I am a flakie nail polish addict and I absolutely love the effect they give any and all nail polishes.  I had been swooning and drooling over some from ILNP, and finally took the plunge and picked two up that I knew I would love.  After playing with them for a few days over different nail polish colors and sandwiching them between other shades, I finally found a mani look that has been absolutely fabulous.  It looks like Confetti on my nails… I love it.  So here are my nails of the week… so sparkly!

ILNP Supernova and Metropolis
taken in natural light

ILNP Supernova and Metropolis are layered and topped with KB Shimmers Prism Break for an extra cool effect of holo goodness.  These polishes work so well on their own offering a cool chrome flakie look but with the added holo topper, they look pretty darn awesome.

ILNP Supernova and Metropolis
taken in natural light

I hope I can provide swatches of each polish separately in the coming weeks because ILNP now has these polishes back in stock and I definitely suggest scooping some up.  If you love flakies and enjoy the look of crushed colors on your nails, I think anything from the Ultra Chrome Flakie line will make a great addition to your nail polish collection.  If you are looking to add a little holographic goodness to your favorite nail polish that doesn’t have that, then definitely check out the KB Shimmer Top Coat in Prism Break.

ILNP Supernova and Metropolis
taken in direct sunlight

Like I said before, I’ll have more coming your way to share soon.  I am just diggin’ on these nails – they remind me of cellophane and confetti all wrapped up on my nails.  Talk about nail porn! 😀

Signature Honey

Disclaimer – All products discussed were purchased by me.


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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    ooooh, that is so pretty, Honey! wish I could see it in person

  2. So pretty. I love KB Shimmer Prism Break. It perks up so many manicures.

  3. Two of my favorite brands! And I love that the flakies come off SO easily in removal – no need to tear up your nails. ILNP has really been on point this year!

  4. Love anything that is glittery. Never too old for it and loving this nail polish!

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