It’s seems like I’m shopping my stash a lot lately and I completely forgot about this little gem I had in my possession now for quite some time.  The Going For Gold eye shadow palette from MUA (Makeup Academy Professional) has been a favorite to pull for during the warmer months since it offers shimmery shades to adorn the eyelids.  I was excited to use this palette in the fall to create eye looks filled with hues like falling leaves to I figured I would share it with all of you.

Going For Gold - MUA Makeup Academy Professional Eye Shadow Palette

I purchased this palette last year from the MUA website and was so excited at how affordable the palette and the rest of the cosmetics from the line is as well as the quality.  Sadly, I just found out from MUA that they no longer ship to the United States, so if you are interested in getting this palette or other MUA products, you will have to check out your local CVS or other avenues online.  I have been a fan of the makeup I have used thus far and even ordered products for fellow beauty junkies over the year so I was disappointed to find out that I am only limited to a selection that doesn’t really include any of their new palettes or beauties such as these.  I decided I would share the love on this palette anyway – since I really like the quality and the colors included.  Retailing for about $4.53 *USD the Going For Gold palette includes 10 gorgeous shimmery shades that include golds to silvers and are show stopping to say the least.

Going For Gold - MUA Makeup Academy Professional Eye Shadow Palette

For the price point – you get 9.6g worth of product and really good pigmentation for a product that costs less than many that you can find in the U.S. based drugstores.  The packaging is okay – a snap tight closure that is fairly sturdy considering I have tossed this palette around like an unused toy over the last few years and it’s held up well.  It comes with a double ended sponge tip applicator that is just an extra addition, if you know me – you know that I don’t use it and usually will put together in a collection of those from other palettes to tuck in the back of a drawer – lol.

Going For Gold - MUA Makeup Academy Professional Eye Shadow Palette

Each swatch is done dry over my bare arm and as you can see the color picks up well and it is really easy to work with.  The shades are definitely fun for an every day look that calls for a pop of color, but I do think the palette is missing a mid tone brown and a black which would help to make this palette one that could be used for a plethora of looks instead of all shimmery eyes.  The shadows are buttery – but they can have some powdery pick up – so dusting your brush off prior to applying to the eye will save you a glittery mess on your cheeks.  If you wear these wet (not pictured) they will pick up much more intense and apply with minimal fallout – however, I noticed the eye shadow in the pan starts to develop an odd layer that can make working with the shadow dry a bit tricky.  Note:  If you are going to use these wet, I suggest using the corner of the eye shadow pan so that you are not causing the entire shadow to get hard and difficult to work with.

Going For Gold - MUA Makeup Academy Professional Eye Shadow Palette

I have tried several different products from MUA over the years and this is the sixth palette I own from the brand in a similar price range.  Overall – I’m always impressed and you can beat a palette that is less than $5.00.  Shipping was actually reasonable (when they did ship to the US) and it didn’t cost that much and usually took about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks to arrive to me in Hawaii – which again, not bad.  My only con about the brand now is the limitations to the product line – especially now that they have included so many gorgeous palettes I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection.

Have you tried MUA products before?  Besides your local CVS with a limited selection, have you been able to find this brand anywhere else?

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Disclaimer:  The product(s) mentioned in this post was purchased by me with my own money.  All opinions are my own and 100% honest and unbiased.  Affiliate links are posted through out.


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  1. I can’t find this brand anywhere 🙁 I would love to see deeper shades, for an all in 1 palette! Thanks for the review!

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    Whether it is true or not, I don’t know, but I heard that the MUA in CVS isn’t the same as the brand in the UK. Supposedly, it’s a CVS house brand. But who knows. I have only tried the MUA false lashes. I haven’t seen any palettes at CVS as impressive as the one you just reviewed. I love those shades. They must look great on you!

  3. I’ve seen other products from MUA at CVS but never e/s which I’m sure I’d buy.

  4. I really like this brand, and I’m so sad they stopped shipping to the US! I wish they’d reconsider. They have a lot of great dupes!

  5. Lola Seicento Reply

    What a beautiful palette, and you just can’t beat that price!

  6. I heard a LOT of great things about this brand! The colors in this palette are perfect for early fall, when the leaves are yellow but the sky is still blue and bright. Very lovely!

  7. I see MUA in my CVS all the time but have never tried it. Now I think I’m going to pick something up next time I’m in the makeup aisle.

  8. all_the_words025 Reply

    I’ve ordered from their website in the past, but haven’t used anything from them in a while. I love the shade selection in this palette.

  9. I’ve recently seen this brand at my local CVS, I think I will one up to play with. I want to see a look with these colors!

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