Romantic Sparkle New Year's Eve Makeup look



Seriously, where did the year go?  I can’t believe I’m sitting here at my desk typing a post about New Year’s Eve Makeup and I could have swore I just did this a year ago. lol  All kidding aside, it has been quite a year of reflection, positive and negative changes in my life and everything in between, but I eagerly welcome a new year filled with its many blessings I call life.  Today I bring to you a New Year’s Eve Makeup Tutorial in collaboration with some of my gorgeous friends from The Beauty Council.  Many of us are including some gorgeous products from Mirabella Cosmetics, so I’m so eager to see all the different creations that the ladies put together.  Without further adieu, let’s get with it!


For New Year’s Eve looks, I usually will add in something blue or silver, but this year I decided I would use blue and gold as accents in my look – more so for my outfit.  My little sister Harmony found me the perfect scarf that is not only fashionable but cozy and warm.  Since I figured out the accessory for my look, I opted to go for a romantic look featuring warm bronze and brown shades and created a smoky, sexy, sultry eye look with nude lips to compliment my scarf.

Romantic Sparkle New Year's Eve Makeup look

For those of you that are looking for an eye look that will have a bold statement without having a bold color like blue or silver shadow, I think this would be a great look.  Check out my video tutorial embedded below or click here to watch directly on YouTube.  All products used as well as photos are posted below.

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Romantic Sparkle New Year's Eve Makeup look

Products used for this look:

With a soft sultry look like this one, I wanted to make sure that I had products that would add a little sexy and these products from Mirabella Cosmetics are perfect to complete the look.

  • Luminosity Colour Luxe Lip Gloss- retails for $26 USD
  • Myth Visionary Long Wear Eyeshadow- retails for $29 USD
  • Swirling Pearl Brilliant Highlighting Powder- retails for $40 USD

Mirabella Cosmetics Faerie

Romantic Sparkle New Year's Eve Makeup look

My goal for this look was to ensure it would be easy to create, but that it would last through the Holiday festivities.  Eating, drinking and talking… sipping on some Crystal… spending time and popping fireworks with our children.  I paired this look with a soft nude lip because I knew it would be low maintenance and easy to reapply if needed.  I also wanted to add warmth and drama to the eyes.  This sexy smoky eye is easy to achieve but definitely something that will work with all eye colors and add some sexy to your New Year’s Eve look.

Romantic Sparkle New Year's Eve Makeup look

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of you from my house to yours! 2014 has been a fabulous year and I’m so thankful for new blogger friends, YouTube friends and everyone for their support on my blogging and vlogging journey.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3 Best Wishes to all of you for a fabulous 2015 with many blessings and lots of love!


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Don’t forget to stop on by the other links posted below… check out what some of my girls from The Beauty Council put together for New Years Eve Looks too!

DISCLAIMER:  Some of the items discussed in this post were provided to me for review/consideration/use and are Press Samples (Mirabella Beauty Cosmetics).  Any opinions or thoughts on the items are my own and unbiased.  My thoughts have not been swayed in order to receive free product.  The rest of the products were purchased by me.

I’m a huge drugstore beauty product lover… and if I’m near a drugstore, I will stop by the cosmetic section to scope it out and see if there are any sales.  Lately, I’ll admit that I have been better at this addiction and haven’t been looking quite as often… but it still happens. lol While many of my drugstore favorites remain the same, I’ve added a few new ones to the bunch of goodies I call my Top 10 Drugstore Beauty Products.  Check it out!Top 10 Drugstore Beauty Products 2014

Check out my video below where I talk about each product or click here to watch directly on YouTube.

1.  Wet n Wild Color Icon Palettes – These are available in 8 Pan Palettes, 6 Pan Palettes (if you can still find them), 5 Pan Palettes (new releases) and Trios.  They come in a variety of sheens and textures and include a huge array of shades.  Eyeshadows included are pigmented and offer pretty awesome quality considering they are one of the most affordable drugstore palettes you will find and one of the best.  Price ranges between $2.99 – $5.00

2.  Milani Baked Blushes – I have been a huge fan of these for a few years now and some of my favorites include Luminoso and Bella Rosa (matte).  You can find these anywhere that sells Milani or via their website.  They average about $5.99 – $7.00 depending on where you can find them.

3.  NYX Butter Glosses – this is a recent love.  I love the texture, the feel on the lips, the pigmentation and the scent but most of all the price tag.  You can find these for about $5.00 and they are sold anywhere NYX is or via Ulta.com or NYXCosmetics.com.

4.  Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Glosses – another recent addition to my top list.  These glosses have nice pigmentation, feel great on the lips and are not that sticky but offer pretty nice staying power for a gloss.  Averaging $6.00 each and with a nice selection of shades, they are easily collectible and becoming a staple.

5.  Milani Color Statement Lipsticks – these are HG (Holy Grail) lipsticks for me.  They smell yummy, feel awesome on the lips, leave my puckers moisturized and have pretty good staying power.  Did I mention pigmentation was awesome?  I am impressed and I’m glad Milani fixed their formulation.  I wasn’t a fan of the original but love love the Color Statement line.  These run about $5.50 – $6.00.

6.  Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks – Available in Cream, Matte, Pearl and more… these Lipsticks offer a wide variety of finishes and textures.  I seriously love them and have been collecting them for quite a while.  Pink Pout happens to be my favorite – but hey, I don’t discriminate. lol  You can find these for about $5 – 8 depending on where you go.

7.  Jordana BOLD Fabuliner, Original Fabuliner and the Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last Liquid Eye Liners – When it comes to drug store eye liners, these are not only affordable but what I grab for when I need to replace one of my high end brands.  They are easy to use, offer awesome pigmentation and on me have great lasting power.  I’m not only impressed but love the fact that all three of these can easily be purchased for about $6.00 total – not each, but all together if you wanted all three.  Jordana can be found at select CVS stores, Kmart and Walgreens.  Oh… and since they are all eyeliners and from the same brand, I figured they would fit into one category. lol

8.  Jordana Best Volume Extreme Mascara – I didn’t think I would like this mascara because I have the smallest lashes EVER and the brush on this thing is huge… but I am so impressed with the curl my lashes hold as well as how well they volumize and get each and every little lash to show.  This mascara is one of the newer ones, I hear great things about the original – which I’m gonna be picking up to try soon… but you can’t go wrong with a $3.00 – $4.00 mascara that works and is awesome.

9.  Maybelline Color Tattoos – I have a good selection of these but this is one item I am constantly looking at when I visit the drug store.  “Are there any new shades?  Is it on sale?  Can I pick up a new one?”  I love the variety of shades, the way the feel, the pigmentation… you name it – they are pretty awesome in my book.  They range between $5.00 and $10.00 where I live and can be found pretty much at any drugstore you go.  Use them as a wash of color on your eyes or as a base for your favorite shadows, I highly recommend these to anyone who hasn’t tried them yet.

10.  EOS (evolution of smooth) Lip Spheres – Come on now… if you know me and you didn’t see this on my list, then I must have found another favorite because these have been faves of mine for years already.  I have a stash of like 9 of them in a cute little vase I keep near my makeup stuff and I have at least one in my purse.  They are about $2.99 – $4.00 depending on where you go and come in a variety of flavors.  The only thing I wish they had was a tint… that would make these even better than they already are.  They moisturize my lips, taste really nice (great for kissing – lol) and I especially love that they come in cute packaging.  They are not so much pocket friendly – but I love them nonetheless.  Passion Fruit is my favorite and after that… the mint and Strawberry.

So what are your favorite drug store beauty and makeup products?  Are there any on my list that make your cut?

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It’s been quite a while since I did a Friday Favorites but I have been enjoying some new things lately and rediscovering some old things that I normally only use this time of year.  Check out the video below as I go through each item on my favorites list or click here to watch it on YouTube.

Friday Beauty Favorites 04.11.14

Eu Natural Clarity Organic Vitamin C Serum with E + Hyaluronic Acid – $39.95  I recently did a review on this product.  Click here to read all about it.  I love the texture and what it has done to my skin in such a little amount of time.  I’ve been on a kick with using serums lately, but I’m glad I decided to add this to my routine because it is awesome.

Perlier Royal Elixir Face Youth Serum with Royal Jelly – $99.00 (HSN)  I just started using this products about 2 weeks ago and my first impressions on this after using it in that time would be that this is gonna be a product I know I’ll continue to use.  My skin loves it and I enjoy it too.  A review on this product is in the works and after testing it the next few weeks you can expect to see one here.

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish – Pretty in Peach – $3.99 (found in most drug stores, Walmart, Kmart and Online)  I have been loving peach and coral shades this season.  I normally don’t pull for those colors on the nails, but I found such a pretty shade that I love.  Check out the nail look I did using it here.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Goddess – $3.99 (found in most drug stores that sell Wet n Wild, Walmart, Kmart)  I have used this bronzer for a few years now, this is my 2nd one and I love that the shade is dark enough to show up against my skin.  Wet n Wild products are not only affordable but you can find them everywhere and this bronzer offers me the right shade for a great contour.

NYC Sun to Sun Bronzing Powdering in Sun Mist – $3.99 (found in most drug stores that sell NYC or Walmart, Kmart)  I usually use NYC’s Sunny – but have been using my Sun to Sun Bronzing Powder lately.  I love that it offers me a nice contour without being too over powering.  Perfect for every day use.

Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Amber Nectar – $8.99  This has been a favorite highlight for me for a year or so now.  It’s affordable and offers such a sweet and soft glow to the skin.  I am a huge fan of Milani products and this is no exception.

NYX Sunkissed Radiant Finishing Powder – $9.00  NYX did a great job with this Finishing Powder.  It has been a favorite highlight for my cheekbones and I love that it feels really nice and silky to the touch.

Milani Rose Powder Blush (Limited Edition – no longer available) Warm Petals – $7.99  Sadly this product is no longer available – but Milani really should bring it back if not in the Rose edition in a baked blush.  It is one of my favorites and probably the one I use the most from last years Rose Powder Blush collection.  This blush just offers me a glow and a light soft blush so that my face has added dimension without going overboard.  My fav to use every day.

Maybelline Color Elixir in Petal Plush – $8.99  I’m truly enjoying the color pay off on these Color Elixirs.  They have pretty nice staying power for a gloss.

Maybelline Color Elixir in Vision in Violet – $8.99

Jordana Twist and Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain in Tropical Frenzy – $2.99  I love these Twist and Shine Balm Stains.  Not only are they super duper affordable but you get great color pay off and pigmentation and a nice stain.  If you are one that wants to try out the balm stain pencils that everyone is raving about but looking to find a cheaper alternative – you may like these.

Jordana Twist and Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain in Sweet Pink – $2.99

Jordana Twist and Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain  in Candy Coral – $2.99

Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Tulip – $25.00  I am a huge fan of the Laura Mercier Lip Glaces.  They are a little pricier than I would like, but I love their color pay off and how they feel on the lips. They are comfortable to wear and I love the scent.

I hope to be able to keep up with these posts and videos like I used to.  Do you enjoy Friday Favorites posts and videos?  I think it’s a way for me to be held accountable and to shop my collection of beauty products more often and keep me trying new things.  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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The last few days had me rummaging through my nail polish stash looking for a nice Orange shade that I knew I wanted to wear – especially now that it is spring.  Considering I have a reasonably large collection of polishes, I assumed I would find a shade that fit my fancy – but I guess that wasn’t the case.  Luckily – I came across the shade Pretty In Peach by Maybelline Color Show Collection at my local CVS and since the polish was under $4.00 – it was my first choice over other brands like Essie and Sally Hansen which was a good $5.00 more in price.

Pretty in Peach


I have been pretty impressed with the Maybelline Color Show Nail polishes lately.  I now have 4 of them, 3 of which are toppers – but still… I’m pretty happy with their color payoff as well as their price point.  I’m excited to pick up a few more shades and test them out.

To achieve this nail look I used Pretty in Peach (Maybelline Color Show – 115) as my base polish – 2 coats total and topped it off with Ciate London’s Speed Coat Pro fast dry top coat.  Of course, I used my Ciate London Flower Mani kit to add the little flowers as my accent nail.  The Pretty in Peach shade was pretty opaque with two coats – which is awesome.

Have you tried any polishes from Maybelline Color Show?  Are any of them going to be a favorite for Spring?

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