If you’ve been a long time follower of Honeygirl’s World, then you probably know that I love a great movie.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a new rom com or a thriller, I love a great flick that I can sit down and watch with a bowl of popcorn and lose myself for a couple of hours with surround sound and the smell of warm butter.  Recently I had the opportunity to watch Kidnap, starring Halle Berry.  A thriller about a single mom that will stop at nothing to get her kidnapped son back from those that are holding him captive.  Is this a flick worth the watch?  Read on to see…

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As the title of the movie suggests, it’s about a mother who’s on a mission to get her son back from a Kidnapper(s) and she will go to no length to get him back.  As a mom, I think this movie took me for a rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions and I recall thinking to myself how I would probably be acting similar to Halle Berry’s (Karla Dyson) character in the movie.

“Never stop looking, Never stop fighting!”

I’m not gonna review this movie in detail because I am one who hates spoilers before watching a movie.  But, I’ll give you a little summary.  The movie starts as Karla Dyson (Halle Berry), takes her son to a park.  Dyson is going through a divorce and finds herself taking an important phone call for just a second when someone snatches up her son in a blink of an eye.  Through the movie, Dyson (Berry) tracks down the driver of the car and follows him as best as she can to get her son (Frankie) back, without endangering him.  They threaten to kill him numerous times but she does everything in her power to get him back.

The movie follows the character through different towns as she tracks down the kidnappers and a high-speed chase on the freeway yields a huge pile up of cars.  All the while she tries to get the attention of police who either suspect that she is the criminal or don’t have the resources to help her.  After hours of chasing the car, she finally meets up with them only to find out that she has discovered more into the kidnapping than she had originally thought.

“That’s what all these people did, they waited!”


Check out the Trailer for the movie here and watch it if you dare.  The thing is, this movie is a bit different from what you would expect to see from Berry.  She plays a role that opens up a different side of her acting skills.  This particular movie may not be some people’s cup of tea, but as a mother, I truly enjoyed it.  I watched it with my kids (though there are some scenes that I had them close their eyes or leave the room), but it allowed me to really show them what could happen if they wander off or talk to strangers.  Of course, this particular movie is quite dramatic, but in our current society, anything like this can happen.  I really enjoyed the movie and it kept me glued to the screen the entire time, a nail biting, edge of the seat kind of flick.  I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a great film, but it kept me in suspense enough that I enjoyed it and I would watch it again.

“You took the wrong kid!” 

So, will you be heading to the theater this weekend to watch Kidnap or are you planning to watch from the comfort of your own home?  Overall, I think I enjoyed the movie and as a mother, it really had my emotions all over the place, screaming at the television and freaking out, but I enjoyed it.  Simplistic but to the point, ya know.




Disclaimer:  I previewed Kidnap before the movie released.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest & unbiased.  This is not a sponsored post.


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