Winter in Hawaii this year has been pretty interesting and offering a cold front that Hawaii islanders are not quite used to.  With weather at it’s all time coldest… we’ve been experiencing low 50s most evenings and during the day we don’t get above 75 degrees.  I know for my buds on the East Coast or Canada, this is nothing, but considering we have warmth here year long, this has been quite interesting on my body and my skin.  That’s one of the reasons why I’m so excited to be bringing to you another post along with my girlfriends from The Beauty Council.  Each of us live all over the United States and some from other parts of the World, so it’s interesting to see what our winter beauty staples and favorites are for this year.


Winter does both positive and negative things to my skin but who’s really counting, right? lol I have super sensitive skin and it really forces me to concentrate my winter beauty products around moisturizing and keeping my skin supple.  As most know about me already, I have severe Eczema and it takes a lot from me to keep it all at bay.  While I love makeup – my essential staples for Winter… are all skin care type products.

Winter Staples

My entire beauty regime now revolves around Coconut Oil.  About two years ago (maybe a little longer), I decided I would eliminate foundation from my beauty routine and focus on trying to keep my skin flare ups and sensitivities controlled.  The creams that my Dermatologist gave me were honestly… quite horrible.  My dad reminded me how important coconut oil was and my husband and I did a lot of research.  It is now an essential part of my skin care from my overall skin, face, lips and even hair.  I even do oil pulling and consume coconut oil to help me with my overall health.  So – you will see that it is mentioned consistently.  I make many of my own masks, lip scrubs, body scrubs and moisturizer… but wanted to include products I know I pull for quite frequently during the winter.  These are my Quint-essentials.

winter hair care staples

Besides Coconut Oil, Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil are important in my hair care.  Having very curly and long hair means that I need to pamper my tresses as much as possible, especially since I am pretty brutal on them already.  While I am not really selective when it comes to Argan Oil, I do love Josie Maran, Voila Ve and BebeLush.  I purchase from these brands consistently.  Macadamia Hair and Moroccan Oil, DermOrganic and Briogeo also offer some of my favorite hair care products which I use consistently and most recently, Dove’s Pure Care Dry Oil line.

Facial Winter staples

Again – Coconut Oil is essential.  See the large bottle in my photo… I buy those in the double pack from Costco because we use it for many things… one bottle for beauty, one for kitchen and consumption.  I use this as a daily/nightly moisturizer for my body but most importantly my face.  Mixed with Argan Oil I use Coconut oil to remove my makeup as well as to moisturize.  While I do also have an Facial Oil Cleanser, I find that by using the coconut oil it will remove all of my makeup thoroughly without drying out my face.  I also apply Vitamin E from moisture cream from The Body Shop.  I apply this as a heavy moisturizer, but do not use it daily and when needed to protect my skin if I have an eczema flare up – Cheryl Lee MD’s True Lipids Relieve & Protect Ointment.  This skin protectant is my absolute favorite and I recommend it to anyone who has eczema.  When I need a little exfoliating… I will either make my own Honey, Coconut Oil and Sugar scrub (I will do a post on that later) or I’ll use any one of my favorite Freeman Beauty Masks.  Freeman Beauty masks are not only affordable, but they have different types which offer you a wide range of pampering at your finger tips.

Winter Lip Staples

My lips get very chapped and dry during the winter months and to keep them looking luscious I make sure they are consistently hydrated and moisturized.  EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip spheres are my favorite for on the go moisturizing.  My favorite flavor is Passion Fruit which is a limited edition scent that only releases a few times a year, I love the flavor and of course, the sphere is purple which is my favorite color.  I have a recipe for a lip scrub that I love to use as well, which includes coconut oil, honey and sugar to exfoliate my lips and keep them soft and supple.  On days when my eczema has a flare up I use Cheryl Lee MD Skin Protectant and each night before bed I apply one of my favorite lip butters from The Body Shop to keep my lips soft and moisturized through the night.

Body Winter Staples

Overall, anything and everything I use in my skin offers a variety of benefits as well as a lot of moisture.  Besides Coconut Oil, Argan Oil and Vitamin E, I also love lathering The Body Shop’s Body butter over my skin, especially in the evening to keep my skin well moisturized.

Like I mentioned previously, while I love makeup – taking care of my skin is very important during the winter months and skin care products are my number one winter beauty staples.  I would love to know what Winter staples make your must have list.  Leave a comment below and tell me what important beauty essentials make your staple list.  Don’t forget to visit some of the lovely ladies linked below and show them some love… see what kind of winter beauty staples they selected.

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  1. I live in Florida so I’m right there with you the highs of 75 while some are -2, I couldn’t imagine but I do get the 20 degree nights. I’ve been wanting to add more coconut oil into my skin care routine since it’s doing wonders for my hair. Great list!

  2. Yasss! TBS goodies are the bomb, especially for Winter. I love that they have a wide selection of body butter formulas for any skin type.

  3. I love Freeman masks too. Such great variety, and super priced! I have been loving everything from TBS this winter. 🙂

  4. Lola Seicento Reply

    Hi Honey! I love your choices! I use so much coconut oil as well, and it works great head to toe. In fact I keep some on my nightstand and use it before I go to bed all of the time. I also have naturally curly long hair, and think it does wonders for it!

  5. TinaBowling Reply

    Love Briogeo Hair products! I have a few Body Shop items on my list right now, these sound nice.

  6. Color Me So Crazy Reply

    There are soooo many great products here. I use and love several of them.

  7. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    I see a lot of my faves in your list: Briogeo, coconut oil, Delectable etc. But maybe this summer when my exfoliative keratolysis comes back, I should try the Cheryl Lee MDs True Lipids

  8. Kimberly Purcell Reply

    I have several of the items from your review and the one thing that is also in common with them…they all SMELL awesome! Coconut Oil and the Argan Oil!!

  9. Victoria - manicurator Reply

    Great Winter list! My eyes went right to that coconut and cream hand lotion! I can never have enough hand lotions!

  10. Norah Salazar Reply

    I need a Hawaii winter in my life right about now. Loved seeing your faves!

  11. cindyprimebeauty Reply

    Yay for DermOrganic! I’m going to have to look at my costco for that coconut oil.

  12. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    lucky we live Hawaii m/ Girl I’m shivering at low 60s. The other day we hit 58. Great to see TBS in your selection!

  13. It’s a little chilly here in FL, too! What’s up with that! I have a big tub of coconut oil in my fridge. I keep meaning to experiment more with it, it’s so versatile!

  14. So many fabulous products in this post. It’s been below zero where I am for a few days, so my skin is just generally unhappy…I’d run around naked if it were 75 degrees! But if your skin is used to warmer weather all the time, I bet that is a big change!

  15. Bailey_AlltheWords Reply

    Love your picks! I’ve recently started using macadamia oil and love it!

  16. The Polished Mommy Reply

    I’ve pretty much stop using “skincare” and just use my oils now. I use argan and Maracuja

  17. I love reading about Winter is warm places like Hawaii. Sure I roll my eyes at the 70s but the reality is we get used to temps differently depending on where we live. I m jealous though…a little! Great picks girl! Love the lip balms and coconut oil!

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