I’m probably a bit late to the game in sharing this palette with you all, but I just wasn’t certain if it was something I wanted to have in my collection but decided I would try it out anyway.  I’m glad I did, because the Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette has easily become a favorite in my makeup arsenal.  It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Kat Von D – having watched her career flourish as a tattoo artist over the years, so when she began her own cosmetic line at Sephora, I was taken by everything about it.  Many who read my blog or watch my videos know that the Tattoo Liner in Trooper is probably one of my favorites to date and I’m glad I decided to pick this palette up because I’m loving it.

Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette

The Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette retails at Sephora for $46 USD.  It includes twelve all matte shades that were created to transform your eyes through the art of contouring.  Using shadow and light to create dimension in her beautiful portraits, Kat wanted a palette to empower you to create a look for your ideal eye shape featuring definition, lift and balance.  This palette has arranged its shades into three unique quads – each with a base, contour, define and highlight shade in neutral, cool and warm hues so you could create a look that was effortless and perfect.

Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette

Included with your palette are illustrations on different shade combinations that you can try from each quad to discover your favorite transformative look.  And, of course if you are wanted to interchange and mix up the shades to create your own looks, you can do that as well.  The palette is made in the USA and the packaging is stunning.

Shade break down:

Net Wt – 3 x 2.3g/0.08oz (larger base shades) and 9 x 1.1g/0.04oz (contour, definition and highlight shades).  Like I mentioned before, each shade is matte which allows you to create a variety of looks.

Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette

Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette

I am loving the shades in this palette, especially since they include a range of hues from cool and warm to neutral which means I can use a combination of all or a few to create looks I love.  Each shade while matte are actually quite easy to work with and easy to blend out.  If you have worked with matte shades before, some can be a challenge, but overall I do like how well these blend.  Like a lot of my Kat Von D palettes, this one can be a bit powdery, though I do think it has some to do with the matte shades as well.  I don’t get much fall out – but I always make sure to tap my brush off prior to applying to my lid.

Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette

For the quality you are getting and the amount of shadows, I think you are definitely getting a steal.  The palette is well made and the packaging is really nice and sturdy.  I would have loved to have the magnetic closure a little stronger than what it is – but overall I think I would be comfortable enough to take this palette on a trip or pack it for travel.  It can be a bit bulky (the palette itself) but I still think it is pretty good protection for the shadows.  Oh – and I really really wish the names of each shadow was printed on the actual palette itself.  I’m doing my best to throw out packaging and I’m not about that life of keeping cards handy.  I like that the names are printed on the back, but I much rather prefer it printed near the actual shadow itself.

Smoldering Smoky - Easy Smoky Eye Featuring Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Palette

In the look above, I am using shadows from the Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette.  A full list of products used can be found here and a tutorial for this look here.

Like most makeup on the market today – any purchase in its own is an investment and I think this is a nice one.  If you are looking for a palette you can create looks for work with or just something easy to use, I think you’ll enjoy it.  I am surprised at how much I’m enjoying this palette.  Laetus has been my go-to highlight shade for my brow bone since I got this palette and succubus is a gorgeous shade in the crease or to smoke out your look.  I love it – even with it’s little issues I have with it – I know I’ll get some great use from this one.  This palette is sold exclusively at Sephora and

Have you tried this palette yet?  If not – is it on your list? If you have, what do you think about it?

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Disclaimer:  I purchased this product with my own money.  All thoughts and opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased.  I was not paid to feature this product on my site though I do have affiliate links posted through out.


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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    It is such an appealing palette. I haven’t bought it yet because it may be too similar to the Viseart Neutral matte palette to justify buying it for me. But I know I would love it

    • I have wanted that Viseart one. I think it would be quite similar though. If you do get it or at least see in person, I would love to see a comparison 😀

  2. BeautyJudy Reply

    I love this palette – it’s my favorite nude/neutral palette I own!

  3. Lola Seicento Reply

    Wow, you look absolutely GORGEOUS! This is rally a fantastic looking palette!

  4. I love this palette, they black is so dark. Sorry if you get 10 comments from me it keeps refreshing the comment box. You look fab as usual girlie!

  5. Ever since I saw your post showing that smokey eye look, I’ve been convincing myself that I don’t *need this* but I so want it! LOL that look is SO pretty!

  6. This palette has a great mix of colors. Your eyes look terrific.

  7. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    I own this! One can never have too many neutrals! I like KVD eyeliner trooper too. I bought the anniversary limited edition

  8. Bailey_AlltheWords Reply

    I don’t have any all matte palettes (well, one but that’s another story) but I think this could be a great addition to my stash, The shades are gorgeous!

  9. TinaBowling Reply

    I’ve enjoyed watching Kat grow her makeup business as well. I really like watching her video tutorials as well. I’ll head over and check out your video on this look!

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