I think brows are the basis to every and all makeup looks – but I’ll be honest, since my brows are already pretty full, I usually tend to comb them in place, set them with a wax or gel or shade them in just a bit and I’m out the door.  I have used many different brow products in the past, but I’m always on the hunt for an easy to use, long lasting brow powder, gel or wax that will keep my brows in place.  Today I bring to you a simple pictorial featuring the Paula Dorf 2+1 For Brows kit and show you quickly how I create my statement brows.

Paula Dorf 2+1 for brows


Since I have dark hair, I chose the Brunette 2+1 by Paula Dorf, but the kits come in four different shades for that perfect statement brow look that matches your hair color.  Retailing for $26.00 the set includes 0.017oz / .5g (wax) and 0.07oz / 2g (powder) comprising of a trio that is perfect to create long lasting brows.

Paula Dorf 2+1 for brows

The brow and wax set comes with two complimentary brow shades and one wax.  The brow powders are very smooth in texture and apply very nicely with great pigmentation in one swoop.

Paula Dorf 2+1 for brows

To shape and add body to my brows I follow this routine:

  • Using a brow brush or spoolie, I comb my brows into the shape I would like them to be.
  • Then I take the darkest shade of the brow powders and use this to define my brow shape.  Using an angled brow brush I apply the shade to carve out my brows on the top and bottom.  This will give my brows definition.
  • With the lighter brow shade, I now shade in my brows.  This will allow the brows to be colored in but not look too bold or artificial.
  • Blend the darker shade and the lighter shade on your brows so that there are no harsh lines.
  • Brush through your brows once again with a spoolie to make sure you are blending the brow powders with your natural brows creating a softer look.
  • Set in place with the brow wax and you are good to go.

Paula Dorf 2+1 for brows

If I am in the mood for a darker brow, I simply use just the dark brow powder instead of blending in the lighter shade and define my brows that way.

Paula Dorf 2+1 for brows

Overall I’m pretty impressed with this brow set.  If there was one thing I would like to critique, I think that the brow wax a little thinner for my liking because once I set it down on my brows, I noticed that it started to melt a little and then it didn’t stay in place as long as I would like.  But, I do like the brow set, the colors work really well with my hair color as well as my complexion and I love the feel of the brow powders, very soft and blend-able.

Right now, buy the Paula Dorf 2+1 For Brows set and get a free brush with your purchase.  Use Code BROWBRUSH at check out.

I have used many different brow products in the past and I’m always intrigued by the different styles and types that are rolled out.  What are your favorite brow enhancers or products?  Are there any you simply can’t live without?

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  1. You have an amazing brow arch!! I love my brows and ALWAYS have to have them done even if I’m not wearing hardly any makeup because I think they’re a focal point for the face and a lot of my other features seem to disappear when they’re not done!!

    • thank you Dani 🙂 I used to have a special person do my brows to shape them and she moved on so I tried to keep them as best as possible the last 5 years. I think I did okay. lol

    • I really enjoyed the brow kit from WnW – but I don’t think they make it anymore… that had a great wax. Milani makes a good one too – but it’s nice to try different brands 😉 thank you.

  2. Lola Seicento Reply

    I second what Dani said, your brow arch is amazing! Nothing frames the face the way that brows do, and yours are great! This looks like a very promising brow kit! Excellent review!

  3. Your brows look great! Once upon a time I had thick, beautiful brows, then I went tweezer happy when I was 12 and they never grew back lol I mostly use powder to fill mine in, but sometimes I reach for a pencil. It depends on my mood!

    • thank you. 🙂 I have always had thick brows… once a salon person butchered it and then it took a while to grow back… but still it seems okay. Same with me, I think brows are all about a mood 😉

  4. Bailey_AlltheWords Reply

    I love how natural the powder looks- your brows look perfect!

  5. I’m a fan of the Spiked brow pencil, IT Cosmetics Brow Power, and dip brow. I like the shade of this brow powder, it looks natural.

  6. So you define your shape first! This is an epiphany! I have to try that. I’m always at a loss regarding my eyebrows and so I’m usually pretty self conscious about them, too. Anyhoo, bottom line, I think I need this kit.

    • thank you 😉 I never used to shape and define first… I would just color them in and found that I was just too dark on the inner corners of my brows which made them look really fake. By defining the top and bottom, it allowed me to feather the inner part of my brows blending them so it looked more natural 😉

  7. Norah Salazar Reply

    Brows are non negotiable! They make a big difference and a good kit helps.

  8. I’m still feeling my way through brow shapes and products. My fave so far has been the Too Faced Bulletproof brow. I think I get the best defined brows with it.

    • I had them in my stash before… but for some reason ABH brow products cause my eye brows to flake and get dry… I wish it worked for me because I do love ABH products. Thank you 🙂

  9. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    Go girl! I am just feeling my way with brow products. Because I wear bangs, it’s almost what’s the point. And finding the right shade of copper, ugh — my Milani lip pencil is actually the best match yet, lol.

    • I feel ya. I think that I know a few people with the same issue. What Milani Lip pencil have you been using? Have you tried a brow gel that is tinted in a copper or bronze shade?

  10. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    groomed brows or go home…. that’s my makeup mantra 🙂 i haven’t tried anything from paula dorf yet…this sounds like a great product to try

    • this is my first try from anything in her brand… I’m pretty impressed. Yes, groomed brows are very important – love your mantra. 😉

  11. Kristin Bassett Reply

    Filling in brows is a definite must! Even if I’m not wearing makeup, my brows are done.

  12. cindyprimebeauty Reply

    Love the shape of your brows! I think I need to have mine professionally done.

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