When it comes to detoxing, I can honestly say I have tried so many of them.  The common misconception is that a detox is all about starving yourself and being hungry while only drinking liquids filled with things like lemon and water and other ingredients.  I remember a few years back I did a detox drink that didn’t taste very good and it was all I could consume for 10 days.  Times have certainly changed over the years and now there are other options that are different and taste so much better.  Skinny Teatox is one of those new things.  The Skinny Teatox is a detox which uses the combination of special teas to promote good health and weightloss and I’m sharing it with you today.

Skinny Teatox Detox Tea

The Skinny Teatox includes a combination of Daytime Tea and Evening Tea.  The Daytime Tea consists of a variety of healthy herbs and the Evening Tea is blended with premium Alexandrian Senna leaf.  The Senna plan is used in both herbalism and modern medicine due to the plant’s high levels of sennocides, which have a mild laxative effect to naturally cleanse and detoxify your digestive system.  The unique combination of herbs and Senna leaves in Skinny Teatox help with many benefits including suppressed appetite, weight loss, boosted metabolism and increased energy levels.  This particular detox system is what someone like me would use to help jump start their weight loss and then incorporate healthy eating and exercise to stay on track.

The 14 Day Teatox Cleanse comes with the Daytime & Evening Tea and costs $32.00.  All the ingredients in Skinny Teatox are 100% natural and there are no chemicals or preservatives.

The company states that their Teatox is the #1 Teatox in North America and can help you with the following as it promotes:

  • Weight loss
  • Burn calories
  • Boost metabolism
  • Cleanse
  • Detoxify
  • Suppress appetite
  • Increase energy levels

Skinny Teatox Detox Tea

So, how did the product work for me?  Let me start by saying that I have a sensitive stomach after having my gall bladder removed 10 years ago so with any change in diet, oily food or even detox supplements or drinks I can have an upset stomach very easily.  This was no exception with this product – but I did expect it to happen since similar has happened to me for years.  Using the product itself is really easy, you basically just use as instructed using the day and night teas as directed.  As suggested in the pamphlet that is included, it is suggested that you be near a bathroom while on this detox as the evening tea can likely cause a laxative effect.

You want to make sure that you are following a healthy diet during this cleanse if you are not already on one.  This helps with the detoxification process and it will help with noticing results.

So let’s talk about my results.  I noticed a huge increase in energy within the first few days – in fact, so much so that I had a hard time falling asleep some days even if I followed the directions properly.  I don’t necessarily attest to it being the fault of the product as similar have done this to me in the past and my body just doesn’t react to it well.  My face also started to break out and I got 3 pimples in the first few days of using the product.  Since I haven’t changed up my skin care routine at all – I knew it had some to do with the tea.  I chucked it up as my body purging anything to help with the detox.  During the second week of the teatox I noticed that I was not as tired and overall my body just felt like I had more energy and was able to last the day without coffee.  Considering I survive on about 2 hours of sleep a night – this was definitely a big deal.  I didn’t notice a huge weight loss with this product, however – I am dealing with some health issues at the moment that has had me gain weight consistently over the last month so I figure it has some to do with that.

I did get a cute little strawberry infuser to use with my teas and I had to stop using it after the first time.  It was super cute and I love it but the holes on the infuser was a little large for the size of the loose tea which meant that some of the tea ended up in my cup.  It may not seem like a bad thing for some, but I just didn’t like it and decided to use my mesh tea ball to the strawberry one I received.

So – what are my overall thoughts on this product?  First of all, if you are looking to lose weight and get a jump start on your weight loss journey, you may enjoy this.  I felt like my appetite was definitely suppressed and I enjoyed the energy I got.  However, for long term – I suggest you use this as a starter and work into a good regimen for a healthier lifestyle that includes diet and exercise.  I think this product would be great prior to an event if you want to lose a few extra pounds.  I do recommend this product, however I also want to note that like the brochure make sure that you are near a restroom while including this in your diet just in case your tummy does not agree with you.

Check out this product and more teatox goods at:

Signature Honey

Disclaimer:  This product was sent to me for review purposes via Brandbacker.  I was not paid to provide my thoughts on this item and all opinions and thoughts are my own, 100% honest and unbiased.  This is a weight loss type product and I am not a doctor so please discuss with your physician prior to use and do not use if you are under the age of 18.  This product worked as stated for me, but I am not responsible for anyone’s when using this product.



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  1. I don’t know how you survive on 2 hours of sleep a night! Between nighttime and naps, I probably sleep 8-10! I love sleep.

    • I LOVE sleep too, I just have bad insomnia sometimes and overall – if I can’t get my brain to shut down, I can’t sleep.

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