It’s no secret that I don’t wear makeup every day… even if I love using makeup and creating looks – my every day consists of mascara and lip balm or nothing at all.  It took me many years to get comfortable in my own skin and majority of the time, I rather not hid it if I don’t have to.  Since this is the case – mascara is a big deal for me and I go through a tube of it quickly.  I have my favorites, but I’m always on the hunt to find the mascara that will not only give me gorgeous length but also volume.  Unfortunately, I was the only one out of my siblings that was blessed with nada-lashes…  What are nada-lashes?  Lashes that I have nada of – lol.


Chrislie Lash Amplifying Mascara & PrimerAbout a month ago I got my hands on the Lash Amplifying Mascara and Primer from Chrislie Formulations.  Having used lash growth serums in the past, fiber mascaras and those that claim to give you gorgeous lashes when you can so easily see that they are using falsies in the ad, I was a bit skeptic if this primer and mascara would work on me.  When I received the package, I eagerly started to use the product in hopes for a glamorous and show stopping affect.

Chrislie Lash Amplifying Mascara & Primer

The Lash Amplifying mascara and primer (0.2 oz. / 2 mL) is a two step process and claims to give you “Instant, Luscious-looking Lashes for Simply Divine Eyes”.  The tube is double sided and is labeled accordingly for easy application.  I especially love the size of the tube because it wasn’t too thick or too skinny that it made it difficult to grip in my hands while I was doing the application.  The mascara & primer have RegnaLash which is an effective peptide complex that is designed to nourish, hydrate and condition lashes (and brows) for a healthier and longer-looking lashes in just 4-6 weeks.  The product itself is supposed to promote soft, supple lashes and resist clumping.

Chrislie Lash Amplifying Mascara & Primer

Application is easy!

First you apply the side labeled #1 – the primer.  This primer is a clear gel that contains lengthening and thickening fibers that bind to your lashes to give them a thicker and longer look when you apply the mascara.  I really enjoy this primer in that even if they have fibers included in the gel, I didn’t feel them at all and my very sensitive eyes didn’t even know that it included such.  It felt very comfortable on the eyes and I didn’t feel like it irritated them at all, as most fiber mascaras do.  When applying the primer, make sure you place your brush at the base of your lashes and sweep it up to the tip of your lashes.  Let try and then move on to step two.

Step two is applying the mascara – #2.  (In case you are unsure as to which to use first – they are labeled accordingly on the tube.)  When applying the mascara make sure to coat each lash as you would with your regular mascara.  Wiggle your wand from the base of your lashes and up to the tips.  If you are looking for a more dramatic effect – apply two coats.

Chrislie Lash Amplifying Mascara & Primer


As you can see from the photos above… the first image on the far left is my eyes without any mascara.  Don’t mind the look of liner, my eye liner is tattooed.  The second and third image is what my lashes look like after two coats of the Chrislie Formulations Lash Amplifying Mascara and Primer.  I have very very short lashes and very little volume, but you can surely see a difference on how two coats of this product makes.  If I took the time to add another coat (which I have done in the past), it would give my lashes a little more volume and length for a nice look.

What I love the most about this product is that it doesn’t clump my lashes – I have gone up to four coats just to test it out and didn’t experience any clumping.  While it does say it is water-resistant, since I have very watery eyes – I did experience some smudging if my eyes teared up a lot, but it held up for all day use without budge if I wasn’t experiencing any tears that day while using it.  The mascara was comfortable without the feeling of fibers poking into my eye like other mascaras have done in the past, which is a huge plus.  After just two short months of using this product, I have noticed that my lashes appear to be much softer and more conditioned then before.  I also noticed a little growth in my lashes and they are a tad bit longer then before.  My lashes feel soft when they have the primer/mascara on them and don’t feel stiff or crunchy if I should touch them with my fingers and I like that they have that wispy feeling even if they have 2-3 coats of product on them.

Chrislie Lash Amplifying Mascara & Primer

Overall:  I have been a huge fan of Lashem for years and was excited to try this product out since I used their Lash Growing Serum many times with positive results.  This product is easy to use and great for those who travel since you only need one tube.  Considering I have sensitive eyes – I was amazed at how comfortable they were for me.  The product is clinically tested, Ophthalmologist tested, fragrance free and most importantly Not tested on animals.  If those things weren’t important enough already – for a product that offers pretty good results for little ol me who doesn’t have lashes – it only costs $14.99.  Um… hello, score!

To order this product and more go to:

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  1. Norah Salazar Reply

    Honey, I once had a horrible lash extension job gone wrong and used a Lashem serum and OMG it totally helped me thicken/regrow my lashes.
    Great review and the difference is in the photos for Chrislie’s product.

    • That is why I am so afraid of lash extensions. One of my friends has been asking me to do it since mine are so short… but I refuse. Thank you Norah 🙂

  2. erikatheicyone Reply

    This looks like pretty good stuff. I avoid anything with fibers because my eyes are extremely sensitive and when I am wearing contacts, fibers are no bueno. Learned that lesson the hard way! LOL

    • I completely feel ya… but until I read the package and the website I had no idea there were fibers in the mascara at all – it just felt like a gel I was applying so this may work different for you. I was impressed, because fiber stuff usually irritate my eyes and once it caused my contacts to go behind my eye :/

  3. I got mine done in 2004… had it touched up 1x since but didn’t go back because the lady that did it moved and closed her salon. I have quite a few tattoos… and I could deal with those… but I do not hold anesthesia really well and even during surgeries I’ve had… my body just doesn’t hold the affects of it long… so I felt every single thing. If you can be easily numbed or can take a topical and be numbed for a while, then I think it will work… if you cannot and it doesn’t work – you may feel it. It was so uncomfortable for me that I would never do anything like that again. But I have many friends that had great experiences and didn’t feel a thing. I am just one of those cases that a numbing agent doesn’t do squat for me.

  4. Yes – I love that about this product. 🙂 No clumps at all. I have to use lash serums, my lashes get so brittle.

    • thank you 🙂 I was gonna pick up the rug from Pier one… it was $34… went to Ross and found it for $12. 😉 So I picked it up there.

    • thank you 🙂 It’s a brand that has been around a few years. I first reviewed for them in 2010 and they were out a little while. 😉

  5. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    if not for mascara, girly here has nada lashes too! I can see the difference in your before/after pics. I’m surprised that this brand is affordable too!

    • Oi girl… my dad says its our chinese and filipino blood… I get the Chinese from him and the filipino from my mom. lol It definitely makes a difference and totally affordable.

  6. When you got your liner tattooed did you feel like it was worth it? I always think about this I’m worried it’ll screw me on liners. I love to wear a neutral eye with a colorful liner… Can you easily go over-top? Gah… I’m such a wimp lol

    • I worked for a plastic surgeon so the first time I got it – it was free… I did however pay for the touch up which ran me about $200. I think that if you have the right person to do it – yes, it can be worth it. I use colored liners all the time as well as go without liner and just mascara… and it is easily covered if you want to do it that way.

  7. Shelley Polarbelle Reply

    oooooh, I’d love to have tattooed eyeliner! did it hurt?

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