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Let me be real with you all for a second… when asked, “What is your no makeup makeup look?”  I’ll straight up answer you with… “Um, no makeup – at all!”

But, It’s absolutely no secret that my every day makeup look (if I am using any makeup that is) is mascara and a lippy and on most days.  Since I really do not use makeup, but I want to add a little sexy to the mix, I’ll pull out my big guns, my heavy hitters… my HG products.  So today, in collaboration with a few gals from the Beauty Blogger Collab, I’m bringing to you my “no makeup” makeup look.  This is what I put on when I need a little swag in my look, but still want minimal makeup.  Of course, like I mentioned earlier – if you are looking for a look with literally no makeup, well – that works too 🙂

All About The Summer Glow, No Makeup - Makeup Look

So let’s chit chat a little about what my no-makeup makeup look is.  I definitely want to look polished and put together and it all starts with great skin and my skin care regime.  To give me that fresh dewy look that I love, I make sure to cleanse, add my favorite serums like Hyaluronic Acid and Anti-Wrinkle serum and then finish with a great moisturizer.  These products alone give me a natural glow and really freshen up my face and my look.  It’s essential that I do this each day to keep a youthful appearance.

All About The Summer Glow, No Makeup - Makeup Look

My basic and daily makeup products for me are mascara and lip balm so mascara and a lippy of choice is a definite must have.  My lashes are really short, so if I have clear eye lash glue on hand, I’ll slap on a pair of flirty false lashes, but today I opted for a few coats of mascara to help open up my eyes.  Since I have my eyeliner tattooed, adding mascara to my lashes not only opens my eyes more but also enhances my tattooed liner and makes my lash line look fuller.  My lips are another thing… if I am not pulling for a colored lip balm, I’m reaching for my favorite nude lippies to help enhance my pout.  Usually my no-makeup look would stop there, but if I want to add a little something extra, I’ll add a blush, highlight and a light contour.  Applying these with a light hand are key to get that sunkissed and radiant look that adds a little to your makeup but keeps them guessing if you have anything on.

Here are the products I used on my look today:

  • Brows – For my brows, since they are shaped fairly well and are full, I used my NYX Control Freak Eye Brow Gel.  (Review here)  I swept this product over my brows to set them in place for the day.
  • Lashes – Since I have short lashes, I like to layer certain mascaras to make my lashes stand out without false eyelashes.  Today I used my Covergirl Super Sizer mascara layered with Benefit’s Roller Lash.  These two lashes paired together help to give me some length and volume without looking spidery or clumpy.
  • Lips – One of my absolute go-to lippies for an “every day” or no-makeup look is MAC’s High Tea.  This lipstick is the perfect nude with a gloss texture and offers the perfect color to compliment my pout.
  • Bronzer – To add a little warmth, a light bronze and some subtle contouring I used Laura Geller’s Bronze-n-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Bronzer in medium.  Using a domed bronzing brush I light dust this all over the areas I want to give a subtle bronze look.  It’s not about contouring but more about a light definition.
  • Blush & Highlight – For a little color to my cheeks and a soft highlight I used my Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten in Como.  This combination has a blend of pink and gold to offer the perfect amount of color to your cheeks and a gorgeous peach gold highlight so the sun looks like it is perfectly kisses your cheeks.  With a fluffy brush I lightly dust this on the applies of my cheeks and blend onto my cheek bone.
  • Set your makeup – To set and put that nice dewy look back into my face, I spritz on one of my favorite facial sprays.  Today I used my Evian Mineral Water Spray.  Since it is warm, this is perfect to cool me down but also give my makeup that effortless, no-makeup look.

All About The Summer Glow, No Makeup - Makeup Look

My normal “no-makeup” makeup look is pretty easy and simple to create but it puts a little pep in my step and still gives me that “put together” look without using too much.  If I go with a basic look (mascara and lippy) or add a little blush, bronze & highlight – it’s something you can definitely see me rocking out most of the time.  If I were asked what my go-to look for Summer is, this is it.

So what are your favorite go-to’s to create that “no-makeup”?  When I say “no makeup” I mean it, but sometimes we could use a little style and flair to our look, don’t you think?  Be sure to stop by and check out the links below for the no-makeup makeup looks of the lovely ladies from the Beauty Blogger Collab.

Smooches! xo

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Disclaimer:  There are affiliate links through out this post.  Some of the products mentioned or discussed may have been sent to me as Press Samples over the years but nonetheless, all thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% honest & unbiased.




It’s not very often that we chit chat brows here on the blog, probably because mine are pretty low maintenance for the most part so I don’t really pay too much attention to them.  However, today I join the Beauty Blogger Collaboration in sharing a little brow love.  I’m pretty blessed in that my brows are pretty full and usually I will just set them into place if I need to but otherwise, unless they need a little drama, they are simple as pie.  But, I figured I would share some of my favorite eye brow products with you and why I enjoy them so much.

Favorite eye brow products

Brows are really important as they frame the face and bring a look together.  My natural brows are fairly full so most times I will use a spoolie to comb them into place and if I feel the need, a little brow gel to hold their shape for the day.   Brow gels are probably the most essential in my arsenal, though I do have a few others that I enjoy.  I have tried many brow products over the years, but since I have sensitive skin – there are some that just do not work well for me or dry my brows out terribly.  I find that these products haven’t caused any of these issues so I continue to use them.

favorite brow products

First let’s talk brow gels.  This is my go-to and I will use it daily if I feel like my natural brows are unruly and out of control.  These two brow gels are clear and work well.  The NYX Control Freak has been a go-to for me over the last year (since it’s release) and I have a full review of this product which you can read up on here.  The Milani Brow Shaping Clear Gel is a favorite because of it’s small brush.  Both products offer nice control and hold without a crispy feeling.  They look natural and are easy to apply.  Out of all the brow products I own, I will pull for these the most for every day use and to set my brows in place when I have shaded them in.

favorite eye brow products

The next products on my list are brow tints or colored brow products.  These are easy just like the brow gels mentioned previously but they have a tint to them that will allow for shading in my brows.  These are especially perfect for those days during the summer when I tend to go lighter in my brows to match my hair that gets lightened quickly and easily from the sun.  These products will fill in any gaps and give my brows a lighter tone.

no makeup selfie
natural brows
  • I have been using the Per-fekt Brow Perfection Gel now for years and have repurchased this product many times.  In the shade caramel, this mascara like wand is perfect for shading in my brows and giving my brows a brighter and lighter appearance.  It lasts all day and keeps my brows in place for hours without budging.
  • Benefit’s Gimme Brow was added to my brow game last year and I’m not gonna lie… for the amount of product you get in a small little tube, it is pretty costly.  But, honestly – I have repurchased twice so I must like it.  The tiny little brush is perfect for filling in your brows and adding more volume.  The cream-like gel has tiny little fibers that fill in the brows to provide a natural brow look that is full and set in place.  I don’t use this product as much as the other tints because the shade is just a tad bit too ashy for me, but it works well during the winter months which is when I tend to pull for it most.
  • LASHEMS Colour Strokes Brow Tint and Lift in Brunette is one of my favorites and has a caramel toned shade that fills in my brows easily and sets those babies in place that they will not budge for hours.  I love to use this product especially in the summer to lighten my brows a tad but also keep them in place while I’m playing in the sun.  You can read my full review and see before and after photos on the LASHEM Colour Strokes Brow Tint here.

favorite brow products

Cailyn’s Gelux Eyebrow in Cocoa is a thick tinted wax that works perfectly to keep my brows in place but also for filling my brows in.  It has a thick consistency but it is also quite firm, not as creamy as you would expect.  Due to it’s firm wax texture, it makes shading in your brows really easy and provides a really nice texture so that it looks natural when applied.  Shaping my brows is easy with the built in brush and this product is great for travel.  This is not my “all the time” brow product – but when I really want a sculpted look, this works well and is a favorite.  This is much thicker than Anastasia Dip Brow but this is what I opted to use after Dip Brow caused my brows to dry out and flake.  It’s been a great alternative for me without the sensitivity issues and I love that Cailyn’s Gelux Eyebrow comes in 8 different shades, making it easy for me to lighten my brows up should I find the need.  I also love that this is waterproof… so I find it my go-to for days I want my brows in place but I know I’ll be sweaty or near the ocean or water play and it will last many hours on the brows.

favorite eye brow products

New on my favorites list are a few products from Paula Dorf and Jordana.  Paula Dorf’s 2+1 for Brows in Brunette is a great product to use when you want to shape and shade in your brows and then set with a built in wax.  Definitely a good product for travel.  I do love to use it when going out and I want a fuller brow shape.  If you are looking for longevity however, this product may not be good for a long day and is not waterproof.  But it is great for filling in the brows and the two shades available in the pot are perfect for days I want to go darker or lighter.  You can find three different shade selections for this brow set so you should easily be able to find the brow shade that matches best for you.

The next product is the Jordana FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil.  This is just a simple drugstore pencil with a little brush at the end.  This pencil comes in 6 shades and I find that I can switch between a few of them depending on my “brow color mood”.  It’s easy to apply – just use as you would a regular brow pencil.  The color is long lasting but not waterproof and you can choose to set with a brow gel if you like.  I find I use this often because it is easy, affordable and it works.

favorite brow products

Last on my brow game list are some overall products from one brand I enjoy.  Billion Dollar Brows is a line I was introduced to early last year and I find that I really enjoy their products.  The Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit is probably the best value for this line and includes everything you need to create some awesome brows.  Check out my post on this kit here.  I love that when applying these brow products they make my eyebrows look full but natural.  I don’t use it often, but I do love to use it when I have a full face of makeup (eye shadow, etc.) because it really frames my face nicely.

So that is my round up of favorite brow products.  I’m sure there are so much more out there.  At one time, the Wet n Wild Eye Brow Kit was my absolute favorite and if it was still easy for me to get my hands on – I would probably still be using it.  Like anything else beauty, what works for some – may not work for others.  It’s funny because a cult favorite in the beauty community actually did not work for me while others are considered my holy grail products.  That’s the great thing about beauty – everyone and everything is all about individual preference. 🙂  For example… I like a little color in my brows from time to time… so it’s okay to have fun with makeup!

colored brows
Dramatic brows – Paula Dorf 2+1 Brows used to fill in the brows and then colored with a burgundy shadow for drama.

Make sure to head on over to the lovely ladies of the Beauty Blogger Collaboration (links below) and see what they had to say about brows.  I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe learned about some products you haven’t heard of before.  What are your favorite eye brow products?  Do you have any on my list that you love or have tried?


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Disclaimer:  Some of the products mentioned in this post were sent to me for review purposes.  I was not paid or monetarily compensated to provided a post on those products and my opinions are 100% honest and unbiased.


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When I was in my 20s, I remember thinking… “drat, my 30s are just a few years away!”  It’s not that I was afraid of getting older, but I always assumed that my life couldn’t get any better than 20.  Boy was I wrong, because my “Dirty Thirties” came into my life and I’ve been loving and enjoying it!  Now that I’m 35, I have learned so much about who I am as a person and kind of embraced my love for life, instead of always wondering about what others were thinking of me.  With my knowledge of proper skin care and techniques, I am happy to say that I am not only happy in the skin I’m in, but also excited to be the age I am.  However, if I had to turn back the clock – there would be some things I wish people would share and divulge with me to prep for my thirties.  There are 5 Things No One Tells You About Turning 35 and while each person may have their list of things, here is mine.

no makeup selfie

How’s my no makeup selfie? (pictured above)  Let me be straight up and honest with you – if you live with me, near me or know me, this is my every day look.  I leave the house like this to go shopping, run errands and everything in between.  Hair in a bun, bare face (with exception to my serums, moisturizer, SPF, lip balm) and a hoodie or t-shirt.  Unless I really feel like dressing up or have some place special to be, besides Mascara and some form of lip product, this really is my every day all day!  Five or more years ago, you couldn’t catch me leaving the house if I didn’t at least have a powder or mineral foundation on.  I was not only self conscious of who I was and how I looked, I also would have constant breakouts.  Which leaves me to my #1 thing no one tells you about turning 35.

1.  Embrace your skin – love your skin – take care of your skin.  A few years ago I wore foundation often, eye makeup, primers, etc. for years before I was diagnosed with severe Eczema in 2013 and was told by my Dermatologist that I was not taking care of my skin.  “Not taking care of my skin?” I said, “How is that even possible?  I use all the best products on the market today!”  I didn’t realize that the cosmetics I used on my skin to hide my imperfections were causing my reactions and I was breaking out and having flare ups because of it.  Now two years later, foundation free, and I’m happy to say that besides my little break outs from my monthly friend, my skin looks good and feels great.  Skin care really is EVERYTHING to me and while I don’t necessarily invest in all the expensive products (I don’t find the need to sometimes), I find that as much love that I put into my skin care routine and my skin, the more love I get back from it in return.

plus size fashion

After having three kids, two of which are twins – every part of my body went array and even five years later of a consistent battle with my weight, I can honestly say I will never get back to that size 8, 125 lbs. that I used to be.  While it saddens me sometimes, I know that my size doesn’t define who I am as a person and I’m still proud of who I am.  My number two thing that no one told me about being 35…

2.  Society does not define who you are as a person – YOU do!  I have always been the type of person that considered myself a leader, but after having my children and putting on my weight, I did feel a little insecure.  Let’s face it – who doesn’t?  I’m constantly working on my body and being healthy, but I’m doing it for ME, not for society, not for people who think I need to lose weight and certainly not for any other reason but to be healthy and happy.  I walk or run two miles a day, five days a week and feel GREAT.  I’m still a plus sized gal, with scars from my stretch marks, surgeries and thunder thighs that would stop traffic, but I feel good.  The stereotype of being a plus size girl no longer bugs or bothers me.

glam makeup look

3.  Embrace Your Inner Glam Whenever and Wherever.  Red lips?  Smoky eyes?  I think that if you are feeling a glam look that day, even if you are just rocking it out around the house, do it!  I remember being told in my 20s that using makeup is all about going to the club (mind you I live in a small town and hardly anyone dressed up), but that is not the case… wear it when you feel like it.  I went to the grocery store using a red lipstick and bold winged liner and was asked by the cashier if I was going somewhere special.  My response:  “Yeah, to pick up my son from school!” Red lips are not just for the red carpet.  Like a smoky eye, red lips are used whenever and where ever you feel like it.  Embrace your inner Glam Diva.

bold makeup selfies

4.  Bold, Colorful Makeup is Beautiful!  Makeup is a form of expression, creativity and whatever else you want to call it.  I posted a look a few weeks ago where I had been wearing Barbie Pink lips and neon eyeliner (pictured above – lower right) and was told that it looked great.  Sometimes, while a neutral makeup look or none at all is my choice for every day – I love to pull out the bright bold lip colors and eye shadows that I love.  Purple lips?  Bold, colorful smoky eyes? Candy Yum Yum Neon Lips?  They are okay to use and have fun with.  Makeup is about self expression and art!  It’s fun, funky and I like to wear it now and then.

beauty at any age

5.  Wrinkles, Gray Hair (oh – did I mention I have both of those?) and anything else which would normally define age, does not make you any less beautiful.  YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL PERSON – EMBRACE IT!  Due to some crazy genes, I started to develop gray hair in my early twenties (if not sooner) and since I was a smoker in my late teens, early 20s (so glad I quit at 24), I developed wrinkles – but that doesn’t mean that I am any less beautiful.  Sometimes we forget that beauty is at any age, any body type, any skin type, any person and we put so much pressure on ourselves to be the best.  The truth is, we are all beautiful – no matter what.  Our lives and futures are not determined by how we look or what we put on, but the impression we make in people’s lives and the path and legacy we leave behind.

“When I leave this World, I want to be remembered as the person who made everyone feel great about themselves and the one that gave them inspiration to persevere, not just the person who taught them how to do a smoky eye.” – Honey

My legacy would be that you don’t have to give up anything.  You can be chic but have a sense of humor, you can be sexy but comfortable, you can be timeless but fresh. – Michael Kors

So what does beauty mean to you at your age?  What tips would you give yourself if you could turn back the hands of time?  Stop on by and check out my dear loves from The Beauty Blogger Collaboration and see what they have to say about Beauty at any age.


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From four leaf clovers to large pots of gold… Saint Patrick’s Day has been filled with fun for all – not just the Irish.  While I believe that a persons’ luck comes from hard work, I also believe in good luck as well… and you can still find me searching for a four leaf clover or wondering if there really is a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.   In years past I have celebrated with fun makeup looks and bold bright greens but this year, I wanted it to be something anyone could wear… a look that was simple to recreate but still offers a statement.  Today I bring to you my St. Patrick’s Day makeup and nails, in collaboration with the beauties from The Beauty Blogger Collab.  Be sure to stop by and check out all the pretty looks these ladies have created and show them some love too.

I filmed a tutorial for my eye look which you can find here, or check out the video embedded below.  The steps are easy and I’m using a mixture of drugstore and high end product to create it.

St. Patrick's Day makeup

A full list of products is posted below!  Remember to use the products you have on hand that are similar in shade or adapt the look and taper it for you specifically.

  • Brows – Jordana FabuBrow Eye Brow Pencil in 05 Soft Brown and set with NYX Control Freak Eye Brow Gel
  • Face – Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream
  • Eye Shadow Primer – Milani Eye Shadow Primer
  • Eye Shadows – Milani Bella Eyes Bella Caffe (transition), Milani Bella Eyes Bella Taupe (crease shade), L’Oreal Infalliable Shadow Amber Rush (lid shade), Colour Pop Shameless (lower lash line and outer v / outer crease), Milani Bella Eyes Bella Emerald (outer v / outer crease)
  • Eye liner – Milani Supreme Kohl Kajal (waterline/tightline), Kat Von D Tattoo Eye liner in Trooper (winged liner), Smashbox 3D Always Sharp liner in Billionaire (upper lash line used above the black winged liner for a pop of color)
  • Lashes – Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara (upper and lower lashes), Ardell Demi Whispies 120, KISS Aloe Black Glue
  • Blush – Milani Rose Petal Blush in Warm Petals (limited edition)
  • Highlight – Mirabella Mineral Highlighting Powder in Swirling Pearl (applied on the cheeks, forehead, cupids bow, etc.)
  • Lips – Jordana Rock n Rose Easy Liner lip liner and Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick in Matte Bare 01

St. Patrick's Day Makeup

Now,  wasn’t about to leave out my nail loving friends.  We all know I’m a bit nail art challenged, so I went with what I know.  To create this simple nail look, I used China Glaze Rare & Radiant which is a Color Shift / duo chrome type of polish that goes between green and gold with a slight blue hue.  I topped that polish off with ILNP’s Supernova flakies polish to add to the crazy green and gold effect.  If you are a bit nail art challenged as I am, I think something simple like that will work.  It kind of reminds me of Mardi Gras. lol

St. Patrick's Day inspired nails

I hope you guys enjoyed my inspired makeup and nail look for St. Patty’s Day.  I wanted both to be easy to create for anyone and you can’t go wrong with something that takes a few minutes to complete.  Don’t forget to stop by my video and check out the tutorial for the makeup look if you haven’t already – you can find that here.  Stop by my Instagram and keep up with me there for new photos, posted daily and be sure to say hi on Twitter and Facebook too.

beauty blogger collab

For more inspired makeup and nails – be sure to check out the links to the lovely ladies below and see what kind of awesome they have waiting for you too.