Thicker, Longer, Beautiful Hair - My Hair Story With Hair La Vie

Being born and raised in Hawaii, I have had long hair my entire life.  In my teen years, my hair was so long it came down to my knees.  It’s a part of my culture and having danced Hula for most of my childhood, it was kind of a necessity.  After having my eldest son (11 years ago), I noticed that my hair started thinning and was not as strong as it use to be in my younger years.  Then, having my twins almost 6 years ago left my hair in disarray and my hair was not only thinning near my hair line, but it was weak and it shed a lot.  I have also caused severe damage to my locks with excessive bleaching and processing, which caused my hair to be brittle as well.  Over the years I have tried many things to help with my hair – not necessarily for the growth of it since my hair grows quickly naturally, but to help with the strengthening of my locks.  While some worked, some didn’t and I continued on my hair journey to find the supplements, natural tonics and formulas that would help.  About 9 months ago I started using Hair La Vie Revitalizing Hair Blend and have noticed a huge difference in  how my hair feels, looks and how strong it is.  Today, I’m sharing with you my Hair Story and how Hair La Vie helped my hair journey.

Thicker, Longer, Beautiful Hair - My Hair Story With Hair La Vie

Over the last year I have been taking Hair La Vie from La Muse.  While I do not take it consistently, I probably have taken a total of 4 bottles over the course of the last 8 months or so,  I have tried to incorporate into my daily supplements.  This product is easy to swallow since it comes in a capsule that makes taking it simple and I take two capsules a day – one in the morning and one in the evening.  The pill is rather large, but swallowing it has never been an issue for me.  With ingredients like Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, Biotin and Folic Acid (to name a few), Hair La Vie offers a wide variety of beneficial ingredients to help promote longer, fuller hair with faster results.  My hair naturally grows quickly, so I do not necessarily notice much growth with this product, but I do notice how strong and full my hair has become over the last several months.

Thicker, Longer, Beautiful Hair - My Hair Story With Hair La Vie

Hair La Vie is formulated to be an all-natural product, with clinically proven ingredients.  It helps to repair and stimulate your hair’s growth from the inside out and leaves you with longer, fuller hair that grows faster than ever before.  This product is perfect for hair that has been cut too short, is damaged (like mine is from all the bleaching) and thinning or balding (which I have been experiencing from past pregnancies).  My hair not only looks and feels fuller and healthy but I love that I’m not pulling my hair out of the shower drain because I’ve noticed a huge decrease in shedding.

  • 20 all-natural, clinically proven ingredients
  • 1370mg proprietary active ingredient blend (highest on the market)
  • 5000mcg biotin (most competitors have 2500 or lower)
  • No synthetic fillers, binders, or additives

Last week I chopped off about 6 inches from my hair to allow for it to be healthy again and my curls to be revived.  After taking Hair La Vie the last month, I noticed that my hair is looking fuller once again and areas where my hair was thinning after pregnancy now look fuller.  While my hair grows rather quickly – I chop off about 6 inches every 4 months and it grows almost as fast, I noticed that over the years my hair shed a lot and my locks were not as thick as they once were due to pregnancy, age and just overall health and weather.  With the assistance of Hair La Vie, my locks are now stronger, have more bounce and are thicker and healthy looking.  I even noticed that my hair is much shinier than before.  My biggest improvement is the growth along the hair line.  Near my hair line by my temples of my head, I was experiencing receding after having my twins.  Thinning and receding were discussed in previous posts and you could noticeably see that there was a bald spot.  Look at the photo below… do you see a bald spot?  My hair line is full and filled in and where I had noticeable receding over the years is now but a memory – THANK YOU HAIR LA VIE.  This is the ONLY product that I have used that has filled in my hair line completely – after only 2 months of consistent use.  I noticed after the first month that my receding hair line was less visible and now two months after the constant use of Hair La Vie, I don’t even notice the bald spots and you wouldn’t either.

Thicker, Longer, Beautiful Hair - My Hair Story With Hair La Vie
This photo was taken after I cut my hair recently.

Hair La Vie Revitalizing Hair Blend is affordable.  I have tried different supplements that can retail for quite a hefty cost but that is not the case as a 30 day supply is just $39 and they offer discounts if you buy more than one.  Since I’ve noticed such a huge improvement in my hair, I will definitely continue using Hair La Vie to keep my hair looking and feeling healthy and to encourage healthy growth and strong locks.  I hope I can continue to keep Hair La Vie in my beauty regimen to promote healthy hair in my life.  Again, I have tried many products as well as taking regular Biotin, but Hair La Vie is my absolutely favorite.

Have you tried Hair La Vie products before?  If not, what hair supplements have you taken and have they worked for you in the past?

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Disclaimer:  The products discussed in this post were sent to me for review and feature consideration.  All thoughts are my own and 100% honest and unbiased and while I did receive products for free, I was not compensated to provide my thoughts.




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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    Your hair looks fabulous. I think cutting the 6 inches in addition to taking the Hairlavie supplements was a great idea!

  2. Lola Seicento Reply

    Your hair looks so amazing, Honey! I am glad that this hair supplement is working so well for you!

  3. I’m excited to read this since I have it on the way to me. My hair loss was from illness and I want to strengthen it. I hope this works as well for me.

  4. I love that you tested this over a period of months – that’s when it truly shows how well a product works. Your hair is looking so amazing!

  5. It’s amazing to hear that these actually worked for you! I feel like we hear about tons of similar products that end up being a big let down. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  6. Bailey_AlltheWords Reply

    This sounds like a great supplement. I find my hair grows as well, but it’s not as thick as it once was and could be stronger.

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