It’s no secret that when it comes to fashion, anything I wear or use must not only be functional but also comfortable.  Sometimes I feel like my laid back lifestyle has me too lax and often it can be a bit basic, but I love taking basics and turning them into something fun and fashionable.  I’m born and raised in Hawaii so most of my life you could find me in a bikini or bathing suit with board shorts and a surf board, but now that I’ve changed things up a bit, I try to add a little more flair to what has become comfortable.  While what I wear may be simple, consisting of mostly basics to allow for me to change up from time to time – I love to add handbags that will give me a sense of style and freedom at the same time.  Accessories can make or break a look easily so here is what I do to take a basic outfit and jazz it up a bit.  Here’s my plus size outfit featuring Miche Bag to compliment the look.

Spring Fashion and Style - Plus Sized Outfit Featuring Miche Bag

Check out my quick outfit video below or click here to watch directly on YouTube.

First, I start off with a basic look.  Today I have decided that I wanted to use one of my favorite black strapless dresses but have a little cover up for a fun and casual look.

  • Black Empire Waist Jersey Strapless Dress – Old Navy
  • Denim Vest with Cut sleeves – Forever21 Plus

Since Flip flops are pretty much the go to for most looks here in Hawaii, I decided that would be a great choice not only for comfort but also for style.  I decided to go with a platform/wedge style flip flop to add a dressier flare to the look

  • Black Flip Flops – Guess Sabell Platform Flip flops

Spring Fashion and Style - Plus Sized Outfit Featuring Miche Bag

No outfit is complete without some accessories and for me I wanted it to be simple, basic but still add a little flare. If you have been following this blog or my YouTube channel a while, then you know I’m pretty simple and usually will have the same type of necklace or watch for my daily style.  Today I switched up my watch and included something that would be fun and add a little bit of swagger to my look.

Spring Fashion and Style - Plus Sized Outfit Featuring Miche Bag

Last but not least – it’s all about the handbags.  It’s no secret that I’m a huge handbag fanatic… my husband can attest to that (teehee), and I’m always looking for the perfect bag to help accommodate all of my personal and mommy needs as well as be functional and stylish.  About 5 years ago I was introduced to Michebags and immediately fell in love with not only the quality – but the styles and the price.  Let’s just say that I love these bags so much that I own two different sizes and over 12 shells… ssshhh… don’t tell the pocket book. lol

Spring Fashion and Style - Plus Sized Outfit Featuring Miche Bag

Miche bag’s concept is easy… You purchase a base bag (in my case, this is the Prima base bag) and then you purchase a shell to go with it.  The idea was developed by a women who wanted to be able to change out her bag easily without having to pull all the contents of her bag out.  You simply pull your base bag out of your shell and put it in a new one and you are good to go.

  • Miche Prima Shell in Carmen – a brown caramel shade bag with gold accents
  • Miche Prima Shell in Maria – a gorgeous cream and print bag with gold accents

Spring Fashion and Style – Plus Sized Outfit Featuring Miche Bag

Each bag is so easy to get in and out of to switch out you can easily go from day to night and it takes just seconds.  I am wearing my Miche bags pictured with the regular black handles and gold chain links to add to the gold accent.  These bags are not only functional, they are affordable.

Miche Prima Base bag: $29.99

Miche Prima Shell: Range between $40 and $100

Miche Accessories: Range between $9 and $20

If this bag is too large for you – do not worry,this is the largest size Miche carries but there are a variety of sizes available from their Petite, Classic and Demi.  Also, Miche offers different colors in their handles as well as their chains and Carabiners so you have endless options to switch up your style and preference.  Each strap, handle, carabiner and hardware is interchangeable with any of the shells and the shells are seasonal so you can expect to see new styles rolled out several times a year.  Fashionable and on-trend, Miche is definitely a great selection for those who love handbags and want to keep their look fresh.

Check out Miche and their styles by heading over the their website:

Spring Fashion and Style – Plus Sized Outfit Featuring Miche Bag

Spring Fashion and Style – Plus Sized Outfit Featuring Miche Bag

Now – just because I have a really relaxed style, doesn’t mean you can’t jazz up a similar look with say a pair of strappy heels or wedges or even a larger necklace for a statement piece.  What I love about style is that it is just like makeup and it’s all about the individual and their preferences.

Spring Fashion and Style – Plus Sized Outfit Featuring Miche Bag

Also – be sure to check out the Miche Hope Collection – inspired by those affected by Cancer, a portion of the proceeds from sales of the collection go directly to cancer research and other charities.

So – what are your favorite types of things to wear during the Spring time?  And, have you heard of Miche Bag?  If you love handbags like me, definitely head on over to the site and check out what they have to offer.  I’ve been a fan of their products for a few years and with a pretty big collection, it definitely states how much I love and enjoy the brand and their products.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  It seems like a whiles since I have posted outfits but I’m slowly getting back in the groove again.  Don’t forget to stop by and check out my video (click here to watch) – I hope you like it.

xo and Happy Spring!

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    You are rockin’ it! Great outfit that can be casual or a little dressy. I love your bags, but I’m such a shrimp I have to watch the size of the bags I carry. Love those gold chain straps.

    • check out their site Allison, you will love the sizes. I’m gonna do a feature video soon on the classic I own as well as the prima and how to remove the shells. 🙂 But the classic would be a fun bag for you.

  2. BeautyJudy Reply

    I haven’t given much thought to Miche bags, but I’ve only seen small ones that look cheap; I haven’t seen anything like this, and had I known about it I probably would already own 4784837 shells, lol!!!! Thanks for sharing this, I would never have known the brand had bigger bags and shells that I would rock!

  3. i already stalk you on YT so I saw this already heheh but I need that bag. That is such an awesome concept!

  4. I wasn’t all that interested in Miche bags because I thought they were all that one size, but it looks like they’ve expanded their line! Such pretty accessories!

  5. This is a clever idea for a purse company. I never knew about the brand but I’m interested in checking them out now.

  6. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    The purse looks fab! Is it your son or hub filming you? Looks like you’re giving instructions, hehe. Gorgeous mama

  7. Norah Salazar Reply

    Ditto on the bag, it is so cute. And you look super chic Honey!

  8. Bailey_AlltheWords Reply

    I love those bags! You look perfectly casual-chic 😀

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