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Fat VS Skinny, is that even a thing?  I’ll be honest with you, this is probably a topic that many people are thinking about, but don’t normally talk about.  As most of you know, I have been on a “Getting Healthy Journey” as of September/October of 2017.  It’s been almost a year since I started working on my overall health while losing my weight.  And boy oh boy have I noticed how differently I’m treated now that I’m smaller than I was before.  Let’s chit chat about this, shall we?

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As much as we all love to share our accomplishments with others, I think talking about weight loss is like an unspoken language.  You either have those that support you and encourage you no matter what and those that talk about or put you down.  Then, you have those that just don’t talk about the subject at all.  But, once you really start losing weight, do people treat you differently?  Well, after 10 months of working on my weight loss journey, I’ve noticed that I am most definitely being treated nicer in comparison to my heavier self.
You can read more about my weight loss journey here, but I’ll tell you that in about 10 months, I’ve lost over 80 lbs.  Having gained all of my weight after having children, I was about 125 lbs through my mid-twenties,  I guess I never really remembered how differently I was treated as I started to gain my weight because I was so caught up in everyday life.  Fast forward to 2018, having lost as much as I have, I notice that so many people are polite and sweet to me.  Going as far as acknowledging me with a smile (instead of a nod or a smirk) and often times holding my door open for me when they wouldn’t have done so before.
How can you tell that you are being treated differently?
Now you may be saying… “How can you tell that you are being treated differently?”  Well, Maui (my island home) is small and you basically shop and visit the same locations most of your life, while seeing the same people each day, time and time again.  So it’s very easy to compare how they treated you at one time VS how they treat you now.  I’ve definitely noticed.
I’m super proud of my accomplishments, having not only losing over 80 lbs but also going from a size 3x/4x shirt to now wearing an XL.  When it comes to jeans, pants, and shorts – I was wearing a size 22/24 and can now comfortably fit into a size 14/16.  It’s been a long and challenging road and making the changes has taken a lot of time and effort.  I’m very happy with the new me, but I can’t help but notice that being smaller means people are much nicer than before.
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This photo was taken on July 14th after my daily workout. You can see my gym behind me. I’m officially 83 lbs down from my original weight. Original weight = 286.9
If you’re smaller in size, you may not have experienced this before, but imagine being overweight (or fat to put it bluntly) and in a grocery store and purchasing food.  It doesn’t have to be “bad for you” type of food, because we don’t eat badly in our household.  Imagine you’re buying vegetables and have a person say under their breath “Yeah right like you actually eat vegetables.  If you did, you wouldn’t look like you do.”  Or imagine that when you’re shopping for clothes, you have someone tell you, “no ma’am, that will not fit you, it’s meant for a more petite frame.”  How about someone not say anything to you at all, but just snicker when they look at you, snob you or ignore you when you ask for assistance.  I grew up with my Dad holding open the door for any woman or girl as my husband and sons do for me now, but imagine being at a door and a man walks past you while letting the door slam in your face.
Now, those may seem like they are quite extreme scenarios, but I assure you that if I didn’t experience them myself, I would have never known that it happened.   While I experienced these things during the time when I was much larger, I just assumed that people were having a bad day or just didn’t like me.  It didn’t dawn on me that it had to do with my weight.  Fast forward to the present and I’ve had many encounters in similar situations and in some cases with the same people only to find that I was treated respectfully and nicely.  Many of these people smiled at me, took the time to greet me and even have conversations with me.  Some of these people even continue to acknowledge me by name, which only instills in my mind that they just did not like the fact that I was overweight before.  Whether it disgusted them or they just had a phobia of it, I don’t know.  All I know is that I noticed a difference.
This is a long post, so if you want to hear the Podcast version, click here.  

I guess the reason for this post is to remind people that it doesn’t matter if a person is skinny or fat, tall or short.  It doesn’t matter if someone has a skin color that is different from yours or they have curly hair and you have straight hair.  No one deserves to be treated like they are beneath you.  There’s a stigma in the world that basically states that “overweight people are gross and disgusting and that they don’t deserve to be treated with respect because they don’t respect themselves enough to lose the weight,” but most of the time that could be furthest from the truth.  I didn’t gain my weight overnight and much of it stemmed not because I overate, but because of underlying health issues.  I didn’t like being overweight or unhealthy and it took me a long time to figure out the formula to change all of that for me.  I do want to say, that I am in no way skinny, but I’ve noticed a huge difference in my body as others are noticing as well.
If there is a lesson to be learned from this post, it is that everyone, no matter their size should be treated with respect.  Smile at more people, hold doors open and treat others as you would like to be treated.  We shouldn’t have to deal with that on top of everything else that is happening in the World.
I hope you all enjoyed this post.  It may have been a little bit of venting or a whole lot of nothing, but it came from my heart and I wanted to share it with all of you.



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Hi friends.  I hope you are all doing well.  Today, I’m gonna get a little personal with all of you and share a little update on my weight loss journey.  It’s been years in the making, but I’m super excited to have all of you on this journey with me.  It’s like I’ve had a bunch of awesome cheerleaders all for me.  If you are interested in learning a little about it, definitely keep on reading about my weight loss.  This is just the beginning of this series and I plan to update all of you on this journey as I experience it.  Also, I just released a video on my YouTube Channel so if you want the breakdown in video form, click this link and check out the video.  So, let’s chit chat a little… shall we?

The photo on the left was taken in April 2018. The photo on the right was taken in December/January (2017-2018). It’s amazing at how a few months can make such a huge difference.

At the beginning of this year, I posted on Honeygirl’s World about how I needed to get going on a healthier me.  Since October 2017, I felt the need to really get my health issues together and start working on being a better version of my self, physically and mentally.  I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been an easy road.  I had worked my butt off the last few months trying to get in shape and lose weight, but it’s been difficult and I haven’t been the easiest person to live with because of it.

Let me break a few things down for you…  So, in November 2017, I decided I would cut out all the things that really were dragging me down (food wise).  I stopped drinking my Cherry Pepsi (I’m glad the world didn’t come to an end because of it) and I ultimately stopped eating white rice (most rice for that matter) and pasta.  Yup, I said it… pasta.  Let’s just say that it was not an easy choice for me, but I was amazed at how easy it was to give them up when I look at myself in the mirror and I’m excited about my progress.  There are days when I see white rice smothered in gravy or a giant slice of pizza topped with ooey gooey cheese and I just want to lose my marbles, but then I realize that I’ve come too far.

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This photo was taken June 5, 2018. This is a recent photo. While I’m covered with clothes, I’m proud to say that this jumpsuit is an XL whereas I have been using a 3x – 4x size now for the last few years.

Here’s the deal… there is no such thing as a fad diet or a 30-minute exercise once a week that will help.  It took me a long time, lots of money and many years of realizing that because I really struggled with my weight after having my sons.  I wasn’t always big (though I did always have thunder thighs… lol) and so I really wanted to get myself back on track.  I realized that after years of the struggle, I needed to really do this for my health, not just my looks.  This epiphany was probably the one good thought I had in my mind and it has been a constant reminder of how I’ve been able to keep going on this journey (or lifestyle change).

“I am down over 50 lbs in about 8-10 months and I’m so excited to be able to shop in stores that carry regular sized clothing, instead of only plus sized clothes.”

So what am I doing?  Well, I’m at the gym 3 to 5 times a week concentrating on not only cardio but also strength training.  You don’t need to spend excessive amounts of time at the gym if you don’t have it and if you don’t have a gym, use what you do have.  I signed up for the gym in March, but prior to that I was walking/running and jogging several times a week – averaging about a mile to three miles each time I went for a walk and tried to do that 3 times a week.  I also work with my kettle balls and my own walls to help with building my muscle and keeping the muscles I have.  There are a number of different exercises you can do while utilizing your own body weight as your option to strengthen your muscles.  I like doing push-ups against the wall if I can’t make it to the gym and if I do make it to the gym, then I love doing pull-ups and using the different muscle toning machines available.  Remember, that it’s all about using what you have, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a gym membership.  I like it because it’s my time to myself, but if you don’t have that – use what you go.  Run or walk the dog or your baby or even go on a hike with a friend or two (or three) if it helps get you mobile and outdoors.

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I’m a size XL – 2XL depending on the type of clothes and in jeans size I’m down to a size 14-16. At my highest weight, I wore a size 24 pants/shorts/jeans.

Now, when it comes to food… that’s a little more difficult.  I try to concentrate on the Keto diet since I did a liquid fast prior to getting my metabolism jump started.  The Keto Diet and 21 Day Fix have been two diets or lifestyle changes when it comes to food that I know I can actually keep working at.  They aren’t easy diets, but basically a way of changing your lifestyle to accommodate what works better for you.  I concentrate on healthy proteins and fats at each meal so that I can keep my muscle lean.  I also have cut out most sugars from my diet (of course many fruits and veggies have sugar so I try to be mindful of how much I eat) and carbs.  Making this change did not happen overnight, but it has definitely gotten easier as time progresses.  Sugar-free popsicles have been my best friend lately (because it’s been so hot here on Maui) and I am really loving protein ice creams like Halo Top.  However, everything is best in moderation, so if I am gonna eat a few sweets, I will definitely be putting in more work at the gym or I make sure I only have a little in moderation.  Remember my words – “Moderation is more than just the key, it will be your new way of life.”

“Moderation is more than just the key, it will be your new way of life.”

I couldn’t possibly sum up how to do all of this in just one blog post, so I am gonna wrap this up in a bit.  But, before I do, I wanted to share with all of you that this lifestyle change is not easy, but it’s doable and it can work.  It took me a long time of saying excuses and my shoulda-coulda-wouldas before I realized that I need to take action and keep at it before I’ll see results.  Don’t worry, I’ll be here to answer all of your questions and I’ll also be posting more frequently about this journey so that I can offer you some tips, ideas and even food choices.  My goal is to actually share this journey with all of you because the support from each of you means the world to me and it helps more than you realize.

Stay tuned for more updates as I discuss products I’m enjoying to help with my weight-loss and get healthy jourey and everything else.

Wishing you all the best,


I know, I know… new year means, “new me” right?  Wrong!  I’ve realized that I’ve been looking at getting healthy incorrectly all of these years.  I didn’t start putting on my weight till after I had kids, so I guess, you could say that my mentality was a tad bit construed, or maybe I was just lazy.  But, this year (I actually started in December 2017), I’m making a change in not only my thoughts and how I view things, but what I’m doing to get to my healthy me.  Today I share with you my 2018 Personal Fitness Goals.  I whole-heartily agree that a person’s fitness and health goals should be tapered and adjusted, customized and unique to that particular person.  We aren’t cookies, so, therefore, we shouldn’t have cookie-cutter goals and routines.  Don’t you agree?

Try New Things:  I really want to be able to embrace new workouts by trying new things and including a variety of different stuff.  By doing so you will encourage your body to continue burning fat for energy and increasing your metabolism.  While I know it, I often get stuck in the same rut.  My schedule is never my own, so I workout and exercise around everyone else’s time.  Because of this, I find myself doing what I know works and that fits within that given time frame.  The problem is that my body eventually gets to a standstill and as I plateau, I get discouraged.  I have somewhat figured out a way around this.  By creating a schedule block of different exercises throughout the week, changing between interval training, cardio and stretching as well as a good walk/jog each week, my body will still be active while still burning fat and building leaner muscle.  Adding in additional dance and hip-hop fitness into the mix is a great way to jumpstart the routines as I’m changing them around throughout the month.  I’ll test my theory and I’ll get back with all of you on how it has worked for me.

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Get Running:  I also look at my current fitness and exercise regimen and compare it to what I used to do before.  I bet most people didn’t know that I was a runner.  I ran cross country and track in middle school and high school.  I used to be pretty fast too.  After a few ankle injuries in the last 20-25 years and a bad knee, I stopped running or even jogging and it’s been a struggle for me to get back on track.  By the end of this year, I want to be able to at least jog without being in so much pain.  I have been slowly increasing my walks to a light jog lately and I noticed that it’s a challenge for my aches and pains.  But with proper support and effort, I think I can include low impact running into my workout routine before the end of the year.


Planks, Pull ups and Push ups – oh my:  Before planks were a popular thing, my Daddy had me doing them along with pull ups and push ups each day.  It’s how I kept my core strong and strengthened my arms so that I could paddle my surfboard out to the wave breaks and stand up on the board, balance and catch a wave.  It’s been years since I’ve been able to really do any of those things.  However, I’ve been slowly incorporating all three into my exercise regimen the last month.  I’d love to be able to do planks, push ups and pull ups easily, without having to stop to take a break between each set.  I’d also like to be able to do it the challenging way instead of easy.  I think by incorporating a little of it in each workout, by the end of the year, I’ll be to able to do it without struggling.

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Positive affirmation and goals:  You see the photo above?  Well, that photo was taken in 1998, back when I was smaller than a size 8 and 125 lbs wet.  It seems like a lifetime ago.  Obviously, I have had three children (2 pregnancies) and I weigh more than 150 lbs above that weight that I am in that photo.  I’m realistic that I can do well and I can lose my weight, tone my muscles and build lean muscle, but, honestly, I will never look the same again.  I will have saggy skin once I lose my weight and that’s something I have to deal with, but I will be healthy and happy because I accomplished it all.  My biggest fitness goal this year is to use my past body as inspiration, determination and drive to be a healthier person, not using it as a way to bring me down.  Our lives are filled with enough negativity and lack of drive, that I want to make sure that I’m not soaking all the bad energy in.  I’m doing all of this for a healthier me so that I can be there for my husband and sons.  It doesn’t matter what anyone says or the looks they give because it doesn’t feed my drive to be a better me.  My goal this year is to keep positivity around me as much as possible so that I can be much more successful in this healthier lifestyle.

2018 fitness goals, fitness goals, goals, 2018 goals, exercise, fitness, get healthy, healthy, healthier living, vegan,
Just me on one of my daily walks.

My 2018 Fitness goals are minimal but I believe they will make a huge impact on me.  Besides, when we try out new things or focus on things to drive us, sometimes starting off small is the key.  What about you?  Do you have any fitness goals for this year?  Is there anything in particular that you would like to try or incorporate into the year to get you on track?

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It’s a new year and welcoming the new year usually means that we are all looking to work on resolutions, goals and in many cases, losing weight.  For me, trying to lose the weight and improve my health are a never ending journey but I am always so thankful for the little tidbits and tips I learn along the way.  While losing weight is great, to me – it’s all about improving my nutrition and overall health and today I’m excited to share with you a few tips that help me keep my body and mind in check.

When you are reassessing your health and nutrition goals for the year, the biggest advice I can give you is to make smarter choices but don’t completely strip your body or mind of the things you love.  Here are a few tips to help you on your journey:

1.)  Replace your sodas with flavored sparkling waters if you simply can’t give up the carbonation and fizz.  I am a huge water drinker and love it, but I’ve been told time and time again that eliminating soda is one of the hardest things for a person because sometimes it’s not the flavor you crave, but the fizzy.  By replacing your favorite soda with a Zero Calorie drink, you’ll be making a big difference in how you feel.  On average a 20oz soda has 66 grams of sugar – wowzers! When I need the fizzy bubbly drinks I crave (I’m a Pepsi lover by the way), I turn to Cascade Ice Sparkling Water.  Cascase Ice has no sugar, sodium, calories, gluten or caffeine.  Cascade Ice drinks come in so many fun flavors (my family and I have probably tried them all) and they can be purchased at most stores.

“I love my Pepsi and I’ll admit that from time to time, I’ll have a small sip to not only wet my whistle but quench that craving, but when it comes down to it – it’s rare.  Again the key to success in improving your nutrition is not to deprive yourself of the things you love but substitute them for healthier versions or cut down how much of it you consume.”

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2.)  Replace your white rice with Quinoa to give your taste buds a little variety and to add more fiber in your diet.  I love Quinoa and it’s something I can eat daily.  Transitioning to an “all Quinoa” diet for my family is not something we are ready to commit to yet, but it’s something we slowly incorporate into our meals.  White rice is a huge part of who we are as locals of the Hawaiian Islands.  Everyone eats white rice here and most local restaurants have it on their menu consistently.  But, that’s what I love about changing up your meals – there’s no need to complete omit and discard your favorite foods.  If you’re not sure that you like Quinoa, instead of eating it on its own – try mixing it with your white rice.  Just like with brown rice mixed with white rice (we call it “hapa rice” here in Hawaii) you can easily incorporate both to make it more tolerable for you and your family.  Like I said before – I love Quinoa, so I use it to top my salads or as a side to my favorite veggies and protein.  I also enjoy mixing it with vegetables or in a stir fry.  The options are endless.  I’ll try to post some of my favorite Quinoa dishes this year so you have a little inspiration.

Why Quinoa?  Quinoa has over 21% of the recommended daily intake of fiber while white rice only has 14%.  Quinoa also offers 50% more protein which makes it ideal for those days where you need the extra fuel.  Studies have shown that white rice is linked to obesity when consumed on a daily basis, but while I can’t give up my rice just yet – supplementing and replacing my rice with Quinoa is definitely something I can do.

Farmacy Health Bar, Maui, Health food, Acai Bowl,

3.)  Substitute your favorite snack foods for a healthier alternative.  Oh – this one is absolutely my favorite tip of all.  Thankfully, I’m not a huge snacker and not someone who craves chocolate or candy often.  But, when I do – I’ll pull at anything and everything in the house to fill that craving.  Whether it be chips, cookies, cake or candy bars… if it’s in the house and I don’t have an alternative – I’ll eat it if the need and craving arises.  My suggestion – try taking out your stock of junk food in the house.  If you like to keep a candy bar or two around or a small bag of chips – hey, sometimes we need it, but eliminate shopping for them in bulk if at all possible.  Small portions are okay in moderation but if you feel the need to pick up a large bag of potato chips or fries, try going for something like Kale Chips or unsalted no butter popcorn.  I find that instead of candy or chips, I love snacking on carrots and broccoli with hummus.  Fried foods like chips are high in saturated fat and salt which can make you vulnerable to diabetes, among other diseases.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s okay to have a few of your favorite foods from time to time – but again, all in moderation and only enough to satisfy that taste – don’t over indulge.

Here’s the deal – at the end of the day, you will only truly improve your nutrition or diet if you put in the effort.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the habits that you developed over the years.  I’m a believer that change never happens overnight, but making the effort to change – even if only a little at a time, makes a huge difference.  I  never believed in weight loss fads and diets (let’s just say I have been down that route and know how it worked or didn’t work for me), but I do believe in hard work, determination and one day at a time.  If your goal is to improve your nutrition, making little changes each day will make a huge different in the long run.

How about you?  Are you a healthy eater already?  If not, what steps can you take to change up your nutrition, diet and overall health?

Signature Honey

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As a blogger I receive some of the coolest products on the market sometimes and it’s always so exciting and rewarding considering all the work I put into my blog.  I work with various PR Companies as well as different affiliates and have had the opportunity to try out products I would either only dream of or never heard of before.  Recently I was sent the Bonus Box by Rakuten Affiliate Network.  I have been a Rakuten Affiliate now for quite a few years and really considered this Bonus Box to be such a wonderful surprise, but also something fun for brands and advertisers to engage with one another.  This fun box has given me the opportunity to try out some of the affiliates offered through Rakuten so that I can share great products with my readers as well.

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As I mentioned previously, the Bonus Box by Rakuten Affiliate Network is a great chance and opportunity to bloggers such as myself to try out products from brands that offer affiliate links on the Rakuten network.  I was one of 50 chosen publishes to receive the Q1 Bonus Box by Rakuten and was so happy to see that the box included fun fashion and lifestyle products by the advertisers, all of which go great with my blog’s demographic.  Today I’m going to share with you the products that were included as well as the brands.  Check out some of these awesome goodies, they make great gifts and are perfect for the Spring and Summer months.  This awesome box includes a value of about $400.00 worth of products and gift codes.

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Some of the brands included in this Bonus Box included Gift codes to purchase items through their online stores (Dawgs and Jus by Julie) while products were also included from brands like Sweaty Betty, Links of London, Folli Follie and Six:02.

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I received a really cool drawstring bag and hair tie from Six: 02 that can be used for the gym to store or carry your workout gear or for hiking and / or every day use.  From Sweaty Betty I got a Black Racerback Athlete Workout Vest ($50.00).  Others who received the Bonus Box may have gotten a t-shirt in place of the top I received because this plus size woman needed something to fit her girls… so they changed it up some in order to accommodate my plus size.

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From Folli Follie I received a gorgeous Happy Nugget Bracelet ($75).  This beautiful and trendy bracelet is in a fun and flirty orange color that is perfect for Spring and Summer and makes the perfect accessory.  The Happy Nugget Collection includes beautiful, feminine and playful accents to infuse some shine into your day or evening outfits.  These can be worn together or stacked with similar pieces in different shapes and colors to compliment your style.

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The Links of London White Topaz Pearl Drop Earrings ($150) are inspired by integrity and purity of pearls and are Links of London’s limited edition piece.  These sophisticated and versatile earrings look luxurious and have a meaningful addition to any jewelry collection for the Spring and Summer season.  They are absolutely gorgeous – lightweight and are showstopping.

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Dawgs provided me with a $50 gift certificate which I used towards a new pair of flip flops for myself and one for the husband.  I love these for the beach and since Spring and Summer mean beach time in Hawaii, these make great additions to our footwear.  Dawgs offers comfortable and affordable footwear for the whole family and their mission is to help out your tired feet.  These flip flops are super comfy and great for a beach stroll.

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Jus by Julie ofered a gift code that would allow you to get a complimentary 1 day cleanse ($50 value) and 1 probiotic coffee ($8.00) and free shipping.  I also took this opportunity to order another juice to try out – the Coconut and the Pumpkin Coconut Bisque soup.  The 1 Day Cleanse includes 6 different juices and I look forward to trying them out.  I’ll have a full review on it in the next week or so, but filled with uniquely blended juices – this cleanse sounds pretty stellar and I would have never tried it if not for the Rakuten Bonus Box.

As a blogger, I have tried many products and I’m always so excited to get my hands on new things.  But, as someone who really takes the time to learn about the brands I work with – I really like that Rakuten provides and offers something so cool for their advertisers.  I loved being able to try out these products and love the fact that I can share them with all of you.  As many of you know if you have been here for a while, I take pride in talking about things truthfully and discussing my thoughts (whether good or bad) on products mentioned here.  This awesome Bonus Box gave me the opportunity to try out a few brands I have never tried before and share them with you.  Since I have been enjoying all of the items I received in this Bonus Box, you may see future features or reviews in the coming months on each product.  Let me know if you have tried any of these before and what your thoughts are.  If you haven’t – are there any products that I got in this box that you may have your sights on?

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Disclaimer:  This box was sent to me as a part of an affiliate network and pr sample.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased as with anything discussed on this site.  Affiliate links for some of these companies are posted through out and by clicking on them and purchasing an item, I can receive a commission.




I am all about having a great pair of footwear for working out and today I wanted to share with all of you this pair of comfortable shoes that I’ve been loving lately.  Let me introduce you to FITKICKS, an active lifestyle footwear that is lightweight and versatile for anyone on the go or looking for something to be comfortable with.  They are the “Anywhere” shoe!

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Let me start by saying that these are not traditional “workout” or “anywhere” type of shoes and when I first seen them I was both intrigued but also wondered how well they work.  Since I have issues with my ankles, I’m always looking for something lightweight that I can use on the elliptical when working out or something at the gym that will not add any extra bulk or weight to my feet.  At first glance, they remind me of reef shoes, which is something you see a lot here in Hawaii.  But, once I got the pair in my hands and tried them on – I was instantly appeased and excited to give them a go.

footwear, active wear, workout gear, shoes, fitkicks, Fitkicks anywhere, lifestyle, lifestyle footwear, active footwear, comfort, exercise, workout clothes,

The Fitkicks range in cost from about $19.99 – $24.00 and come in a variety of different colors and designs.  I received the light grey with lavender trim which suits me since you know I love my purples.  The pair I have retails for $19.99 and comes in four colors in this specific design.  You can find them in a range of sizes from Small – Extra Large, I have the Large and normally use a size 8 1/2 shoe.  They fit comfortably and easily slip on without any problems.

footwear, active wear, workout gear, shoes, fitkicks, Fitkicks anywhere, lifestyle, lifestyle footwear, active footwear, comfort, exercise, workout clothes,

Fitkicks claim is that you can slip into these comfort kicks and use them for a variety of things… traveling, yoga, cruising, exercise, walking, at the beach, dancing, as high heel relief, running every day errands, water sports and just overall hanging out.  These awesome little shoes take up very little room and are easy to fold and take with you – making them ideal for keeping in a gym bag, traveling with or in my case, keeping in my bag in the car for those days I want to go for a walk or run.  They are made of durable flex form soles and are extra breathable which make them comfortable on hot days – I didn’t get sweaty at all, even after a long workout.  They have great ergonomic comfort and are so easy to slip on and off.

footwear, active wear, workout gear, shoes, fitkicks, Fitkicks anywhere, lifestyle, lifestyle footwear, active footwear, comfort, exercise, workout clothes,

Since FITKICKS offers such a unique design and ergonomic fit, you get full movement potential with your shoes.  The Durable FlexForm sole naturally contours your feet for free range of motion making it the perfect active wear shoe.  Since our lives keep us on the go I love that these make it so convenient to keep your “workout gear” with you – no bulky shoes to lug around.  They are the perfect fold-and-go portable shoe.  And, with technology that is specifically engineered to provide a natural contour, the FITKICKS are comfortable.

The FITKICKS also has a protective toe guard that prevents dragging and excessive wear points which make it perfect for anyone to use.  And, these awesome things are washable and dry-able, hello genius!

Women Shoe Size:  Small (5 – 6 1/2), Medium (7-8), Large (8 1/2 – 9 1/2), X Large (10-11)

footwear, active wear, workout gear, shoes, fitkicks, Fitkicks anywhere, lifestyle, lifestyle footwear, active footwear, comfort, exercise, workout clothes,

After having these for a few weeks, I’m absolutely loving them.  As I mentioned before, they are very comfortable and lightweight which makes it ideal for me when working out and are my go-to shoes for when I am on the elliptical.  FITKICKS offers so many other designs and footwear that I have a list of a few that my eyes are set on like the Energy Sidekicks Foldable Flats, FITKICKS in Black/Grey, and a pair for each of my sons (since they have FITKICKS Kids and a pair for my husband (yay for Men’s sizes too).  I’m not only impressed with how well these fit, how comfy they are, but also the fact that they are reasonably priced and offer you so much versatility for use.  As a mother of three very active boys, these shoes allow me to keep on my toes while chasing after them and I can use them at a variety of locations.  I love that they offer light support and are really cool.

If you are someone who works out and is looking for some new footwear, I highly suggest checking these babies out.  You can find them at:  Check them out and see if you can find a pair (or two) for you or someone you love.  I have my eyes on a few more and one specifically to wear around the house, so I’ll be heading over to the site soon too.

Have you tried anything like this before or have you heard of FITKICKS?  If so – what are your thoughts?  If not, comment below and tell me, would you rock them out?

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Disclaimer:  The product(s) mentioned in this post were sent to me for review consideration.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased.  I was not paid to feature or discuss these products on my site, but affiliate links are posted through out.



If you have been here on my site before, you know that I’m on a “healthy journey” to not only lose weight, but just get at a comfortable size where I’m healthy and happy.  With that in mind, I’m always looking at additional things that can assist with keeping up with not only weight loss but overall body tone, losing inches, etc.  Recently I tried the AZSPORT Waist Trimmer and wanted to share my thoughts with my readers on this product.


The AZSPORT waist trimmer sauna belt retails for $43.00 but is currently on sale for $15.00.  This waist trimmer is lightweight – which is great and comfortable, offering you an ajustable and stretchy fabric that allows you to wear it under any workout apparel.  It is a “one size fits most” and has a high-quality waist trimmer belt that can fit up to 50 inches.  I’m a plus sized gal and found that it fit both myself and my husband without any issues.

This product is said to promote weight loss by maximizing your burn to lose belly fat fast by preserving body heat and removing excess water weight especially in your abdominal area.  This belt really does help you to sweat – so before using such, I definitely suggest you discuss this product with your physician prior to use and to assure you are using it properly.

The belt will help to strengthen, tighten and protect your core muscles by stabilizing your whole body – per claims of the product and company – however, if you are going to use the belt and simply sit around and do nothing – besides a little sweat under the belt, I don’t think you will notice any results.  I like to use this while going on my daily walks or runs as it will increase the sweat I have and give me a little extra burn.  After a work out I’m completely drenched in sweat and I need to wash this product immediately.

The material it is made of is very strong and the velcro that closes the belt tight is very strong.  In fact, it is so strong that I cannot remove the belt myself, my husband has to help me because pulling the velcro off of me is very challenging and almost never happens because I struggle with it.  With that said, I couldn’t put the belt on me to take a photo, so I asked my son to help me out.


It’s quite comfortable, even thought I have a little more meat on my body then the average person.  While it does help me to sweat off inches (hahaha), I noticed that it is still quite breathable and not uncomfortable to use.  I am able to use it under any of my workout pants without any issues and the material moves with me allowing it to be easy to use.

When using something like this you must ensure that you drink  a lot of water.  I consume about a gallon of water each day and I find if I drink less than I normally would, I feel dehydrated due to sweating using the belt.  Please make sure if you are using something like this that you discuss with your physician and make sure you are using it correctly.  Overall – at the discounted price, I think it is a great deal and even at full price, while a bit costly I think I would still spend the money on it because I have spent much more than the retail cost on similar in the past that did not hold up to use.  I think this one is made well, with quality products and worth the cost.

You can purchase this product or check out other reviews here.

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Disclaimer:  The product mentioned in this post was sent to me for review and consideration.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% honest and unbiased.  I was not paid to provide a review on this.




When it comes to detoxing, I can honestly say I have tried so many of them.  The common misconception is that a detox is all about starving yourself and being hungry while only drinking liquids filled with things like lemon and water and other ingredients.  I remember a few years back I did a detox drink that didn’t taste very good and it was all I could consume for 10 days.  Times have certainly changed over the years and now there are other options that are different and taste so much better.  Skinny Teatox is one of those new things.  The Skinny Teatox is a detox which uses the combination of special teas to promote good health and weightloss and I’m sharing it with you today.

Skinny Teatox Detox Tea

The Skinny Teatox includes a combination of Daytime Tea and Evening Tea.  The Daytime Tea consists of a variety of healthy herbs and the Evening Tea is blended with premium Alexandrian Senna leaf.  The Senna plan is used in both herbalism and modern medicine due to the plant’s high levels of sennocides, which have a mild laxative effect to naturally cleanse and detoxify your digestive system.  The unique combination of herbs and Senna leaves in Skinny Teatox help with many benefits including suppressed appetite, weight loss, boosted metabolism and increased energy levels.  This particular detox system is what someone like me would use to help jump start their weight loss and then incorporate healthy eating and exercise to stay on track.

The 14 Day Teatox Cleanse comes with the Daytime & Evening Tea and costs $32.00.  All the ingredients in Skinny Teatox are 100% natural and there are no chemicals or preservatives.

The company states that their Teatox is the #1 Teatox in North America and can help you with the following as it promotes:

  • Weight loss
  • Burn calories
  • Boost metabolism
  • Cleanse
  • Detoxify
  • Suppress appetite
  • Increase energy levels

Skinny Teatox Detox Tea

So, how did the product work for me?  Let me start by saying that I have a sensitive stomach after having my gall bladder removed 10 years ago so with any change in diet, oily food or even detox supplements or drinks I can have an upset stomach very easily.  This was no exception with this product – but I did expect it to happen since similar has happened to me for years.  Using the product itself is really easy, you basically just use as instructed using the day and night teas as directed.  As suggested in the pamphlet that is included, it is suggested that you be near a bathroom while on this detox as the evening tea can likely cause a laxative effect.

You want to make sure that you are following a healthy diet during this cleanse if you are not already on one.  This helps with the detoxification process and it will help with noticing results.

So let’s talk about my results.  I noticed a huge increase in energy within the first few days – in fact, so much so that I had a hard time falling asleep some days even if I followed the directions properly.  I don’t necessarily attest to it being the fault of the product as similar have done this to me in the past and my body just doesn’t react to it well.  My face also started to break out and I got 3 pimples in the first few days of using the product.  Since I haven’t changed up my skin care routine at all – I knew it had some to do with the tea.  I chucked it up as my body purging anything to help with the detox.  During the second week of the teatox I noticed that I was not as tired and overall my body just felt like I had more energy and was able to last the day without coffee.  Considering I survive on about 2 hours of sleep a night – this was definitely a big deal.  I didn’t notice a huge weight loss with this product, however – I am dealing with some health issues at the moment that has had me gain weight consistently over the last month so I figure it has some to do with that.

I did get a cute little strawberry infuser to use with my teas and I had to stop using it after the first time.  It was super cute and I love it but the holes on the infuser was a little large for the size of the loose tea which meant that some of the tea ended up in my cup.  It may not seem like a bad thing for some, but I just didn’t like it and decided to use my mesh tea ball to the strawberry one I received.

So – what are my overall thoughts on this product?  First of all, if you are looking to lose weight and get a jump start on your weight loss journey, you may enjoy this.  I felt like my appetite was definitely suppressed and I enjoyed the energy I got.  However, for long term – I suggest you use this as a starter and work into a good regimen for a healthier lifestyle that includes diet and exercise.  I think this product would be great prior to an event if you want to lose a few extra pounds.  I do recommend this product, however I also want to note that like the brochure make sure that you are near a restroom while including this in your diet just in case your tummy does not agree with you.

Check out this product and more teatox goods at:

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Disclaimer:  This product was sent to me for review purposes via Brandbacker.  I was not paid to provide my thoughts on this item and all opinions and thoughts are my own, 100% honest and unbiased.  This is a weight loss type product and I am not a doctor so please discuss with your physician prior to use and do not use if you are under the age of 18.  This product worked as stated for me, but I am not responsible for anyone’s when using this product.