As a child, the holiday season was always my favorite time of year… and it still is.  The scents of delicious food cooking all day, pies and sweet delectable desserts, coffee and teas and everything in between.  Many scents also evoke the memories of my childhood, reminding me that while we didn’t have any money growing up – my parents always made this time special for us and I do my best to translate those memories in our family traditions today.  Since we are still a few days away from really starting the 24 hour cooking sessions the holidays may bring, I love adding candles to our scenery to add warmth and a waft of scents in the air to get us a bit festive.  As a child we didn’t have many candles in our house unless the electricity was out because my mom lost her house to a candle fire when she was little and my siblings and I also have asthma and it made it difficult to breath.  Now that I’m older, I still don’t use candles often due to the asthma, but after trying these Old Factory Candles from the Coffee Shop Set, I’m definitely impressed.

Old Factory Candles Coffee Shop


Each Old Factory candle is handmade in the USA and retails for about $30 (currently on sale for $25.00) for a set of three candles. Available in 12 sets – I got Coffee Shop which includes Coffee Bean, Hazel Nut and Chai Tea.

Old Factory Candles Coffee Shop

Each candle is made of natural soy wax, cotton paper wicks and pure fragrance oils.  Candles are guaranteed to burn clean and even and true to scent for 20 hours.  Since the fragrance oils are pure, you may notice that the scent is not as strong as a traditional scented candle (or at least that is my opinion – but I’ve been sick lately so it could just be that I’m stuffed up) though I don’t think that to be a bad thing since I like a light fragrance, not something to overpowering. I am definitely loving that the candles are burning evenly which makes it easy to light.  Each candle is of white wax and labeled with the designated scent at the bottom of the jar.

Old Factory Candles Coffee Shop

Since my family and I are asthmatics, we do not burn candles in our house very often due to the lack of oxygen that can be in the air while the candle is burning.  It is however something we enjoy to do during the colder months and holiday season since it not only makes the house smell yummy but it also adds an essence of warmth to the home.  I have been enjoying the clean burning of these candles and noticed that my family did not have issues with breathing while we had a candle lit.  The scent lasts and I love the light scent of coffee, hazel nut or chai tea through out the home.

Old Factory Candles Coffee Shop

With a variety of fragrances from sexy and sultry to holiday themed and delicious delectables, you can easily find a scent range that will fit in your home and if you don’t have a fire place, this is a sure way to add a little warmth to your house.  I especially love the subtle jar as it will allow you to easily match this to any theme or home decor for any time of year.  Since you get three candles, this could easily make a great stocking stuffer or Holiday gift for someone who loves candles.

Old Factory Candles Coffee Shop

Looking to give the entire set away?  Simple tie a cute little ribbon or bow around the box and your set to go.  The box holds all three candles snug and ready for gift delivery.  I personally use the box to store my candles when they are not in use, since I don’t like to keep candles around because the twins are so young I would rather keep it out of reach.

Old Factory Candles Coffee Shop

Have you tried Old Factory Candles before?  If so – what is your favorite scent from this brand?  If you haven’t and love candles, comment and let me know what your favorite candle scents are.

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  1. Looks like a cool brand 🙂 They sound wonderful, and I love the vintage style. Do you know how well these would hold up on a candle warmer? Awesome review! Thank you for sharing!! 😀

    • Hmmm… I would need to see your candle warmer, because the glass jar on these is pretty thick and if you have the candle warmer that lights from above it should be fine. Scooping this out though…the scent is already pretty light that I think that it would lose some of it’s fragrance

  2. erikatheicyone Reply

    I love candles and almost always have at least one burning. I have three going, right now. 😀

  3. Lola Seicento Reply

    I rarely burn candles myself, but mostly because our cats get bold and want to play with them when they are lit! So, we tend to only do it once in a while and repeatedly shoo them away! I do love candles though!

  4. Kristin Bassett Reply

    I’m loving Christmas tree and gingerbread scents at the moment!

  5. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    I have asthma too, and I love these candles ‘coz they burn clean. I got the autumn set and the pumpkin spice is strong in a very good way!

  6. As soon as the weather gets even a little chilly here in Florida, I’m breaking out the candles. I love them, and am always buying them – too many! I got the Romance collection from Old Factory, and the Dark Chocolate is delish! I really liked the roses, scent, too – and burning them together with the Champagne candle created this delicious chocolate/vanilla/rose scent that I kept going all day in the house until they all burned down.

  7. The packaging and branding of these looks amazing – I love it when a product is really pretty to look at, besides being functional. I love candles and currently rotate between a few I picked up while in NYC (2 from Anthropology and 2 from Bath & Body Works)

  8. Never tried these but they look amazing! They would make a great Holiday gift!

  9. I love the packaging of these, so old world apothecary! I’m addicted to B&BW candles, but lately I’ve noticed the wicks will pop when I light them – which is scary because if there’s something flammable nearby it can start a fire. I’ll definitely check this brand out though!

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