Longer, stronger, thicker, beautiful hair in just a couple of short months?  Hmmm… can this be achieved with just two little pills taken each day?  Check out my thoughts on this product below.

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Aviva Hair Revitalizer Hair Growth Pill

Over the last month I had the opportunity to test out the Aviva Hair Revitalizer ($59.95), a 100% drug free, fish free pill that you take once a day with meals to achieve longer, stronger and thicker hair.  Now, most that know me can attest that my hair is fairly long, super curly and it’s been that way for my entire life.  However, since having my children – mainly my twins, my hair has definitely become much more brittle and definitely fine vs. being so thick as it used to be in my childhood and teen years.    While my length is still achieved fairly easily for me, keeping my hair strong and healthy has been a challenge for me.


Aviva™ is a scientifically formulated hair revitalizer that stimulates healthy hair growth from within. Aviva’s exclusive formula combines the strength of two proprietary complexes, Pentaplex HGF and Tetra-HHL. All-natural ingredients packed into a fish-free, odorless, and easy to take softgel work with your natural hair growth cycle, enriching and enhancing for longer, stronger, thicker and beautiful, healthy looking hair.


Aviva’s proprietary dual complex works with your natural hair growth cycle to stimulate healthy hair growth from within – up to 6mm beneath the scalp’s surface – to enrich and enhance the follicle, allowing it to produce stronger, thicker, and beautiful hair. As Aviva stimulates and improves the health of these hair follicles deep beneath the surface, it revitalizes the hair’s DNA. Working with your natural hair growth cycle, Aviva helps support hair structure and encourages new, emerging hair.

Before Taking Aviva Hair Revitalizer

While my hair appears to be thick in my “before” photo – it is mainly because of my curls and how my hair is layered.  When my hair is pulled back in a pony tail or bun, you can see how thin and fine my hair truly is.  In my Before Photo (above), even with my favorite hair care products, my locks can look dry and brittle if I do not moisturize them appropriately.  I also have a huge problem area… where I have some receding on my hair line… near the temples on both sides of my head.  For the most part I can hide the receding with the curls in my hair, but it is pretty visible when left to its own.

After one week of using Aviva Hair Revitalizer

After just a week of taking Aviva Hair Revitalizer, I noticed that the strength of my hair had improved.  As you can see in the above image – my hair is completely brushed out (left) and after brushing out my curls I noticed that my brush didn’t have as many strands entangled in the bristles.  This was the first time I noticed results, and that was just a week after I started taking the pills.  When I straightened my hair shortly after, my hair seemed to be much thicker than it normally would be if I had flat-ironed it.  Because my hair had looked so thin in the past, I didn’t flat-iron or add any heat to my hair in over 2 years.  After washing my curls came back without any issues and it seemed strong and started to feel like it was much thicker than before.

aviva ingredients

Check out Aviva’s website for information on the Hair Growth Cycle.  Taking the product is easy… simply take 2 soft gels a day  –  one in the morning and one at night.  Make sure that you take each soft gel with meals and use as directed for a minimum of 3-6 months.  While the site and box does state that you will receive the best results after 3-6 months of taking the product, I did notice a difference in my hair after just a week and a huge improvement in the strength of my hair after a month.  I have tried all kinds of different treatments on my hair to improve the strength of it and haven’t experienced such results with other products like I have with Aviva.  Used in combination with my holy grail Coconut Oil and some of my favorite hair care products left me very impressed.

after one month of Aviva

It’s been a month since I started using Aviva and while I don’t think I noticed much hair growth, I definitely see results in regard to the strength of my hair and the loss of hair.  Normally when I shower – I can lose a tremendous amount of hair due to breakage or the fact that my hair just sheds so dramatically.  Also – the area near the temples of my head where I had some thinning and a bit receding seems to have filled in a little more.  Some of my baby hair seems to be growing out so that the thinning of my hair line near my temples is not as prominent.  I’ll be sure to post photos of this in my follow up of this product in a month.  While it’s not noticeable to those around me, I can see the difference in the thickness of my hair and how much body it seems to have after just a month of taking Aviva.

Don’t forget to click on my video review below for my thoughts as well or click here to watch directly on YouTube.

So have you tried a hair growth product or Aviva Hair Revitalizer before?  Overall I’m pretty impressed with the product and will come back in a month to discuss any additional results I experienced then.

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blog signature honey copy Disclaimer:  This product was provided to me courtesy of Beautystat.  All opinions are my own and 100% honest and unbiased.  While I was provided samples to test out, I was not compensated for my thoughts and review.



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  1. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    Girl your curls are so pretty! I’m curious to try this supplement.

  2. Norah Salazar Reply

    Girl your hair goes on for days, it is so pretty! Glad this worked for you 🙂

    • girl… this is the longest its been in the last 10 years… but when I was younger and danced Hula – it was down to my knees 😉

    • Up until 2 years ago, I have worn my hair straight all the time, even if it takes hours to straighten. Then I decided about 2 years ago that I just wanted it to be curly and had to work really hard to revive my natural curls so they looked healthy. Last month was the first time I flat ironed my hair in 2 years. 😉

  3. Your hair looks amazing! This product sounds like something for me – I am always looking for something that would help to make my hair become thicker and stronger.

  4. My hair is horrible! haha What’s good for my hair is bad for my scalp and vice versa. I’ve yet to find a happy medium!

    • I used to have really dry scalp – but has since been using my Virgin Organic Coconut oil in my scalp and it has made such a difference.

  5. Cosmetic Sanctuary Reply

    Sounds awesome! I have the opposite hair issue, people think my hair is thinner than it is, so when I got to get it highlighted or anything, they quote me… then get started and say “oh you have more hair than I thought” and suddenly the price is double!

    • Oh man… I swear I know what that is all about… that’s why I trim my own hair. Salons charge me so much because of my length and they think my hair is thick until they get their hands in it.

  6. I can’t even imagine how long it must have taken you to flat iron all that hair! lol. It’s so pretty, but I love your curls!

    • Girl… it takes me a minimum of 2 hours to flat iron this quaff. lol It took me a really long time to embrace my natural curls, I hated them growing up but now I am liking them.

  7. What a cool product. I will definitely have to check it out after having this baby, I always shed like a maniac after pregnancy!

  8. You have gorgeous hair and I like that you saw results in a month.

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