If you watch any of my videos or follow me on Instagram, you know that I practically live in sunglasses and polarized ones are my absolute favorites.  I believe that if a great pair of sunnies are worth the cost, I’ll buy it – hence the reason for my large Maui Jim collection.  Call me a sunglasses snob, I want a certain look, feel and quality of lens when it comes to sunglasses and prefer the best.  Recently I was sent a pair of sunglasses from Westwood and I immediately fell in love with it.  There are not many sunglasses with similar shapes to these that I have enjoyed in the past so I am truly enjoying this pair and I wanted to share them with you.

Looking Cool in My Summer Shades - Westwood Sunglasses

Since I have a love for expensive shades, I also know too well that in one moment you can either shatter or lose a great pair of sunglasses without notice.  I can attest for many sunglasses being lost in the ocean, in a pond or stream or even in the sand so I was interested to see what Westwood would offer.  Each handcrafted pair of Westwood Sunglasses is made entirely of wood.  They each weigh 0.8 ounces and are so light that they float in water.  I have been using these in place of my Maui Jims to enjoy my summer festivities because they have been durable and also protect my eyes from UV rays.  Most importantly, these are polarized which allow me to see the World as I am used to – in complete clarity and bright gorgeous color.

Looking Cool in My Summer Shades - Westwood Sunglasses

These shades are made of good quality and are half the price or less of big brand shades that you can get on the market.  I also love that they come with flexible temples which make wearing them comfortable and easy to fit my big head and they are made of bamboo which makes them lightweight and doesn’t cause me any headaches like heavier sunglasses can do.  The pair I received – Westwood Classic Smoke, retails for $80 on the site and considering I have put this pair through the ringer as I would normally for any other pair I own, it has held up, taken a beating and I really enjoy it.

Looking Cool in My Summer Shades - Westwood Sunglasses

The style of the sunglasses is a classic.  They remind me of a style I rocked out in the 80s that is timeless and I know it won’t go anywhere.  They are just fun overall to use and I really enjoy them.  Each pair of sunglasses comes with a soft carrying case and a cleaning cloth which make the sunglasses easy to take with you, store and clean.  They are fun and funky and I’m enjoying the pair that I have.

Looking Cool in My Summer Shades - Westwood Sunglasses

Westwood is also in the process of a new Tribal Design which I have my eyes on and plan to get when it is released.  You can check out their Kickstarter campaign for this particular pair here.  I can’t wait for that particular design to be released, it is totally up my alley and my type of shades.  Am I still a sunglasses snob?  Hmmm… I think Westwood has definitely given me a change of heart, because I have been using my Westwood pair over my Maui Jims and loving it.  You can check out the pairs they have available here.

Have you heard of Westwood sunglasses?  If not, would these be a pair you would be interested in?  What brand of sunglasses are you rocking this summer?

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Disclaimer:  The product discussed in this post was sent to me for review and consideration.  All opinions are my own and 100% honest and unbiased.  While I did receive free product, I was not monetarily compensated to provide my thoughts.  This is a part of a Brandbacker campaign.


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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    Those sunnies are very cool and certainly distinctive!

  2. Lola Seicento Reply

    Wow, I have never heard of this brand before, but they are gorgeous! I love that they are made out of wood!

  3. I love that they are wood. I don’t think I’ve seen sunnies made from that before.

  4. Love the shape of these! I am a sunglass snob too, but my Gucci’s and Chanel’s have lasted me over 5 years! My coach sunnies are nearly 8 and still going strong, so that’s the reason I always stick with higher end. You pay $250 and get years and years worth of wear. At least that’s my justification to the hubby haha 😉

    • I completely agree. Between my husband and I – we probably have 12 or more pairs of Maui Jims and some are going on 15 years but are classic and still in great condition. Plus we can take them right into the shop and have our lenses changed out or arms replaced, etc. It’s worth it. I have a few Coach that I also love and am thankful to have. 😀

  5. Bailey_AlltheWords Reply

    If I didn’t need prescription lenses I’d have an obscene amount of sunglasses. Love this design!

  6. Lisa Marie Heath Reply

    So cute! I am so bad about remembering to wear sunglasses!

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