It’s no secret that I wear prescription glasses, though – let’s face it, I think NERDS ARE COOL.  I think glasses or sunglasses in all shapes and forms are fun to wear and make a huge statement in your daily wardrobe, whether they are used for fashion and style purposes or because they are really needed.  I have a few favorite places to pick up sunnies and glasses and is a site I frequent and purchase from often to fill my stylish needs.


Firmoo Glassess

So, why do I use Firmoo to purchase my glasses?  Well, Firmoo is one of the many places I like to order from because they are affordable and offer a wide range of frames, lenses and even offer a virtual try on service which is quite easy to use.  The website offers you an easy way to select the glasses or sunnies that are right for you and checkout is easy and fast.  This pair is my third from Firmoo and while they do not have a prescription in them, they feel as comfortable on my eyes and my face as the others I have gotten before.

firmoo virtual try on

Before Firmoo I got most of my glasses by going to my optometrist and trying on different frames to see which felt comfortable and then had to wait about 3-4 weeks for my prescription to come in.  With Firmoo, you simply use their Virtual Try-on software that is one their website and upload your photo to see if the pair you have selected will match you.  If you are a plastic or wire frame user, the site gives you a huge selection of frames to choose from.  What I enjoy is that the glasses are well made, sturdy enough to take a beating from me and last.  Choose your favorite frame in the colors available and get ready to rock out your new shades or glasses.  Stylish, fun and trendy.

Firmoo Glasses

New Arrivals are posted on the site often, so if you are interested in upgrading your current style, be sure to stop by there first and see what is available.  Every single one of my glasses I received from Firmoo came with a Soft carrying pouch and a hard case to protect your glasses.  A cleaning cloth also came with my new specks and they are always packaged well for transport.  If you are looking for a pair of sunnies to rock out this warm and hot summer or it’s time to update your prescription that you already have, definitely check out Firmoo and see if they have a style that will fit your needs.

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  1. I wear glasses all the time.. I need to go get a new script, but maybe it’s time to try some more fashion-forward frames. I’m so addicted to mine though, because they have joints that flex all different ways so that they don’t break, and they have a magnetic sunglasses clipon. GEEKS RULE. lol!

  2. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    I wear Rx glasses too. I recently updated my style to rimless. Your eyeglasses look chic

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