The Body Shop’s products.  Their Special Edition Blueberry Body Butter is no exception and I am absolutely loving how they make my body feel and how awesome they smell.  I wanted to introduce you to the new Blueberry goodies that was just released on January 27th – check out The Body Shop’s Facebook Page for all the details on how you can get a discount on this line.

The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter


I also did a write up on Beauty Stat for the new Blueberry goodies.  Be sure to check it out here:  I have photos of all the goodies and you can pick and choose which ones you love best.  Also – don’t forget to check out my Video reveal which you can find here: and see all the product live as I go through each one with you.  The video is also embedded below.

Do you know that the Body Shop sells a jar of body butter every two seconds?  I believe it!  As a big supporter and lover of their products, I make an order about once a month and I am always happy with what they offer.  Check it all out!  Have you tried The Body Shop’s products before?  What are your favorites?

zoya polish discount color2014


Yay Yay! First let me start by saying I hope that my discount went through accordingly because I forgot what the date was and rushed to order earlier today. lol But, those of you that love Zoya, now is your chance to stock up on 3 polishes and only pay for shipping.

Starting 1/7/14 – you can pick out 3 Zoya Nail Polishes (any color) and get them for free… you just have to pay the shipping and handling fee.  Now – shipping to Hawaii is about $12-16 depending on the order size, but that’s still an awesome deal considering each polish starts at $9.00 and goes up in price from there… so you are getting an awesome deal.  Update: I just confirmed shipping is $12.00 (yay!)

Here’s what I did – I chose my free polishes (a total of 3) and added another 3 to my cart (I couldn’t help it – I have been making my list to shop for over a month).  If you order $25.00 or more, you qualify for Free Shipping (woohoo!) so I paid $29.00 for 6 polishes (one of which is a Pixi).  A total steal!  If I averaged them out… that means each polish costs me $4.83.  Yay Me!

So jump on this opportunity while you can.  This discount will run from 1/7/14 – 1/13/14 at  I can’t wait to see what all of you got. I picked up a gorgeous shade from the Touch Collection – I’m so excited!  Happy Shopping my friends!

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