NYC never ceases to amaze me.  Their very affordable drugstore line consistently comes out with new products to keep up with ever growing trends, but they keep with their affordable price point so that they can be purchased by anyone.

While shopping at Walmart a few months ago I happened across these Applelicious Glossy Lip Balms from NYC.  Being that I am a lover of the Baby Lips from Maybelline, I immediately wondered if these would be similar so I figured I would pick up a few.   These lip balms are at many different retail stores, I have seen them at Walmart, Kmart, CVS and Walgreens.  They come with 0.12 oz (3.5g) of product and are roughly about $2.99 at most stores.

Watch my embedded video below for my Quick Review or click here to watch it on YouTube.  More details below.



Each Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm has an apple shaped core.  This core is filled with a unique formulation that will not only add gloss and shine to your lips, but also helps with moisturizing.  Not only is this apple shaped core cute but there is a reason to its design.

The packaging of each is super cute.  Similar to any type of lipstick or lip balms, it has a twist up feature that allows you to feed the balm/gloss up as you use the product.  I haven’t had any difficulty with it getting stuck – so I am going to say that it works well.

The cap on the tube is clear which allows you to see the color you are wanting to buy.  To me – this is a plus that any drug store brand could add when having tinted or colored lip products.  It gives you the opportunity to know exactly what you are buying.  Let’s face it… the swatches on displays are not the greatest to go by when choosing the right shade. The apple in the middle contains Shea butter, jojoba and avocado oil which helps with moisturizing your lips.

 Apple Blueberry Pie


Apple Blueberry Pie is a very flattering color on me.  Nicely pigmented with a pinkish hue and blue undertone.  It has a purple look to it but I think it would work well for many people – especially those with my skin tone.


Pink Lady


Pink Lady is such a beautiful pink tone.  It’s one of those that give your lips that pouty look without over doing it.  I would even consider it a light Barbie Pink type of color – but since it’s a balm, it has just enough punch of color to be able to be worn on a daily basis, any time of year and by most skin tones.


Applelicious Pink


Applelicious Pink is probably my favorite of them all.  While it is not a color I would rock out daily, the pigmentation is phenomenal and it is such a pretty berry red color.  I absolutely love how bright it is on my lips for a balm.


Pigmented, moisturizing and affordable.  Color Pay off is awesome but I wish it would last a little longer.  The color lasts just about as long as my baby lips, but in my opinion – these are so much more pigmented.  I love the texture, they remind me very much of my Revlon Lip butters.  Moisture in my lips lasted for a long time – an hour later and my lips still felt quenched, several hours later and my lips still felt smooth and soft.

Even if I have only tried out 3 of these glossy lip balms, I am completely impressed.  As I mentioned in my video – I was a little off put by the scent when I first opened them, but I’m happy to say that was temporary and the original smell is no longer there.  I just smell a nice soft apple scent.  These balms do not have any flavoring or do not taste like anything but lip balm, so if you are a flavor junkie like me, then that may be a con in your book.

Sparkle Rating…  4.6 Sparkles!
Yes – that’s pretty high in my book… but I like these so much – I’m going to try and get every single color. 🙂

Hope this review helps you out if you are interested in getting these. 🙂


This post was previously done on my old blog.  You can view that post here: http://honeygirlsworld.weebly.com/1/post/2013/07/nyc-new-york-color-applelicious-glossy-lip-balms-review-and-swatches.html


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