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Brows on Point With Billion Dollar Brows



I have talked about the brand Billion Dollar Brows several times in the past… and for good reason, I truly enjoy their products.  I have tried different types and was so excited to be given the opportunity to try out their newest product, the Billion Dollar Brows, Brows On Point Micro Pencil.  Today I’ll share with you swatches, my thoughts and more on this pretty cool product from a brand I have enjoyed the last several years.

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The Brows On Point Micro Brow Pencils are waterproof and retail for $16.00 – available in 4 shades.  This brow product has been my go-to for my brows over the last 3 – 4 weeks and I have been enjoying it tremendously.  These awesome brow pencils are dual-ended, one side being the retractable and twist-up pencil and the other side a spoolie to help brush through your brows.  The pencil is so small that it allows you to create hair like brush strokes with precision but not too small that it gets lost in the movement and you have to work extra hard to make sure that the parts you filled in can’t be seen.  I love a good mechanical pencil (seriously – I have no time for sharpening) and this brow pencil has a super-fine self-sharpening tip which makes use a breeze.

brows, billion dollar brows, brows on point, makeup, beauty, demo, swatches, review, beauty review,

The four colors available – Blonde, Light Brown, Taupe and Raven are not only a great selection for those different color hair, but it allows you to custom create the shade that works for you.  Blending and layering your pencils is easy to create the color that would suit your hair right.  I tend to use Taupe on it’s own but like to blend in a little of Raven for defining my brows more and giving them shape or Light Brown when I want my brows to look put together, but very natural.  Each shade is versatile and really allows you to customize the colors to fit your needs.

brows, billion dollar brows, brows on point, makeup, beauty, demo, swatches, review, beauty review,

From Left to Right:  Blonde, Light Brown, Taupe and Raven

Did I mention that the formula is waterproof and smudge proof?  The formula of these pencils are creamy but firm and glide on with ease.  Again, they allow you to create tiny brow hairs when filling in your brows and the waterproof formula lasts all day.  I can put these on in the morning and still have “brows on point” for the entire day until I take my makeup off at night.  While I haven’t tried going into the ocean or pool to test these out… I can tell you that my stay-all-day brows literally keep it’s color and look great for many hours – even with the hot weather here in Hawaii.

brows, billion dollar brows, brows on point, makeup, beauty, demo, swatches, review, beauty review,

brows, billion dollar brows, brows on point, makeup, beauty, demo, swatches, review, beauty review,

I have mentioned the brand Billion Dollar Brows here on my blog many times as many of the products from the line are ones that I use daily as a part of my brow routine.  I was really look forward to trying something like this – thin enough for me to use (since their other brow pencil is a little thicker) and would last all day.  I’ve been enjoying it the last several weeks and really love how it has improved my every day brow routine.  Using this brow pencil is quick and painless… Literally fill in my brows, brush in place if need and set with my Billion Dollar Brows Brow Gel and I’m good to go.

brows, billion dollar brows, brows on point, makeup, beauty, demo, swatches, review, beauty review,

The photo above is of me showing off my brows in my Snapchat.  I just LOVE this product.  I have naturally full brows with lots of brow hair and often times some products can make me look too done up or make my brows look too bold.  Some brow products require you use a light hand or some practice to get it right and a good brow pencil should have those issues.  I can literally just scribble them on (haha – don’t scribble on your brows like me) and I’m good to go.  Of course, if I wanted to go bolder, I always have that option – but I love when a product allows me to wear it as I normally would and just gives my every day a look a little something extra.

Overall – after using several of the Billion Dollar Brows products, I can honestly say that I really enjoy the Brows on Point micro brow pencils.  I really enjoy them, love their longevity and staying power and love the size of them.  These pencils are great for travel because they are small – but you still get a lot of product considering the price you pay.  What makes them the best in my opinion is that I don’t have to worry about my brows getting dry or flaking like many other brow products can do and they wear well on me.  These are definitely going to be products I’ll continue to purchase and buy over the years.

You can purchase these products as well as others I have mentioned and discussed from Billion Dollar Brows here.

Have you tried these products or anything from BDB before?  If so, what did you think about them and if not, are these products you think you would want to check out.  Comment down below and let your girl know.

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    I love the more natural look to my brows too! I actually use this pencil when I want to fill them in a little!

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  • marciaf

    I like BDB but I don’t want to buy two pencils to make the correct color.

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    I’ve yet to try this brand but these sound like great pencils.

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