I’ve said this before, but living in Hawaii really does have it’s benefits.  From the gorgeous ocean and beaches that are my back yard to the beautiful flora and fauna that surround me, Hawaii is a getaway and paradise and I’m born and raised here.  I’m pretty lucky!  Maui is also home to many creative talents and I am so glad I was able to check out one for myself.  Today I introduce you to Nagasako Designs, made on Maui.

Fashion Friday - Real Orchid Earrings by Nagasako Designs, Made on Maui

Nagasako Designs on Maui was introduced to me about a year ago and I have been swooning and crushing over her jewelry since.  You can find many real orchid earrings online and in various stores, but I am proud to say that this one is made right here on the island where I was born and from the town where I was raised.  If you are from Maui, you’ll know that the Nagasako name is one that goes back generations.  I had been a frequent customer of Nagasako store as a kid, grabbing my ICEE on hot summer days while cruising the Historic Lahaina streets, so I instantly recognized the name when I was introduced to the brand.

Fashion Friday - Real Orchid Earrings by Nagasako Designs, Made on Maui

Martina Nagasako – a native to Lahaina, Maui preserves cherished floral memories for many and also creates one of a kind pieces that will absolutely be treasured for years to come.  Today I share with you a piece I got for Mother’s Day, the Lavender Orchid Center Earrings ($45.00).  I instantly fell in love with these because they looked so unique and of course, because Purple is my favorite color.  While these gorgeous gems offer a statement, they are still dainty and feminine which I love.  The pair dress up any outfit and fit in so well with the laid back lifestyle I live here on Maui.  These earrings are well made with center orchids that are grown, hand picked, designed and glassed in Lahaina.  I love that they are on hooks which allow the earrings to dangle freely from the ears and the lavender/grey fresh water pearl makes for a perfect accent on each earring.

Fashion Friday - Real Orchid Earrings by Nagasako Designs, Made on Maui

Nagasako Designs offers a variety of pieces in different sizes and colors.  They are priced reasonably and make great gifts.  I stalk the company on Instagram to see new releases as they are rolled out and as I mentioned earlier, no two pieces are alike as each flower is unique.  Nagasako Designs also offers preservation of flowers from your Wedding Day or special occasion and are the only preservation floral studio in Hawaii.

Fashion Friday - Real Orchid Earrings by Nagasako Designs, Made on Maui

While I have a plethora of earrings and pendants on my wishlist, I have my eyes on a set of plumeria and whole orchid earring sets.  It item is absolutely gorgeous and so well made that I can’t wait to pick up more.  I wanted to feature Nagasako Designs on Fashion Friday because I’m not only impressed with the product, but customer service is phenomenal, shipping is very fast and I think it is so awesome to have such a creative mind and designer right in my back yard.  But, Nagasako Designs does ship anywhere, so do not hesitate to check out what she has to offer.  Stop by to see the pieces she offers and check out her Instagram @Nagasakodesigns to keep up with what’s new and to check out her flash sales & discounts she has often.

Fashion Friday - Real Orchid Earrings by Nagasako Designs, Made on Maui

Have you heard of this brand before?  If not – what about the pieces she offers… do you think this would be something you would love as a gift or to treat yourself with?  Thanks for stopping by!


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Disclaimer:  The products mentioned or discussed in this post were purchased with my own money.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased.  There may be affiliate links through out this post.


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  1. Cindy Ingalls Reply

    Those earrings are gorgeous. I love discovering new talents, thanks for sharing Nagasako Designs with us.

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    So very pretty, and perfectly suited to Hawaii!

  3. These are seriously gorgeous! I love that you have such a connection through them with where they are made as well.

  4. Lola Seicento Reply

    What stunning earrings! They are so delicate and lovely!

  5. The earrings are pretty. I love the color, of course. The shape reminds me of something feminine… If you know what I mean.

  6. have never heard of glassed flowers. How unique and beautiful. Those earrings are beautiful on you. I bookmarked the site. 😀

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