Everyone knows skin care products are my jam – especially if they work.  I am a fan of all kinds and all price points but I love to try products that work for my sensitive skin, no matter what they are used to combat.  Recently I had the opportunity to try out some products from Solutions 24 Clinical.  This product line is currently available at Walmart Stores and which make them easily accessible to purchase and I really enjoy that they are affordable.  Today we are talking about these products and how they worked for my skin.

Solutions 24 Clinical Corrector Sticks - Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes and Dark Spots

Available in three different types of sticks to combat three different issues you may have with your skin, Solutions 24 Clinical Corrector Sticks retail for just about $12 and offer targeted treatment for each issue.  The stick itself is VERY easy to use, simply remove the cover and twist up the product to use each.  Applying the product is as easy as rubbing the stick onto the areas you want to treat.  Each stick has a cooling sensation and feels great on my skin.  I expected it to be sticky and uncomfortable – especially since it has been so hot here on Maui, but it applied easily, smoothed on and was light weight on my face.  What I love is that these sticks are firm so they don’t squish on the face, making it easy to apply without any issues.  I apply this product before moisturizing day and night for best results.

Solutions 24 Clinical Corrector Sticks - Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes and Dark Spots

The Puffy Eyes Corrector Stick helps to reduce puffiness and swelling around your eyes and clinical studies show the protein and extracts in the corrector reduce the puffiness by improving fluid drainage and stimulation of the collagen production.  The puffy eye area becomes firmer, smoother and hydrated.  I love using this product in the morning on the days that I haven’t gotten much sleep.  I instantly feel refreshed, but I also love the cooling sensation it gives.

The Dark Circles Corrector Stick is used to lighten dark circles by strengthening weak blood vessels just beneath the skin and the primary cause of dark circles.  The dark circles become lighter and the eye area brighter and hydrated.  I don’t have dark circles unless I’m sick or really didn’t get much sleep, so I didn’t notice dark circles disappear with this product.  I did however notice that the areas beneath my eyes appeared brighter and like the other sticks, I loved the cooling sensation this product has when applied.

The Dark Spot Corrector Stick is the one I got the most use out of.  After having my children, I started dark spots and skin tags on certain parts of my face and while they are not that visible to any person, I can see them and they drive me nuts.  The dark spot corrector significantly lightens pigmentation of the skin by reducing melanin production in the skin’s layers.  Dark spots fad and skin tone is much more even.  I have been concentrating this product on places near the hollows of my cheeks where I have some discoloration.  I also apply the corrector stick to some of my old acne scarring and some places on my neck where I have noticed dramatically how much the spots have lightened everywhere I have applied this.  I especially have been enjoying this product.

Solutions 24 Clinical Corrector Sticks - Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes and Dark Spots

If I had to suggest at least one of the sticks to try – it would be difficult as they all really serve a pretty great purpose and work well for the targeted issues you may have.  Again, the Dark Spot corrector is my favorite as I get the most use out of it.  I have freckles which I have learned to love, so I haven’t been trying to treat them specifically – but I have noticed that the freckles on my cheeks have lightened.  I also use for places where I have uneven skin tone, sun damage and these places have improved a lot over the last month since using this product daily.  A huge difference and definitely noticeable.

Solutions 24 Clinical Corrector Sticks - Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes and Dark Spots

If you are looking something to treat problem areas on your face and eye area – you may like these.  Again, they are reasonably price – well, actually, pretty darn affordable and easy to use.  Have you been seeing these in your local Walmart?  Is this something you may be interested in trying?

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Disclaimer:  The products mentioned in this post were sent to me for review and consideration.  All opinions are my own and 100% honest and unbiased. I was not paid to provide my thoughts on these products or feature them.  There are affiliate links posted through out.


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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    I will look for the Dark Spot Corrector next trip to Walmart. I like the look of these

  2. I don’t spend enough time at Walmart to find gems like this. I’m always with my husband who rushes me through.

  3. all_the_words025 Reply

    I will for sure be looking for the dark circles one. These sound great!

  4. These sound interesting but I fear that the dark circle wouldn’t d for me. Mine are EPIC.

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