I can’t believe the boys are heading back to school in a week or so.  It seems like their summer months completely flew by and we didn’t get as much play time as we would like.  But, as we prep for back to school, I’m reminded to share with you a product that has been essential for my son as a teenager.  Do you have kids that play sports?  If so, a good bag or duffel that can take them from school to sports is important.  Our Kevin finished up his Basketball season a month ago and carried with him a duffel from Lewis N. Clark.  And, as we prep him and the twins for a season of Pop Warner Football, my eldest is ready to take his duffel bag with him.

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When it comes to carrying your sports gear, you really need something that is durable and that can withstand any heavy gear as well as daily use.  Over the years my son has gone through a variety of different bags and usually at season end, he’s retiring one and we need to pick up another for his next sport that starts shortly after.  Kevin has been using the Lewis N. Clark duffel as his daily bag, taking his basketball gear with him and then even took it with him when he was off to camp at the beginning of July.  It’s held up well and still looks like it’s brand new.  For a teenager that tosses his things when he’s on the go – I was amazed that it lasted as well as it did and how great it looks after months of heavy use.

Now that Kevin’s off to football season, this Lewis N. Clark duffel bag will be carrying his football gear – helmet, pads, cleats and extra clothes.  He’s excited to be able to use a bag that he likes through football season because it was so durable it held up all through basketball season and summer camp.  I will definitely come back & update the wear and tear on the duffel bag once it makes it’s way through football season.

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This Lewis N. Clark Duffel Bag retails for $56.49.  It’s dimensions are 18 in. x 36 in. x 18 in. and this duffel fits A LOT of stuff.  My son packed a week’s worth of clothes, towels and gear for summer camp and was able to fit it all inside the bag.  This bag features multiple interior and exterior pockets which make it great for separating items and storage.  It has a padded shoulder strap, which my son LOVES because his gear can often be so heavy, that it really helps and aids in him carrying it.  He did mention that he wished the straps could be adjusted a little more than it current can, because it’s still a little long for him at its shortest length – but it was still doable and able to be used.

You get carry handles with hook and loop fasteners to give you options on carrying your bag and the shoulder strap is detachable in case you want to just use the traditional side grab handles to hold your bag.  The grab handles are padded which make it comfortable to hold.  The inner zippered pocket allows you to also carry your essentials out of site to help with storage but also deter theft since it’s out of sight, out of mind.

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The zippers are heavy duty nylon and have lasted through stuffing this bag and daily use.  But, what I love the most about this is that it has the ability to be folded down into a small square and packed away easily while it’s not in use.  The storage pouch that holds the bag when it’s folded doubles as an inner pocket as well.  The bag is constructed of weatherproof 900D polyester which makes it a great companion for holding your hiking gear or for outdoor activities like rafting down a river or skiiing in the mountains.

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If you are an outdoor lover, enjoy traveling or just want a new duffel bag to have in your life, I highly suggest this one.  If any bag can take the beating my sons dish out to it and still look like it’s brand new – I think it deserves an award all on its own.  This bag is awesome and I know it comes in other sizes as well.  Considering the price point and the quality you are getting, it can’t be beat.  My sons are active boys and keep busy and they need products that can withstand the abuse they will put them through.  After having this bag for 6 months and using it daily, I have noticed how well it has held up and I like it.  I’ll be picking up two more so the twins can each have their own as well.

Have you tried anything from Lewis N. Clark before?  This is one of several different products that we have had the opportunity to try out and have enjoyed it.  You can check out what Lewis N. Clark has to offer on their website:

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Disclaimer:  The product mentioned and featured in this post was sent to me for review consideration.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased and this is not a sponsored post.




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