If you have been here before, then you know from time to time I have random reviews on products I enjoy.  Today is no exception.  About a month ago I received the TowelLab 100% Microfiber Cleaning Cloth in the mail for consideration of review.  I’m not gonna lie, I was excited to try these out because you can find a huge stack of microfiber towels in our linen closet.  My husband uses them to polish and dry our cars and I love drying dishes with them or cleaning surfaces.  They work better than your standard dish towel when it comes to drying dishes and I especially use them to clean my television screen which is an LCD (a good/clean microfiber cloth should remove most finger prints and add a little distilled water and you can clean off any stains, etc.)  The options for use with these are endless.  I even stash a few away in my beauty area to help with removing makeup or cleaning my brushes.

Review - TowelLab 100% Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Like most Microfiber Towerls, these have the same feel and texture.  The are engineered by TowelLab and are ideal for kitchen use, screen and windows.  They are 6x lighter than a standard towel (major plus) and dry 4x faster.  I especially like that they are anti-bacterial as they are treated for odor prevention.  They are really soft and make it ideal for using on the skin, which I like.  Each set comes with a total of 4 TowelLab clothes that are machine washable and can be reused  hundreds of times.  I have washed and dried mine many many times without any problems and they are still soft and durable.  These are lint-free (woohoo) and offer streak-free cleaning.  They are non-abrasive and won’t scratch surfaces, paints or clear coats (which make it ideal for cleaning the car).

You get 4 towels that are 12″x 12″ in size and are made of a 100% Microfiber that has a blend of 80/20 polyester / polyamide.  What’s awesome is that these are affordable – retailing for about $18 regular priced but on sale right now for $8.  That is a steal considering the costs my husband and I have paid on for other microfiber towels on the market.

If you have a touch screen phone as I do, these make great cloths to clean the screen with and I find that the use for these towels are ever growing.  You can purchase your set here: or check out more information if you so choose.

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Disclaimer:  This product was sent to me for review/consideration.  All opinions are 100% honest and unbiased and all thoughts my own.  While I did receive this product for free, I was not paid to provide this review.


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