Omigosh, I have been working like a nut on my new wordpress site that I honestly have been neglecting everything else.  But, come on now… we can all agree that if you are going through what I am – it is not the walk in the park for us all in the beginning.  I am a little at ease knowing that the site looks pretty darn good and in the next few days I can call and have my domain switched over so that this truly will be “Honeygirlsworld”.  Regardless though, I figured I would add a few posts here and there since I’m still getting used to the layout of WordPress and have been so used to the “drop and drag” option that Weebly offered me the last two years.  So – if you see random posts from me, do not worry – I did not go psycho overnight. lol  I did want to stop in and say “Happy Halloween”.  While I sit at my desk and plug away at this site, my twins are eagerly and patiently waiting for their big brother to be finished with school so that they can start dressing up.

pumpkin 2013

We went super easy for our pumpkin this year, mostly because I misplaced all of our pumpkin carving tools and really didn’t want to spring for new ones since I know ours will pop up again.  So – the knife and xacto knife were our tools of the trade the other day.  We chose to do 3 ghosts for our 3 little boys.  They absolutely loved it and were so excited.  The boys also lost their masks for their costumes (one of them anyway), so I’ll be pulling out my face paints and creating spiderman on Isaiah.  This will be the first time I’m doing so – so I hope that it will turn out okay.  I’ll be posting photos in the next day here so you can all see how it turned out.

Alright then, I’m back to the grind and will continue working on my site here.  What do you think of it so far?  Simple, but still… I’m pretty much winging it – lol (story of my life).

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