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It’s no secret that I’m an island girl, born and raised on the beautiful island of Maui and still currently living here while raising my family.  Island living is a part of who I am and while I may decide to move away one day to further my journey, Maui (Hawaii in general) will always be home.  As an island native, a hawaiian girl true to my roots, I have learned to utilize nature and all of it’s fruitful bounty to my benefit.  Whether it be swimming in the oceans for tranquility or sport, catching my own fish or diving for lobster to feed my cravings and my family or picking fern to make gorgeous head adornments (we call them leis here) or salads to eat – living in Hawaii is a culture and an experience all its own.  Passed down generations, I’ve learned different techniques for skin and body care that I can also use for myself and my family.  For example – we have several aloe plants growing in our yard to help aid in sunburn or any type of burn and for healing, something my dad taught me.  I believe that Hawaii is not only a destination for visiting and play, but it’s land is rich in benefits many are only now beginning to discover.  Recently I was introduced to Eavara Skin Care, a company that includes eco-ingredients from Hawaii and places all around the world and today, I’m going to share it with you.


Eavara (“e-a” meaning life, air, breath and “vara” meaning the best or most excellent) got its name by melding two ancient words to represent “Eavara” which represents “Giving the Best of Life” and Eavara strives to do so in every way when it comes to health and beauty.

Their mission is simple but makes an impact:

“To combine the best of Nature and Science by creating skin care products that dramatically improve your appearance and protect your skin against the effects of aging with only the finest ingredients.  Their goal, to keep you looking healthy, youthful and beautiful.”

Eavara was inspired by the natural wonders and beauty of Hawaii where they carefully selected organic, natural and eco-ingredients from locations around the world in places called Paradise.  Prior to development of new products, each ingredient selected is put through a rigorous testing for quality, potency and effectiveness.  Whenever possible, Eavara sources their ingredients from local organic growers in  Hawaii and they are commited to supporting local farmers, sustainability practices and sourcing beneficial ingredients for your health and wellness.

Eavara is dedicated to NEVER using these ingredients:  Propylene Glycol, Petroleum Distillates, Formaldehyde, SLS (Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates), Parabens, Phthalates and other harmful chemicals.

Today they offer their Age Defying Moisturizer, which is what I had the opportunity to try.  Let’s just say the last two months since I’ve been using this product has been divine.  Since I have sensitive skin (I know, I know – you know… lol), I was worried that my face would suffer from some form of reaction as it does with different products, but it’s been two months with no issues.

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The Eavara Organic Age Defying Moisturizer retails for just $29.95 (1.7 oz/50 mL) and Eavara offers Free Standard Shipping on all USA Orders.  This product includes a blend of the finest organic oils and tropical botanical plants from paradise to sooth, moisturize and protect your skin.  Nutrient-rich antioxidants like Coconut Oil (we all know that’s my holy grail product right there), Shea Butter, Kukui Nut and Avocado Oils offer skin loving ingredients that are reported by medical journals to help visibly diminish fine lines and wrinkles as well as the signs of aging.

The Eavara Age Defying Moisturizer has helped to improve my skins texture and provides my skin with a boost of radiance.  My skin looks smoother and brighter, but also leaves my skin feeling soft.  I have tried a plethora of skin care items over the years and I can honestly say this has become one of my favorites.  Besides, you can’t beat the cost of this product… it’s worth it to give it a try.  Over the last two months I have noticed that my skin overall just looks and feels great.  Furthermore, even with a vast amount of sensivities, I haven’t noticed any adverse reactions, break outs or flare ups.  My naturally dry skin feels great and is moisturized all day long.  I’m impressed and well, in love with this product.

age defying, moisturizer, Eavara, made in USA, cruelty free, organic, skin care, skin, facial moisturizer, hawaii, skin loving ingredients, coconut oil, moisturizer, anti-aging,

Key Ingredients:

Certified Organic Rosa Canina Oil • Organic Jojoba Seed Oil • Organic Avocado Oil • Organic Mango Butter • Organic Macadamia Oil • Organic Kukui Nut Oil • Shea Butter • Vitamin E • Organic (Inca-peanut)Sacha Inchi • Organic Hibiscus Flower Extract • Adansonia Digitata Pulp Extract • Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture • Soluble Collagen • Certified Organic Kakadu Plum Extract • Arnica Montana (Flower) Extract • Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Extract • Certified Organic Seaweed Extracts • Certified Organic Coconut Oil • Organic Hibiscus extract • Organic Mamaki Leaf Extract • Organic A’ali’l Leaf Extract • Organic Plumeria • Hyaluronic Acid •

This Eavara Moisturizer seems to work fairly well with other products I currently use from other brands and I’m absolutely ecstatic at the fact that it includes Hyaluronic Acid whic his something I use daily to infuse moisture into my dry skin.  With some of my favorite oils like jojoba, coconut and kukui nut, my skin feels so rejuvenated and fresh.

It’s common knowledge here at Honeygirl’s World that I do not use Foundation unless I feel the need to and that’s usually just a handful of times a year, if that.  But there are times when I do feel like my skin looks a little dull or lack luster.  After using Eavara for the last two months, I found that my skin just looks like it’s glowing and many have commented on the fact as well.  But, what really excites me about the product is that I noticed how much my skin was moisturized and felt quenched after the first use.

age defying, moisturizer, Eavara, made in USA, cruelty free, organic, skin care, skin, facial moisturizer, hawaii, skin loving ingredients, coconut oil, moisturizer, anti-aging,

So – let’s chit chat a little about the product in my own words, shall we.  First of all, if you have dry skin like I do… I honestly think your skin will drink this up like it’s fresh water from a waterfall.  The cream is cool (reminds me of a cold cream), but smooths onto the skin and is lightweight with no residue.  It dries quickly and soaks into the skin just as fast.  I like that I can literally feel it soaking into the skin after applying it and I am free to apply any serum or other over my skin as I would my regular routine.  I have tried using this day and night but find that I like it best in the morning and then follow up with my normal oils that I apply to my skin as part of my night routine.  If you have combination oily skin, this moisturizer may be too much for you, but honestly, at the price point – I suggest trying it.  With the ingredient list, I would expect the additional moisture and your skin may just drink it up.

Considering this comes from a Hawaii based business, I’m excited and look forward to trying more product that Eavara will create.  This product is really nice and affordable and worth taking a gander at to see if it is something that will work for you.  I have already sent a few friends and my mom to check it out and I look forward to hearing back from them on how they liked it.

Have you heard of Eavara before?  If so, is this something you would enjoy?  If not, are you planning to check it out.  I highly suggest checking out this product and joining the Eavara ‘Ohana (family in Hawaiian).  They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and it’s risk free.  I know I will be a customer for life, so I look forward to seeing what Eavara comes out with next.  I can honestly say, Eavara is this island beauty’s secret to great skin.

Check out this moisturizer and keep up to date with products from Eavara here: http://eavara.com/products/eavaras-age-defying-moisturizer

Try Eavara for yourself, get a 15% discount with code: HONEY15 at check out.

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I’ve said this before, but living in Hawaii really does have it’s benefits.  From the gorgeous ocean and beaches that are my back yard to the beautiful flora and fauna that surround me, Hawaii is a getaway and paradise and I’m born and raised here.  I’m pretty lucky!  Maui is also home to many creative talents and I am so glad I was able to check out one for myself.  Today I introduce you to Nagasako Designs, made on Maui.

Fashion Friday - Real Orchid Earrings by Nagasako Designs, Made on Maui http://honeygirlsworld.com

Nagasako Designs on Maui was introduced to me about a year ago and I have been swooning and crushing over her jewelry since.  You can find many real orchid earrings online and in various stores, but I am proud to say that this one is made right here on the island where I was born and from the town where I was raised.  If you are from Maui, you’ll know that the Nagasako name is one that goes back generations.  I had been a frequent customer of Nagasako store as a kid, grabbing my ICEE on hot summer days while cruising the Historic Lahaina streets, so I instantly recognized the name when I was introduced to the brand.

Fashion Friday - Real Orchid Earrings by Nagasako Designs, Made on Maui http://honeygirlsworld.com

Martina Nagasako – a native to Lahaina, Maui preserves cherished floral memories for many and also creates one of a kind pieces that will absolutely be treasured for years to come.  Today I share with you a piece I got for Mother’s Day, the Lavender Orchid Center Earrings ($45.00).  I instantly fell in love with these because they looked so unique and of course, because Purple is my favorite color.  While these gorgeous gems offer a statement, they are still dainty and feminine which I love.  The pair dress up any outfit and fit in so well with the laid back lifestyle I live here on Maui.  These earrings are well made with center orchids that are grown, hand picked, designed and glassed in Lahaina.  I love that they are on hooks which allow the earrings to dangle freely from the ears and the lavender/grey fresh water pearl makes for a perfect accent on each earring.

Fashion Friday - Real Orchid Earrings by Nagasako Designs, Made on Maui

Nagasako Designs offers a variety of pieces in different sizes and colors.  They are priced reasonably and make great gifts.  I stalk the company on Instagram to see new releases as they are rolled out and as I mentioned earlier, no two pieces are alike as each flower is unique.  Nagasako Designs also offers preservation of flowers from your Wedding Day or special occasion and are the only preservation floral studio in Hawaii.

Fashion Friday - Real Orchid Earrings by Nagasako Designs, Made on Maui http://honeygirlsworld.com

While I have a plethora of earrings and pendants on my wishlist, I have my eyes on a set of plumeria and whole orchid earring sets.  It item is absolutely gorgeous and so well made that I can’t wait to pick up more.  I wanted to feature Nagasako Designs on Fashion Friday because I’m not only impressed with the product, but customer service is phenomenal, shipping is very fast and I think it is so awesome to have such a creative mind and designer right in my back yard.  But, Nagasako Designs does ship anywhere, so do not hesitate to check out what she has to offer.  Stop by Nagasakodesigns.bigcartel.com to see the pieces she offers and check out her Instagram @Nagasakodesigns to keep up with what’s new and to check out her flash sales & discounts she has often.

Fashion Friday - Real Orchid Earrings by Nagasako Designs, Made on Maui http://honeygirlsworld.com

Have you heard of this brand before?  If not – what about the pieces she offers… do you think this would be something you would love as a gift or to treat yourself with?  Thanks for stopping by!


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Disclaimer:  The products mentioned or discussed in this post were purchased with my own money.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased.  There may be affiliate links through out this post.