A year or so ago I was introduced to deVine Beauty in an Ipsy bag and have been intrigued with their products so naturally when they reached out to me to test a few I was definitely excited.  Who wouldn’t be excited to try something that is all natural and has anti-aging benefits packed into a lip balm?  Capturing the magic of Red Wine Grape, deVine offers a variety of lip products that have antioxidants to help promote healing while offering delectible scents, colors and flavors to leave your lips feeling soft and beautiful.  deVine Beauty also offers skin care products like body lotions and hand creams, bar soap and more.

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With Resveratrol, Grapeseed Oil and Red Wine Antioxidants to help promote healing, the deVine lip products come in a variety of colors and flavors and offer you great products that are made in the USA.  Each item is hand-picked and packed from Westmont, Illinois.  The company believes in women, wine & everything deVine and strives to offer you a delectable elixir of products for women (and men) to enjoy.  I had the opportunity to try out three different products from deVine:  The Rose Glycerin Bar Soap $6.95 each (4 oz.), deVine Lip Shimmers $6.00 and Sangria Lip Shades with SPF 15 $4.00.

The Rose Glycerin Bar Soap is a nice Glycerin bar that leaves your skin feeling moisturized and soft.  I enjoy using this during my morning shower to help awaken my senses and really just soften my skin to prep for my day.  It has a light hint of rose fragrance, not strong enough to cause my allergies to go crazy, but still fragrant enough so that I can smell the sweet scent.  I really like this soap and overall I think it’s something worth checking out.

deVine beauty, deVine, lips, lip balm, reservatrol, review, beauty, makeup, lips, beauty review, swatches, antioxidants, anti-aging,

The deVine Lip Shimmers are a nice addition to my lip balm collection.  I got them in Bordeaux and Cabernet.  Each lippy has a light hint of color, offering your lips sheer color for when you’re on the go and want a little something extra.  I like that they are hydrating and since I have tried these before via my Ipsy bag a year or so ago, I think my opinion on them are still the same.  They leave my lips feeling nice and soft but I love the hint of color they offer.  They have a light scent and taste to them, but not enough for me to pin point a particular flavor or fragrance.  I’m quite amazed with the color they offer and since I don’t use makeup daily, these make great additions to my every day look and really perk up my lips.

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The Sangria Lip Shades with SPF 15 are colorless but I really like the flavor of these.  They are what I throw in my purse on a daily basis to use along side some of my favorite lip balms.  They not only offer that SPF products that I love, but they are so handy to have and easy to take on the go.  Though they don’t offer any lip color, these are perfect to use beneath your favorite lip shades to give you that extra protection your pout needs, especially during the summer months.

Sadly, I couldn’t find the full list of ingredients on their website, but overall I do enjoy the anti-aging benefits and ingredients I do know about.  I have noticed with the lip products that my lips feel softer and take on lip color very nicely and evenly since I’ve been using these products.  My lips seem to love them and while they are not my only lip balm I use, I do reach for these often and especially the deVine Lip Shimmers on days when I am not wanting any makeup but need a little color to my lips.

deVine beauty, deVine, lips, lip balm, reservatrol, review, beauty, makeup, lips, beauty review, swatches, antioxidants, anti-aging,

If you are looking for something that is reasonably priced that offer ingredients that are good for you – I definitely suggest checking these out.  A lip product that offers Resveratrol and red wine antioxidants is surely something I don’t mind using on my lips.  I love that my lips feel plumper, look less stressed and aged and feel nice and soft thanks to the great ingredient of Resveratrol in these lippies.  The bar of soap is definitely a great thing and I look forward to trying some of the other body care products available from deVine Shimmer soon.

What about you, have you heard of or tried anything from deVine beauty before?  If so, what have you tried and if not – what do you think about this brand offering you the benefits of wine?

You can purchase these products and more at:

Signature Honey

Disclaimer:  The product featured in this post was sent for review consideration.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased.  This is not a sponsored post.  Affiliate links are posted through out.



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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    deVine sounds wonderful! I love that it has sunscreen. I adore the color of the deeper shade – did I miss the name?

  2. I got those lip shimmers in a beauty box last year but can’t remember where I put them. I have to get them out and use them up – wine anything is great in my book!

  3. I’ve been using these a lot since I got them. I like that the colors are just soft yet different.

  4. I have been looking for these to no available. I bought A two pack 8years ago, and caries them everywhere, after a while I lost them. They were the best. Idk why they aren’t sold anymore. Can anyone help?

    • I was just asked about this about a year ago… a friend of mine who I gifted these to stated that she couldn’t find any. I’ll keep my eyes open and see if I find anything and if I do I’ll comment back here to let you know.

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