Running, walking or any form of working out is so much better with music and because of this, I’m always looking for a way to stash my phone that holds all my favorite workout tunes.  I have done everything under the sun from sticking my phone in a pocket – which, let’s be honest, most of my exercise clothing doesn’t have.  I have even held my phone in my hands (ear phones connected) in an attempt to still get a full workout in for the day.  But recently I was introduced to the TKO Running Belt with reflective trim.  I have used products from TKO before and it’s a brand that I enjoy so I was so eager to try this belt out.  Today I share it with all of you.

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The TKO Running Belt ($12.99) works perfectly for anyone that loves a good workout, biking, running, hiking or walking.  It gives you the convenience of having all of the things you would need on a workout – for me that would be my phone and my asthma inhaler, while still allowing you to be hands-free.  This running belt is predominantly black with colorful reflective trim (my belt has lime trim – but available in all black, wild berry, sapphire and lime).  Water-resistant design with two expandable pockets allow you to carry your necessities with ease.  I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and it fit my phone as well as my inhaler in the pocket for hands free use.  The belt also comes with an adjustable waist band which is a plus so that my husband and I both get use out of it and I like that it fits my wide hips.

TKO Running belt, TKO, running belt, review, product review, exercise belt, exercise, workout,

This very lightweight belt is a great workout buddy and companion.  I tend to drive to forest locations for a good run which means I’ll have my keys on hand at any given time.  This pouch holds not only my keys but the important things I need to get in a good workout.  Not only is the belt adjustable, but it stretches so it makes it comfortable and I like the fact that the reflective trim helps when I’m on the side of the road.  The reflective trim really is a great feature for anyone that takes part in their workout outside of the home.

TKO Running belt, TKO, running belt, review, product review, exercise belt, exercise, workout,

There are two pockets on the TKO Running Belt.  One is large enough to fit my pretty big phone and the other small enough to hold onto my asthma inhaler and some of my keys.  The belt is well made and the zipper is sturdy and strong.  I’m really impressed with how well this belt has held up with use over the last two months as well as how convenient it has been for me.  It’s nice to know that I can listen to my favorite jams and not worry about having my hands hold everything.  The pocket zips up nicely and I leave it slightly open so that my headphone cord can hang out while it’s plugged into my ears.

Do you hold your music device or other things in your hands while out for a walk?  I did and now I’m glad I don’t have to any longer.  Check out TKO’s Running Belt and get one for yourself via their Amazon Store.

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