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Homeschooling is becoming an increasingly popular option for parents who want to have more direct control over their children’s education. There are many benefits to homeschooling, including the ability to customize your child’s curriculum to fit their needs and interests, as well as the opportunity to provide a more structured learning environment that can be tailored specifically for each child. This blog post will share my story of homeschooling as well as discuss 10 of the best tips for homeschooling parents!

My Story

While my sons all continue to attend public school, during the height of the pandemic and lengthy stay-in-place regulations – schooling became an online thing. Yes – it’s definitely not the same as a traditional homeschooling environment – but there are many similarities. As a work-from-home mom, I’ll be honest and say that I struggled the first week – because the space I used for work was turned into a school house. I found that while all of that was challenging, I truly did not know much about the studies that my children were working on. To get around that – I sat and learned with them, making it a little easier for me to answer questions and assist them where they needed it.

Homeschooling is certainly not easy – but together as a family, we were able to make that brief time of homeschooling functional and workable for our needs. It didn’t dawn on me that I could have looked up tips from homeschooling parents for help so that is why I’m sharing a few with you today. If you are looking to make the transition or start your child with homeschooling hopefully these tips can help.

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10 Tips for Homeschooling Parents

1) Set clear expectations for your child:

Before beginning homeschooling, it is important to set clear expectations for the educational goals you want your children to achieve. This can include discussing how often and when schoolwork should be completed, what kind of grades are expected, and any other boundaries that need to be established in order to ensure a successful homeschooling experience.

2) Have a plan:

While spontaneity may be part of the charm of homeschooling, it is still important to have an overall plan in place. Make sure you have curriculum materials ready, understand what resources are available, and know which activities or projects you would like to focus on each day or week.

3) Research options: 

There are now many different types of homeschooling, from traditional to online and even hybrid programs. Research the various options available to find out which best suits your family’s needs and goals.

4) Communicate with other families:

Reaching out to other homeschooling families can be very helpful in understanding the ins and outs of homeschooling. Networking is a great way to get advice, share ideas, or just gain support from parents who know what you’re going through!

5) Schedule quality time:

Make sure you allocate enough time for schoolwork, but also remember to set aside special time for activities like field trips or fun projects. Quality time spent together will help keep everyone motivated and focused on learning.

6) Keep your kids energized: 

Kids learn best when they are excited and engaged. Keep your lessons interesting with hands-on activities, crafts, and games to help keep them focused and enthusiastic about learning. Keep your kids energized by taking learning outdoors or combining physical activity with academics.

7) Take breaks: 

The occasional break is important in order to recharge and stay motivated. This can include time outdoors or just a few minutes of free playtime each day.

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8) Encourage independent learning:

Give your children the opportunity to explore and discover information on their own. Guide them in researching topics, but also allow them some freedom to learn on their own terms.

9) Stay organized: 

It’s important to keep track of all the lesson plans and daily activities, so you can easily refer back to them when needed. Consider using a calendar or other organizational tools to help keep things in order. Staying organized can help to reduce stress and maximize learning.

10) Online resources:

Take advantage of the wealth of online learning resources available today. From websites and apps to virtual learning games, click here to learn more about the best online resources for homeschooling. 

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Image: Pixabay

Homeschooling can be a rewarding experience, but it is important to remember that it takes dedication and hard work to make sure your children are getting the most out of their education. By following these ten tips, you will be well on your way to providing a successful and enriching homeschooling experience for your family. Utilize resources and don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are various Facebook Groups available for homeschooling parents as well as blogs and websites that you can turn to for assistance. Also, check YouTube for various channels for a plethora of information. Remember – you can do this! Good luck!

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No matter how old my boys get, I find myself still utilizing many of the items that I had for them when they were babies.  Since I’m a work from home and stay at home mom, the number one thing I find I still use is a diaper bag.  Now, hold on – obviously I’m not going to be using this particular bag to hold diapers, the boys don’t use those, ha ha!  But, I don’t use my old diaper bags in the traditional sense.  I turn my diaper bags into work and planner bags so I can take my work on the go.  About 5 months ago I was sent this very cool bag from CiPU and today I’m going to share my thoughts on this accessory as well as how I utilize it for my personal use.  It may not be traditional, but it’s functional and we all know I love anything that offers function to my life.

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Now, it’s no secret that I’m a laid back simpleton, basically – I’m a casual gal.  So when I can find something that works for me… I’m excited.  I was contacted by CiPU and asked to try out this “diaper bag” and if I enjoyed it, if I could kindly provide a review.  Here’s the deal – since I was using my Coach Diaper Bag from the twins as my work bag, I thought to myself… “hmm, this will be interesting to see how it would work for me.”  And, so I accepted.

CiPU is pronounced – ‘Shee’ (translated to “happiness” in Chinese) and ‘Pu’ (translated to “store” in Chinese) like “shee” in sheet and “PU” in put.  

work bag, diaper bag, CiPU diaper bag, CiPU, amazon buy, amazon haul, review, product review, planner bag, planner, work from home,

CiPU was founded in 2009 by a group of mothers and brand owner Jarrah, all of whom had one shared inspiration – an idea to gift mothers love, happiness and affection.  CiPUs focus is on style by exploring colors and patterns to suit every occasion, however – each bag is full of functionality (you see that word there, it’s golden to me) and created to meet a mother’s everyday needs.

“The Bowknot in their logo represents the ribbon on a gift, meanwhile it also looks like an “infinity” symbol.  Since children are such a precious gift and a parent’s devotion to their children are testimonies of “infinitive love” the bowknot symbolizes infinite love and the power of gifts in a single wish, a wish that every mother can enjoy blissful, long-lasting memories with their children – the greatest gift in life.”

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Each CiPU bag is hand-crafted with lots of love and many of the bags are limited in quantity since they only make a few of each design.  They are each made from environmentally friendly materials and I love that CiPU offers Free US Delivery.  All CiPU bags were created with different styles and patterns to focus on women because mother’s are still women and looks matter.  Perfect for function while providing lightweight carryalls to take the load off your shoulders.

Check out my video review and come chit chat about this bag with me.  My video can be found here or embedded below.

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Lightweight | Stylish | Easy Cleaning | Organizable | Large Compartments | Water repellent

CiPU offers a variety of bags to fit the mothers’, fathers’ and even babies’ style.  From Large tote bags like the one I have here to diaper backpacks in every type of color and design.  I have my eyes set on a camouflage one, a plain black bag and the Leopard next.  Let’s talk a little about this awesome diaper bag shall we?

work bag, diaper bag, CiPU diaper bag, CiPU, amazon buy, amazon haul, review, product review, planner bag, planner, work from home,

I have the CiPU Tote Diaper Bag in Heather Gray (Large).  This bag retails for $158.80 and comes with 13 large compartments to hold all of my necessities.  Now, as I mentioned before, I’m not using this bag as a diaper bag, but as my work bag so this is perfect to host all of my planner supplies, planners and even my laptop and tablet all fit inside perfectly.

work bag, diaper bag, CiPU diaper bag, CiPU, amazon buy, amazon haul, review, product review, planner bag, planner, work from home,

This bag features 1 hidden compartment (which I love to put the boys wipes in or even store their dirty clothes while out and about so it doesn’t mess up any of my papers.  You also get the following accessories to go with your bag:

  • Personal belongings pouch – this pouch comes with detachable straps and you can use this to store your diapers, wipes and changing mat.  I use this particular pouch to store my tablet for safe keeping and a few notebooks.
  • Foldable Changing Mat – this soft and easy to clean mat is perfect for changing baby, but again – I use this bag for work – so this changing mat is used as a little sitting mat for me when at the park or in case I want to put my bag down without sitting it directly on the floor.  It’s machine washable which makes it perfect for on the go.
  • Retractable Key Hold – probably my favorite thing now to keep my eyes on hand at any given time.
  • Chest Strap – this helps to keep my strap in place to prevent slip-downs
  • Slip Proof Should Straps – these soft on the shoulder straps are great and comfy.  It made long hours at the airport easy because my arms were not sore from carrying my bag too long.
  • Stroller Clips – These are great to clip to a wagon or stroller to keep your bag with you.  I use it to attach to my sports cart so I am not taking up real estate of the wagon with my bag.

work bag, diaper bag, CiPU diaper bag, CiPU, amazon buy, amazon haul, review, product review, planner bag, planner, work from home,

The material is very soft and easy to spot clean or wash should I need it.  I love that this bag is water repellent (inside & out), especially since I always take it with me, that way I don’t have to worry about spills.  This bag comes with a gorgeous hot pink and bright lining which makes it so easy to be able to see inside and grab everything that I need at any time.  And, since this bag is made of quick dry material – it helps to prevent mold (so you don’t have to worry much about spills from milk bottles or juice causing mold if you don’t get it dried up quickly.)  This bag is perfect for outdoors – whether rain or shine and I love that it’s so easy to take with you.

work bag, diaper bag, CiPU diaper bag, CiPU, amazon buy, amazon haul, review, product review, planner bag, planner, work from home,

The CiPU Large Tote is very lightweight at just 1.2 lbs. – one of the lightest on the market.  And, remember how I said CiPU offers different bags for different personalities and sizes, your littles can have their own little backpacks too.

So, now that you have a bunch of information to make an informed decision on whether or not this bag is for you… let me keep it real for you all.  This bag is costly, but I am a handbag lover and most of my bags cost well over this amount already so I would spend this money in a heartbeat – especially after my great experience with this one over the last 5 months or so.  When it comes to how I spend my money, I tend to look at things as an investment.  These bags are an investment in not only your style and longevity of having them, but your comfort.  They are easy to carry and hold, giving you various options and so easy to clean.  As a busy mom, I know that the last thing we want to be doing is scrubbing a bag of strains or water spills.  While I don’t currently use it strictly as a diaper bag, I know the quality of the bag will hold up in that if and when I should have another child – I’ll be able to use this.  I also love that this is functional for me and allows me to use this as a “mommy bag” no matter the age of my children.  I can carry all my work stuff inside while still have a ton of room for mommy stuff too – whether it be wipes, extra clothes, toys, books for reading on the go or games – whatever tickles your fancy.

work bag, diaper bag, CiPU diaper bag, CiPU, amazon buy, amazon haul, review, product review, planner bag, planner, work from home,

We all know I am brutally honest here and I have to say – Yes, this bag is worth the cost and definitely high quality.  Like I mentioned before – I have my eyes on a few others and I plan to get them.

Check out my video review:


You can check out the full range of products available at:

Purchase from their Amazon store here.

So what about you, have you heard of CiPU before and do you think you could utilize something like this?  Are you a mommy looking for a little more help in the organizing and diaper bag compartment?  Comment below and share your thoughts with me.

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When you’re looking for something to keep your kiddos busy or to help with learning their alphabets or reading, there are apps that can help.  Interested in getting a bit more organized or need something to unwind and relax your brain for the day – hey, Amazon Underground Always Free apps got you covered.  You never have to worry about your kids downloading apps and games that will cost you money and you can get access to over 3,000 apps and games that are 100% FREE.  Simply download them from Amazon Underground to your Amazon Fire tablet or Android smartphone and you are good to go.

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There are so many apps available in the Amazon Underground catalog that there is something there for anyone – my whole family is enjoying the selection.  100% free apps & games are a part of the Amazon Appstore with access to great content that you would normally have to pay for in “other” App and Playstores, but they are at zero cost through Amazon Underground.  I am loving that some of my favorite games are available through access to premium apps and my family and I get to take advantage of the fun and convenience while we take a break from our busy day.

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As a mother the Amazon Underground apps allow me to take my coloring on the go – letting me take a few minutes to focus on me while coloring – utilizing an easy app I love called Adult Coloring or Zen: Adult Coloring Book.  When my family and I like to work our brains and have some fun together, we enjoy playing Brain It On! or some of our favorite games called Cut the Rope, Sonic Dash and Zootopia also make for some family enjoyment.  For drawing, sketching and note taking, the app Notepad+ is also a great selection for fun as well as productivity.

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On night that I need to unwind and relax and fall asleep soundly and easily, I love using the White Noise Sleep Aid – the Forest Noise is ideal for falling right asleep and feeling rested the next morning when I awake.  You see, the options are endless and the Amazon Underground app store offers you a variety of selections for the busy mom and dad, student and school performance and studying and even the college bound teen that needs a little help making the transition.

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If you are looking for something fun to do, get productive or organized or just have a little “me” time, I highly suggest checking out Amazon Underground.  It’s easy to use and many apps and games are available at your fingertips.

If you’re interested in checking out the Amazon Appstore and learn more about what it has to offer, click here and check out the Amazon Underground catalog of 100% free apps and games.  You can also access the Amazon Underground on your Android smartphone by visiting here.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

We are just a few short days away from Mother’s Day and I can’t help buy reflect on my first Mother’s Day 11 years ago.  It seems like the time has flown all too quickly and the minutes of the day just drift away like they are non-existent.  Looking back on what I’ve learned and what I’ve accomplished gives me a sense of pride.  I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but I never knew how rewarding it would be for me and how much I loved this job with all my heart.

My boys are growing so quickly and I have learned after becoming a mother that sometimes a little acknowledgement, peace of mind and inspiration go a really long way.  I wanted to take the time to write a letter to all moms – new, soon to be and those with years of experience.  This is my Mother’s Day Gift to you and I hope you enjoy!

My sons
Luke, Kevin and Isaiah – 2011

Dear Moms…

1. As much as we wish it would, time stands still for no one and father time ticks and tocks the days and nights away.  While our days may be filled with challenges, they may also be filled with laughter and delight.  Take the time each day to stop and think about the things you are grateful for.  I keep a gratitude journal specifically for this reason.  It allows me to reflect back on other days and remember the memories that we often times soon forget.  Remember that each day is filled with some form of happiness… there is always sunlight at the end of a storm.

2.  It’s okay to want a little “me” time.  I’m still trying to grasp the concept myself, but at least now I have accepted that wanting some time to myself does not mean that I don’t love my children.  It just means that I need a break sometimes.  Even if this means you are gonna vegetate in front of the computer, online window shop and have a glass of Vino… so long as it gives you a moment to yourself – hey, that’s great.

Kevin Kaeo
Kevin 2008

3.  Don’t feel bad about wanting to capture every moment on camera.  Your children will thank you later, trust me.  My three sons grew up in front of a camera and I snapped away at every moment and tried to capture as many memories as possible.  Even with a camera attached at the hip, I found that some of their earlier years were missed because I was caught up doing other things.  It’s okay to stop and tell someone you need to take a photo, it’s okay to capture the moment for your memories.  Snap away and always have a camera on hand.  You don’t want to look back at the past and realize you missed something because you were too busy with something else.

4.  Each parent has their own set of advice for new or soon to be mommies.  It can be difficult to hear sometimes and I know that I struggled with this (still do), for a long time.  If it’s something you can use in your life as a momma, then incorporate it into your own.  If you can’t use, do not worry – just move on and thank the person who gave it to you.  Parents sometimes forget that each child is their own individual and what might work for one child, certainly will not work for another.   Do not feel obligated to make someone’s advice work for you – even if they say it will and you know it won’t.

Luke 2010

5.  This one might only pertain to moms of twinnies… but needless to say, it had to be said.  Please please do not tell a mom of twins (new or otherwise), that you know exactly what they are going through because your children are just 10 months or a year or so apart.  IT IS NOT THE SAME.  I won’t tell you how many verbal arguments I have gotten into with parents over this.  Having two children exactly the same age (twins) is not the same as having a child just a year older.  By the time you have your second child (or the child born a year after), your first child is already starting to feed themselves, talking, walking, etc.  It is not the same experience as two infants or children the same age.  Many can argue the fact, but as a mother of twins, it was absolutely difficult for me to deal with and it was the cause of MANY arguments with other people.  Does that mean that you are less than I because I am a mother of twins – OF COURSE NOT, but they are not a comparison or similarity by any means.

6.  It’s okay to splurge on yourself once in a while.  I’m pretty lucky in that I have a husband that consistently reminds me that it’s time to buy myself something nice, otherwise, it goes on the back burner and I completely forget.  Choose out something from your wishlist and if you can swing it, get it.  Ask your hubby for a Sephora Gift Card (hint hint) and pick up that new perfume or lipstick you’ve been eyeing.  The choices are endless and I want moms to know that it’s okay to want to spoil yourself once in a while.  It’s too often that we forget about ourselves and are always thinking about others, so it’s okay to have a little treat now and then.

Isaiah – 2010

7.  A child’s smile can warm your heart.  But, don’t let that fool you… that doesn’t mean you have to give-in and give them anything and everything they want.   Sometimes structure is key and I know it has been very essential in raising my children.  There are many out there that will say you are being too harsh… but don’t let them affect how your raise your child.  They are your children after all – not your aunts, sisters, mothers, brother from another mother… they are your children and you set the rules.

8.  Your are a strong woman!  It takes more than just physical strength to handle the job of a mom.  You are not only strong physically and mentally, you are courageous, creative and a complete genius.  Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!


9.  Before having your first child, no one ever tells you that it is a 365 day a year job, no days off, no weekends – no holidays… no pay. lol We don’t get a lunch break, no vacation time off and there is no worker’s comp either.  It has made me appreciate my mom more after having children.  While I knew that my mom was a very hard worker and she kept our family afloat, I truly had no idea what it was like until I stepped into this role.  My mom also made it all work with less than half of what my family has financially.  My siblings and I are all healthy and grown up and I am proud to have learned so much from my own mom.

10.  This is an important one!  After having children, sometimes we lose that sense of sexy.  I know after having my boys, I gained twice my weight and I was not feeling very pretty.  Gaining weight after childbirth is not the only thing that makes us not feel beautiful.  Emotions are running wild, we’re tired, we don’t want to put makeup on and pajamas are our best friend.  All these things add up to feeling frumpy and blue and that doesn’t even include the women who suffer from postpartum as I did.  When someone pays you a compliment, believe them.  For a long time my husband would tell me how beautiful I was and I thought to myself… “what’s wrong with this man?  Who in the world is he looking at?”  I still think that way sometimes.  But when your husband tells you are your beautiful – believe him.  This is not an easy concept for many and sometimes we just don’t feel beautiful.  But beauty is much more than looks and a woman who can survive on two hours of sleep and no food in their belly and still be able to cook a whole meal for the house, pay the bills and make sure each child is happy and healthy – well… she has a beauty within that most only dream of having.

My boys

So, at the end of the day – we are here on this Earth because of our Mothers… well, our Dads too.  Most of us are who we are because of these women and those who are mothers, well – we are strong, stealth ninjas with a heart of gold.  At the end of the day, our lives are no longer our own and times can be tough, but there is one thing I know about being a mom… it is the BEST, MOST REWARDING JOB IN THE WORLD and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

To all the mommies out there, new, soon to be and those that are experienced just know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  Wishing you all a wonderful Mother’s Day!


Signature Honey