Yay, I’m finally ALIVE!  No, seriously – I’ve been in bed and seriously nursing the flu and then a cold for the last week, ringing in the new year in bed.  I finally feel like I can get it together and get on the grind to start 2017.  Hey, I’m only 7 or 8 days late – right? lol.  Since I’m finally moving around and starting the year, I figured I would share my 2017 goals.  These goals consist of those that are personal, blogging or anything in between.  What I love about sharing them here on the blog, is that it kind of holds me accountable and that way I have no excuse but to keep on top of them.  Let’s get started shall we?

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1.)  Lose Weight.  This may seem like a given for anyone, especially those like me in my particular circumstance.  But, the fact is – I’m slowly getting my health back in order and plan to not only continue eating healthier, but also really work on improving my self image and health overall – both physically and mentally.

Sub-goals: Make sure that I a) include more vegetables in my daily meal intake.  b) try to eliminate the carbs and starches that plague me badly – i.e. reduce my rice, noodles and bread intake. c) reduce meal portion sizes while making sure I am eating through the day (my biggest issue is that I don’t have time to eat, so I must make time to eat).  And, d) continue to increase my exercise daily.

2.)  Be smart with purchases.  Only buy new products when I’m running low or when I’ve actually run out of them.  As a makeup addict, I often times find myself ooing and ahhing over the newest thing.  In 2016, I did really well with purchases and didn’t purchase everything and anything that was newly released.  This year, in 2017, I want to incorporate the same but really stick to it.  After destashing  and donating a lot of cosmetic items for 2016, I realized that I need to truly use what I already have.  Money hard earned should be money well spent and buying makeup items only to have them sit since I only have one face, well – I have better things to do with my finances.  I want to continue minimal self spending and splurging and continue to buy less – no matter what it may be… makeup, skin care, planners, pens, whatever.

3.)  Get organized.  This may seem like an easy task for someone like me who likes structure, but the fact of the matter is… I could do so much better.  My desk – while I can find whatever it is I’m looking for, is a mess.  While my time scheduling is organized and structured, my paperwork is a mess and I would love to bring more organization to my household overall.  This may seem like an easy task for one person, but I balance the organization for a whole household of 5 members and I would love to be able to really kick it in gear and get it together.

Sub-goals:  a) I would like to organize the paperwork on my desk and in my files.  Trying to reduce paper clutter and keep it at a minimum, keeping only the papers that are needed.  I would like to come up with a proper filing system so that I have an easier time with paperwork.  b)  I really need to organize our household better.  Each month we take donations and try to keep clutter at a minimum, but I think there is so much more I could do.  And, c) I need to organize my time better.  This is important since I work from  home.  I need to be able to organize my work and home schedule to try and make sure I have enough time in the day to accomplish all the things I need to do.

4.)  Wear my hair down more.  This may seem like something that is already being done in my life… but the fact of the matter is, I still consistently wear my hair up in a bun or pulled back.  I need to embrace my natural curls and my hair and really need to find the time and effort to get it under control so that I can wash and wear it easily – without constantly pulling it up.  Since I wear my hair up so often, I am quite accustomed to not having anything in my face and that in it’s own is a difficult thing to get used to.  My goal is to commit to wearing my hair down at least 2x a week so I can get used to it without sacrificing the “on-the-go” lifestyle I live.

5.)  Wear more dresses or dress up more.  Come on now, I have really never been a dress wearing girl.  I’m a tomboy and will wear a pair of jeans or shorts with a t-shirt as much as possible if allowed.  I would like to dress up a little more or wear more dresses so that I’m not so casual.  There’s nothing wrong with dressing casually – it’s just that I do it so much, I forget what it is like to dress up sometimes.  By putting on a dress or just adding a little more flair to my outfits, I think it would make a world of a difference.

6.)  Eliminate the negativity and keep positive, striving for joy.  This particular goal may seem like an easy one, but trust me when I say it has been anything but easy the last few years.  I would like to do everything in my power to eliminate the negativity and strive for joy.  By keeping the negative nancys out of my personal bubble and keeping positive aspirations, goals and overall happiness in my life – I think I can accomplish this goal.  Spreading joy and happiness where I go while not feeding into others negative thoughts will make a huge difference in my life.

7.)  Back to Lifestyle posts.  Honeygirl’s World is technically a lifestyle blog and boy do I miss it.  I feel like I’ve focused so much on product reviews or beauty and skin care over the last year, that I have lost sight of where my passion lies.  I love sharing new products or reviews with all of you – but I also want to really incorporate more of my life on the blog.  That is how I started blogging to begin with – to document my life’s story.  So, my goal this year is to incorporate at least one lifestyle post a week.  Whether it be to share my weight loss and health journey each week, post Sunday letters or just sum up life with my family each week – it’s my goal to go back to it and keep at it.  Honeygirl’s World is my life, my world and I need to get back to my roots and remember where I started and how I got here.

Of course, a new year comes with new goals and I’m sure I’ll have a plethora more to add to this list as the year progresses. While many of these goals may seem a bit simplistic – it may not be that case for many because it’s all a matter of changing the way one thinks and how they proceed to do things.  Since Honeygirl’s World is a lifestyle site, I plan to come back in the coming months and share how I’m accomplishing these goals and if I have had an positive change.

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I wish all of you reading this a wonderful New Year.  Whether you are making goals for yourself to accomplish or just plan on living life to its fullest, or both – may your year be filled with joy and happiness.

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  1. Lola Seicento Reply

    Happy New Year Honey! I am so glad that you are finally feeling better! I had a really nasty bug that kept me in bed for nearly 2 weeks over the holidays! I love your list of goals for 2017, and I definitely need to do #2 and #3! <3

    • Ah – I completely agree… you can’t get enough of organization, that’s for sure. Thanks so much and thank you – I feel better, just dealing with my asthma and congestion, but happy to be mobile. 😉 Happy 2017 to you and yours <3

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better, Honey! Hoping that I will too soon. This cold seems impossible to shake. It’s great to lay out goals so you can keep them in mind going forward. I definitely relate to the plan for more vegetables and fewer carbohydrates. It must be tough feeding three active, growing and very thin boys and staying on track as a mom. Hope 2017 is a great year for your all!

    • I hope you feel better soon. I’m much better and no longer have body aches, though my congestion and asthma are still a pain in my behind. lol Yes, feeding those skinny boys… I swear, they are recycle trucks constantly cleaning through food. lol I just remember how my parents must of been with me when I was their age… I was a twig and ate like a horse. lmao 🙂 Happy 2017 to you and yours Allison <3

  3. Christine C. Reply

    You’ve got some great goals and one that I plan on doing myself! Less negativity and less “stuff” is my motto this year! I felt like last year I accumulated so much stuff that I sit in my office and actually thought to myself “why do I have all of this junk” so I’m on a mission this year to have less “stuff” and “junk” laying around! Glad you’re feeling better, I got sick right around NYE and am still recovering!

    • oh man – I hope you recover soon. I’m still quite congested and its affecting my asthma, but I’m happy that I can at least eat without feeling sick and my body no longer aches. Sending wonderful wishes for a fab 2017 🙂

  4. Excellent goals. I didn’t know you started as a lifestyle blogger since I’ve just known you with beauty but the posts like that that I’ve read have been excellent. Buying less because it’s pretty and organizing are my two main goals.

  5. Don’t worry girl, I’ve had such a slow start this year on the blog too. One day at a time, right?! I’ so with you on the making smarter purchases deal. I’ve really cut down on makeup buying, and it feels so good!

  6. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    I’m one with you Honey! If you need a buddy to check in with you, I’m here

  7. all_the_words025 Reply

    I love your goals! Mainly because I feel like mine sync up so much. I feel like a lot of bloggers are in the same mind set in terms of not buying “it all” and getting back to what feels right for them.

  8. I’m so sorry that you had a sucky beginning to your year and I’m glad that you’re feeling better. I like your goals list, I have a few of those on my list, as well. I know that you’ll rock it out, you are fabulous, like that.

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