I have talked about NeoCell here before and wanted to share my thoughts on another product I have been using from the brand.  NeoCell Derma Matrix Collagen Skin Complex was something new to me when I was first given the product.  But, with new inventions in the beauty industry each day – I was very interested to see whether or not this was a product I would like.  I am constantly reminded that I am not getting any younger, so any product that I can use to try and slow down the aging process I’m experiencing, I’m all for.

REVIEW: NeoCell Derma Matrix Collagen Skin Complex

With advanced ingredients designed to internally nourish the skin, Derma Matrix’s formula uses BioActive NeoCell Collagen which is created through a propriety micronization process.  The product dissolves instantly in water, juice or your favorite smoothie and is standardized to be both bioavailable and bioactibe for maximum absorption and efficacy.

 This product helps to promote reduction of lines and wrinkles, increases hydration by 21%+ and supports cell turnover & elasticity.  After taking this product for about a month with my water or green juice, I noticed that my skin feels moisturized and hydrated, even before I add my normal moisturizing products.  During the Winter months – this is key since my skin is very dry and needs the added moisture to keep my Eczema from having a flare up.
This product is Clinically Tested with 92% of people experiencing an increase in skin hydration and 65% of people experiencing firmer & softer skin.  I have noticed my skin definitely is softer, more hydrated and in some places, firmer.  This product includes some of my favorite ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C.
I’m quite impressed with this product and I love that it is so easy to take.  NeoCell offers such awesome products for supplements and I have been liking this one.  It doesn’t really have much of a flavor so mixing it with juice or your favorite smoothie will result in no flavor or taste you don’t like.  I prefer to drink with my green juice, because I can slightly taste it when I mix it with water.  It’s not completely flavorless, but not a bad taste, just my preference.
You can purchase this product and others at places like Whole Foods, Vitamin World, GNC and other locations that carry supplements Nationwide.  For about $24.99 (6.46oz / 183g) you get to help your skin with great ingredients.  I’m loving this and I know that this is one supplement that is not only easy to take, but something I’ll continue to use.
You can purchase this product and others here:
Have you tried anything like this before?  If so – what are your thoughts?
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