Displaying your artwork and photographs have come a long way over the years, from the standard print and frame.  I love that there are so many other options available to decorate or gift when it comes to imagery.  One of my favorite places to order prints and canvas and other decorative ideas from is Canvas Champ.  I’ve shared Canvas Champ here on the blog before (which you can read about here) and I’m excited to show you another fun idea for displaying your photos.
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Canvas Champ offers a variety of different options for printing your images and artwork, all at reasonable and affordable price points.  I love using this site when giving family members gifts because it allows me to showcase our gorgeous photos without sacrificing the quality that you would want from a canvas printer.  But, as I mentioned before, Canvas Champ offers much more than just canvas prints.  I recently personalized and order a pillow from Canvas Champ with a photo of my husband and I.
canvas, custom artwork, custom print, art, photography, canvas champ, canvas print, art prints, pillow, photo pillow, review, lifestyle, photo, art,
Photo pillows are just as affordable as their other prints and start at just $12.00 for a 12×12 size.  You can easily customize the pillow by adding the image you desire, adjusting the image with different filters if you’d like and adding text.  You can order the pillow in different sizes and different backgrounds.  I love that you can wash them and that they are durable, and you can be rest assured that they are shipped promptly – usually shipped within 3-10 business days.
Canvas Champ’s custom throw pillows are not only fully customizable, but you can select to have them as a square or rectangle.  They come in 80% polyester and 20% cotton blend.  I love that you can easily add photos from your phone, computer, Facebook, Instagram or even Google Photos.  All of the pillows are available to order and customize in 10 popular sizes.
canvas, custom artwork, custom print, art, photography, canvas champ, canvas print, art prints, pillow, photo pillow, review, lifestyle, photo, art,
Ordering your own custom pillow is simple.  Canvas Champ has a website that will allow you to see your design live as you create it.  Simply upload the photo(s) that you want to you and select the specifics for your project.  Your checkout is secure and fast and in a couple of weeks, you’ll have a beautifully “designed by you” piece of art that you can either display or give as a gift.

“In a couple of weeks, you’ll have a beautifully “designed by you” piece of art that you can either display or give as a gift.”

canvas, custom artwork, custom print, art, photography, canvas champ, canvas print, art prints, pillow, photo pillow, review, lifestyle, photo, art,
As I mentioned before, Canvas Champ offers a variety of different options available to choose from.  I love ordering canvas artwork from the site during the holidays because I know that it’s affordable so that each family member (trust when I say it’s a very large gift list), will have something I personalized for them.  The products are made with quality materials and Canvas Champ offers a money back guarantee which is a great addition to their already awesome service.
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Canvas Champ offers a variety of home products, photo products and more to include:  Canvas Prints, metal prints, wall art, photo boards, engraved plaques, pop art, poster prints, panoramic prints or boards, photo calendars and books, mugs and so so much more.  They guarantee the lowest pricing Canvas and while I’ve worked with Canvas Champ several times, I still absolutely love the company and the site and have ordered many many gifts from them.  I definitely suggest checking them out and trying them for yourself.
Interested in more information or to order your own, head on over to their website at:  Canvaschamp.com.

Disclaimer:  The product(s) featured in this post were provided for review consideration.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest & unbiased.  Affiliate links are posted throughout which I do get a small commission from if you do click on those links.



Hello friends.  It seems like forever since I’ve graced the pages of this site with my presence.  The last month has not been the greatest for me and I’m still struggling with all that has happened in June, but keeping busy has helped my mind tremendously through this ordeal.  Last month (June) my daddy passed away unexpectedly.  It was probably one of the hardest things that I’ve had to endure and being the oldest of his four kids, that meant that I was in need of stepping up to plate and taking charge of the situation.  Over the last few weeks, I found myself looking through various photos of my daddy’s life and I’m reminded how important those images are to help jump start our memories.  Photos are timeless keepsakes that can either be stored away or displayed and a great photo display makes a wonderful gift or precious memory something to cherish.  So, today – I introduce you to Canvas Champ.  While I ordered my print just before my dad’s passing, I’m sharing this company with you because it will allow me to provide my family with gifts of memories of my dad once I’m done designing them.

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Canvas Champ offers you the opportunity to have customized canvas products that are affordably priced and utilize industry standard materials.  As a photographer, I’ve used different canvas printing companies in the past and I’m definitely impressed with the companies quality and price point.  Canvas Champ also offers a reseller program and can provide you with bulk ordering as well.

media, canvas, canvas champ, print, photography, review, photography review, canvas print, affordable canvas print, diy gifts, gift idea, photog, photography print,

Canvas Champ’s Canvas prints start at about $5.00 for small sized prints and depending on the size and additions to your print, the price increases from that point.  Shipping is also very reasonable and I love that it ships via Fedex so you receive your order in a timely manner.  Each order comes with Hooks for Hanging (free of charge) and you have the option of adding things like an easel back, stand or dust covers as well as basic editing options as well.

media, canvas, canvas champ, print, photography, review, photography review, canvas print, affordable canvas print, diy gifts, gift idea, photog, photography print,

The website’s interface is very easy to use.  As you can see from the screen capture above, you can select the border and framing options, color finishing and you can also see if you have provided a quality image for printing.  I love that you can upload any image you want and can make any changes or adjust the sizing as you see fit.  I’m in the process of ordering the above image for my mommy as a gift so I’m excited to see how it turns out.

The canvas we received was a stretched canvas over compressed wood board and wooden frame.  It’s reinforced well and strong enough to last for years to come.

media, canvas, canvas champ, print, photography, review, photography review, canvas print, affordable canvas print, diy gifts, gift idea, photog, photography print,

If you are looking for quality and affordable options for printing your photo keepsakes on canvas, I definitely suggest checking out Canvas Champ.  Affordable prices, quick service, and quality work will definitely make Canvas Champ a favorite in our family and I love that they offer metallic prints as well because I create metallic prints of my nature and landscape photography for family and friends as gifts.

Interested in getting your own Canvas print?  Be prepared this holiday season and year round and order early.  You can check out Canvas Champ at: https://www.canvaschamp.com/




Disclaimer:  The products featured in this post were sent for review consideration.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest & unbiased.  Affiliate links are posted throughout.

Even if I do share a lot of things online about myself – I’m sure there are a variety of things that you had no idea about.  Let’s face it, while I love to share with all of you, my entire life is not completely an open book.  Every so many years I do a post similar to this one and I’ve always enjoyed it.  This time around I figured, why not have a little fun and share with you 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me.  Some of these things may have been mentioned before while others, probably not… but today – I’m sharing with you a few fun tidbits about who I am.  Hope you enjoy it.

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1.   I am not a fan of mayonnaise.  I say “not a fan” but before I had my children – I hated it somewhat.  You could probably put it in a sandwich and so long as it was light, I would eat it… but there was a time when I couldn’t look at it, smell it or even touch it.  I can stand it now and put it in sandwiches or even make potato salad with it, but before I had children – the look of it made my stomach upset and often times the smell made me want to hurl.  I could smell it a mile away and it made me absolutely nauseated.  This is not a recent dislike… my entire life I remember not liking it and my mom said I didn’t like mayonnaise since I was about 3 years old.

2.  I can’t wink or whistle to save my life.  Well – I might be able to fake a whistle somewhat – but anyone who can, would probably laugh at me.  Winking?  Nope – it looks more like closing my eyes completely.  My Chinese blood kicks in and I fail miserably at it.  Thank goodness my husband is a great winker… because I suck at it. lol

3.  Growing up I had a stuttering problem.  Hah, I bet you wouldn’t have known from watching my YouTube videos or maybe you had no clue – but it’s true.  With the help of my teachers and my parents I was able to learn to get past my insecurities and anxiety that caused it.  Sometimes when I’m really nervous (usually when I’m afraid) or my anxiety kicks in, you can hear it in my voice.  Thankfully, I’ve been able to get passed it some what and it’s a rare occasion when it slips, but it does happen from time to time.

about me, potus, 10 things you didn't know about me, my life, a day in the life, president barack obama, michelle obama, white house,
Can you find me in the audience?

4.  I’ve had the awesome opportunity to meet the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.  I felt it was something I wanted to share today since we are literally 24 hours from the Inauguration of our 45th President.  Mr. & Mrs. Obama are not only loving individuals, but they are great with children.  I had a conversation with their secret service the same day and they told me that the Obamas love kids and children are always welcomed.  Since the twins were toddlers when we visited the White House, I was worried that they would not be welcomed.  But my eldest & the twins were greeted with open arms and my sons loved the company of the Obamas.  We will surely treasure that moment for the rest of our lives.

about me, potus, 10 things you didn't know about me, my life, a day in the life, president barack obama, michelle obama, white house,
Do you recognize that curly head of hair in the right of this photo? I’m holding Luke after talking with the President.
about me, potus, 10 things you didn't know about me, my life, a day in the life, president barack obama, michelle obama, white house,
There’s that curly head of hair again, this time after meeting and talking with First Lady Michelle Obama.

5.  I was almost kidnapped at the age of 4.  I was playing in our yard which was fenced and locked in when a taxi driver pulled up next to the fence and persuaded me to follow him for some candy.  Now mind you, this was back in 1984 when it was fairly safe to play in your own yard.  My dad and mom had walked into the house to grab something and as my dad was coming out of the house, the man was putting me into the back seat of his taxi.  My dad approached him, got me out of the car and well… let’s just say the guy was injured somewhat after that.  Unfortunately no charges were brought against him because he didn’t actually “drive away” and told the police that he was just trying to protect me… yeah, right!  Needless to say, it made my parents outlook on life as well as mine a bit different that day and that’s why I’m quite protective of my children.

6.  My senior year in high school I was selected to represent Hawaii in the Miss Teen USA Pageant.  Sadly, after going through all of the paperwork and getting things together, I had to decline my overall participation due to financial circumstances.  I was a bit bummed, but realized that no matter how much fundraising I did, I wouldn’t make the deadline to attend.  Because no one else was selected to take my place, the Hawaiian islands were not represented that year in the pageant.  I wish that they had offered more opportunities for scholarship or sponsorship back then, but I’m just thankful that I had the experience.

love, anniversary, wedding anniversary, wedding day, beautiful, married, romance,

7.  I am a believer in Happily Ever After and Forever and I’m a hopeless romantic.  In a time when divorce seems to be normal chit chat in a conversation, here I am trying to show everyone that true love and ever after are more than just fairy tale talk.  This coming September, my husband and I will be together as a couple for 20 years and this April we’ll be married for 16 years.  I started dating him when I was a Senior in high school.  We’ve been through thick and thin and just about everything under the sun, including near death on many occasions, but I wouldn’t want to experience anything without him.  Many people think I’m weird, but I find that true love is not weird and it does exist!  No need for diamonds, pearls or material things… I am happy and thankful with a rose or flower picked from a garden or thoughtful cards and gestures.  I just love being in love <3

about me, potus, 10 things you didn't know about me, my life, a day in the life, president barack obama, michelle obama, white house,

8.  I absolutely love photography.  Prior to working on my blog more on a full-time schedule, I did wedding, nature and portrait photography for about 8 years.  I enjoyed the job, but like being a makeup artist, being on your feet all day is probably one of the most difficult stresses you can put on the back.  I do miss it, but since I no longer have my equipment, I don’t take on new clients.  All of my blog posts and videos are shot with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and I certainly couldn’t show up to a wedding just carrying my phone – lol.

about me, potus, 10 things you didn't know about me, my life, a day in the life, president barack obama, michelle obama, white house,
My favorite image that I’ve captured of my boys. They are not so little anymore.
about me, potus, 10 things you didn't know about me, my life, a day in the life, president barack obama, michelle obama, white house,
This image was obviously enhanced, but it was taken using one of my favorite lenses for portraits – the 24-70mm. This lens creates some of the best bokehs.

9.  I have five different nationalities, but besides guessing that I’m Hawaiian, no one really guesses it right.  I am Hawaiian, Portuguese, Filipino, Chinese and German.  While traveling across the United States I’ve been asked if I am a mix of African American and Puerto Rican or African American and Korean.  I’m neither, but think it’s really cool that because of my features I’m often mistaken for something else.  I grew up in a melting pot of nationalities so I think a mix of races is always a cool thing.

10.  Speaking of nationalities, many people think that because I’m Hawaiian, then Hawaiian food like kalua pig, poi and fish are my favorite foods.  Well – don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fish and seafood, but believe it or not… my favorite food is Italian.  I LOVE pasta and absolutely can’t get enough of it.  It’s probably one of my downfalls to losing my weight because I’m all about that pasta life.  Pizza is probably one of my all-time favorite foods and I don’t think my love for Italian food will ever change.  It’s been my favorite since I was a little girl and I believe it always will be.

So there you have it, 10 things you probably didn’t know about me, or maybe you did… but I elaborated on them a little more.  I tend to be an open book most of the time, but I always love sharing new and exciting things or old things about myself.  I love posts like these because I find that I not only learn more about a person, but you get a feel for who it is you are reading about.  I hope you enjoyed this little share and I look forward to sharing more of me with all of you.

Wishing you all a wonderful day.


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Disclaimer:  Affiliate Links may be posted through out.  This is not sponsored and I am simply sharing my life with all of you.  Please note that affiliate links are how my site is run as I make a small percentage off your purchase if you decide to click on the links.  You are under no obligation to click on any of the links through out this post.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I am a photographer for weddings and portraits.  I love capturing photos that evoke love and happiness and have enjoyed capturing images of couples for several years.  With a growing photography industry, there are a plethora of companies that are available for prints, personalization and design for yourself and to offer your clients.  Over the years I have used many different sites and vendors and quality is a definite a must when providing anything to a client.  Today I want to share with you an online site that makes customization easy and the prices are definitely on par with what is on the market today.  Today I introduce you to Minted.com.

minted sample 3


Minted is not a normal print website.  It is a design marketplace.  Creative content from a global community of artists can be found online and can be purchased in the form of art, home décor and stationery directly to consumers.  Minted not only allows you to be creative, the site offers challenges that are open for submission and voting which makes Minted. unique in that it gives an additional option for creators.

Photo by: Honey Kaho'ohanohano
Photo by: Honey Kaho’ohanohano


Started by Mariam Naficy in 2007, Minted held their first design challenge with a save-the-date card design competition that attracted 66 entries.  Now a few years later and thousands of design and art entries, the company has expanded into the art business and home décor business and their products have now reached 40 million homes Worldwide.  Founder Mariam loved art & design after seeing a variety of types through out her travels as well as those created by family members and for this reason, she wanted to have the hidden creative talent of those around the World accessible to consumers.

Use inspiration from the available artists or create your own artwork with an easy to use interface via Minted’s online site.  As easy as uploading your own images, adding text and purchasing, everything about Minted provides you with an ease of use, quality product and a plethora of art work to decorate your home, office and everything in between.

Minted Sample


Minted.com is the perfect solution if you’re looking to give a house warming gift.  How great would it be to offer the new home owners a personalized gift for display.  Newlyweds and newly engaged couples will love this option as well.   If you are an artist, photographer or someone who just loves art, Minted is a site that I know you will love and if you are anything like me, you’ll be spending hours going through all the options available.

Image by Minted.com
Image by Minted.com

Minted is not just for photogs alike.  Get great DIY tips for your special events or day to day as well as fun items to add a little spunk to your everyday.  Complete your party with favor bags, straws and all the fun decor you need to make a simple party an absolute blast.  From stationery, invitations and announcements and decoration, Minted offers more than you could ever imagine.  After hours of browsing through Minted’s website, I have yet to discover everything it has to offer.  You will be amazed at everything available and how much you can customize.

Check out Minted.com for all the fun and inspirational ideas for your life and everything in between.  Have you heard of Minted before?  What do you think about sites like these that offer you a creative outlet as well as inspiration?

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It’s no secret that I am Photography obsessed.  Since the day my dad put a camera in my hands many many moons ago, I have a love of photos and taking images that is beyond passion.  After having my children, that love and passion turned into an addiction – so much so that most times when my children see a camera… they are already smiling. lol  And, if you have been following me on Instagram, you know that I’m also a Selfie Obsessed Makeup Addict – self proclaimed, of course.  Taking photos constantly and on a daily basis is a part of my life and sharing them with family and friends is important to me.  But, what if my family members don’t have Facebook or Instagram?  Well, that is where the Seahorse app makes my life in photos fun and interesting…

seahorse appThe Seahorse app is available for both iPhone and Android and is a way to privately share your images with Family and Friends.  Our life is full with different scenes whether it be a trip, a celebration, a wedding or just a day where you want to take a bunch of photos. Share those photos with those that are special to you without sharing them with the World is now easier than ever.  Gone are the days of emailing a limited amount of images because you are going over your email limit or texting galleries to family and friends.  Now you can share your images on one little app while your family/friends can add their own images and video to your scenes too.

seahorse app

Using the app is easy as pie… I have an Android Phone so here is what I did.

  • Download the app directly to your phone, iPad or Tablet.  Search “Seahorse” and you’ll see an icon with a little white seahorse against a purple toned background.
  • Download Seahorse via iPhone.
  • Download Seahorse via Android.
  • Log in (if you already have an account) or Sign Up.  Signing up is easy – simply use your Facebook, Google + or your email address to sign up for a free account.  Already have an account?  Then go ahead and log in.
  • After you have signed up, follow the prompts to create a new scene to share with your friends and family… Select… New Scene or Tap the Camera Icon on the top right of your screen and a pop up with be visible stating to “Take a Photo or Video, Import from Gallery, Import from Other services, + New Scene”.
  • Tap the “New Scene” and name your gallery – i.e. Twins Birthday Celebration
  • Be sure to invite some of your friends and family to view the gallery.  You can manually type in an email address or it will search for contacts through your contact list.
  • Select or Tap “Create”
  • You can now start adding images to your scene and your friends will receive an email with directions to download the app.

“Uploading images from your galleries on your device or computer is simple.  Just select the image from one of your galleries or a video and you’re good to go.”  

seahorse app

A huge huge benefit for me when it comes to Seahorse is that I can also upload and add images directly from my computer which is a big convenience for me.  Since a lot of my images are taken with my DSLR and imported directly to my computer, this allows me to upload directly into Seahorse without the additional steps that I may need from other applications.  I also like to have a break from my phone and tablet from time to time and this really allows me to use the source of choice easily.  And, this photog is all about resolution so I’m happy to say that Seahorse saves your images in their original resolution.

“Use Magic to shake your phone for random images from across scenes to discover a forgotten moment, milestone or celebration”

seahorse app

Uploading images, viewing your scenes and sharing images is very easy. Simply tap to upload, tap to view and tap to share. And, what I love is that the friends that are added to your scenes can also upload and add images and video to share with you.  It’s like a personal gallery that you each can enjoy.  I especially love this option because family parties or gatherings can be turned into a scene full with images from each person that attended.

“All photos and videos shared in a Seahorse scene are co-owned, or belong to, everyone invited to that scene.  Intuitive organizing and sorting by date, location, friends and scenes make it easy to find and share memories.”

Girls night out?  Yay – simply add your friends and you can each share images and video that you captured that evening.  

Since my parents don’t use social media sites, this gives all of us the opportunity to connect and share our treasured moments with one another without being bogged down by a news feed.  For those of you that have family or friends that are trying to stay away from Social Media – this is a great way to share your life’s scenes with them instantly and quickly.  Seahorse is ALWAYS private.  So feel confident knowing that you only share what you are comfortable with and whom.

seahorse app

Seahorse is offering my readers an extra 5GB of storage by using promo code: CLEVERHORSE.  This promo code is good until October 31, 2014 and it can only be used once per user.

To redeem:

    • Tap the icon on the top left corner to access your account settings
    • Tap “Redeem”
    • Tap “Write code” and enter CLEVERHORSE
    • Tap “Go” on your keyboard

Technology offers so many advancements now a days and sharing your life with those you love is now much simpler and fun.  The Seahorse app made my favorites this month and I know it will be a favorite of yours too.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

I am a lover of all things photography and most of my blogger friends don’t know that I actually photograph weddings and portraits and have been doing so for years.  Having worked with a variety of clients and vendors, I always find it very important to work with a client that provides great service and standard for their customers and because I live in Hawaii, it is important that shipping is affordable and it gets to me quickly so I can deliver the product to my clients in a timely fashion.


Canvas HQ

Canvas HQ is a printing company that offers high quality (get it – HQ) work, quick and fast, affordable but nonetheless a great product.  Printing anything from small scale Canvas prints to Artwork size large scale prints, Canvas HQ does it all in a jiffy.

Canvas HQ

My artwork piece arrived shortly after placing the order.  I ordered a 14″ x 11″ semi-gloss canvas ($53.95) and it printed and shipped in about 1 day and was on its way to Hawaii.  Shipping was free (though shipping may be determined on the size or price of your canvas piece) and was sent via Ground UPS.  It arrived in about 8 days and was delivered to me safe and snug.  As you can see from the photo above, the canvas was shipped with a plastic bag or covering over it and taped into the box so there would be no movement.  The box itself held the canvas piece into place and everything arrived well and safely.

Canvas HQ


The frame is 1.5″ thick and I opted for a black frame instead of an image wrap or mirror wrap that are also options available.  When I normally order canvas prints for my clients, I select the image wrap to continue their photo around the frame, but I thought the black for my photo would make the picture stand out more.  The quality of the canvas material is nice and definitely uses high quality products (or as they say, ingredients) to create my artwork.  The colors were true to color from what I seen on my computer, so I also loved that as well.

Canvas HQ


If you like to mount your artwork on a wall, Canvas HQ also provides Free Hanging Hardware.  It’s easy to use and install which makes that a definite plus.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the product as well as the company.  I have used many different canvas and artwork printers over the last few years and I consider this one to great quality – awesome value.  My family is definitely enjoying our artwork and I will continue to be a customer of Canvas HQ for years to come.  It’s difficult to find a canvas printer that can offer you a great price point but still give  you the type of artwork you would pay hundreds for.  I especially love canvas prints because I am a photographer of nature and they are the best way to display your art when it comes to landscape and floral.  If  you are considering purchasing a canvas for the first time, I definitely recommend checking out Canvas HQ.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.