Happy Happy Tuesday friends! Over the last month or two, I’ve been seeing the Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes ads all over Facebook and Instagram… even Tiktok. I’ll admit that I was irritated that it kept popping up in my feed (darn algorithm) but absolutely intrigued. So, I had to order some and try it out for myself. I just posted a new video on my YouTube channel all about it. I didn’t have a chance to really take any photos of the products but wanted to share. So, without further adieu, I want to introduce you to Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes!

Image from Glamnetic.com

The V-Gan Volume Collection

I purchased the Glamnetic V-Gan Volume Collection. The collection retails for $187.94 but is currently on sale for $149.99 (please note pricing may have changed). I also got an additional discount, using a code that was shared on the Glamnetic Instagram Page. The collection includes all-vegan magnetic lashes and a liquid magnetic eyeliner.

  • Vibe: cat-eye style lash
  • Viral: semi-wispy lash
  • Vacay: criss-crossed round lash
  • Va Va Voom: super wispy lash
  • Venus: natural-looking winged lash

Watch the Video

Watch my Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes Video on YouTube

The Lashes on Moi

Va Va Voom

About the Lashes

The bundle of lashes is made from high-quality synthetic fibers and ultra-dramatic styles. Each strip lash has 6 magnets for maximum hold and can be trimmed to fit your eye length. These lashes are good for up to 40 uses if properly cared for and they come with a nice magnetic case for storage.

The lashes do not require glue and therefore there is no clumping on the band if you take care of them. Glamnetic suggests scratching off the dried magnetic liner from the magnets in-between use.

This image is from glamnetic.com


In the video I show a quick demo while explaining how to apply. If you are someone who uses liquid liner with a brush tip applicator, this will be simple and easy to do. Simply apply the liner to your lash line (I try to stay away from my natural lashes if possible) and let dry a few short seconds. Then take your lashes and apply close to the base of your eyelid. You will see the magic happen as the lashes stick onto the liner.

Removal of the lashes and liner

Taking off the lashes was pretty easy. I just lightly pulled them off and while they were on there pretty good, they came off quite easily. Removing the liner was as easy as using micellar water for waterproof makeup and/or my cleansing balm from Pixi Beauty. I made sure to use the cleansing balm after the micellar water if the liner got into my natural lashes, to ensure I removed it all. I was definitely impressed at how simple it was to remove it. It did take me some practice and I realized quickly that it was simple if I took my time.

Overall Thoughts

This Glamnetic Lashes Bundle is quite an investment. I knew it when I ordered it and I had high hopes that it would work for me. The lashes cost a pretty penny, (especially considering I can spend $20 for a magnetic lash and liner set from KISS) but, I am glad I ordered it. This collection really got me excited about using lashes again. My eyes have sensitivities to lash glues in the past and I used a pot magnetic liner from Ardell which I was not happy with. I also tried the top/bottom magnetic lashes and those were a complete flop.

I have been using my lashes daily and loving it each and every time. If these lashes were not on sale (I paid about $125 for the set), I would probably have passed on buying it. Do I have buyer’s remorse? Nah… I think I’ll get the use out of these babies, I know that I have so far.

Do I think it’s worth it? Again, if you get it at about $125 like I did, or cheaper… I say check it out. But, if spending that money is gonna put you on the streets, then obviously – no. Honestly though, who am I to tell you how to spend your money? LOL! I will say though… that if you have to replace the liner or the lashes after the investment – you may wanna check out other drugstore type alternatives.

Interested in checking out Glamnetic for yourself? Here’s their website.

Disclaimer: The products featured in this post were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own, 100% honest & unbiased. Affiliate links may be posted throughout.


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