I have a love for all things Glamnetic! I had been introduced to the brand a few months ago when I would see their ads all over Facebook & Instagram. And, last month I shared my thoughts on the V-Gan Volume Collection. Today, I have three more lashes that I want to share with all of you, compliments of Glamnetic. Are you ready for a little fun, flirty and fluttery? If so, read on.

Showstopping Eyes with Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes

As I stated before, I recently reviewed the V-Gan Volume Collection from Glamnetic last month. (Read all about the collection and my thoughts on the lashes here.) Today, we are going to talk about Lavish, Lush, and Lust.

Showstopping Eyes with Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes

“Know your worth then add tax!”

Showstopping Eyes with Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes


Lavish Lash ($29.99) is a wispy, rounded shape lashes with a semi-natural look. 16mm in length makes these lashes pretty long. They have a wispy design that gives it a somewhat natural look but the length provides drama for any occasion. These lashes are made of 100% premium mink so they are very soft, fluttery, and lightweight. They are beautiful and long, leaving you with just enough drama to be showstopping. I don’t often go for a rounded lash and love lashes that have a cat-eye effect, but I was absolutely amazed at how nice these looked on me. They shaped my eyes very nicely.


Showstopping Eyes with Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes


Lush Lash ($29.99) is 17mm in length and the longest of the three I received from Glamnetic. It is very full and volume-packed with a round shape. Like Lavish, Lush is made of premium quality 100% mink but has a fluttery lightweight feel. While this pair of lashes provide a red-carpet-worthy look, it’s still very fluttery and dainty. I love that I can use these for a gorgeous girly look and they will bump up the drama on my eyes. As you can see in my photos, this particular pair of lashes are quite long on me, but I find that it is still easy to apply. It rounds out my eye shape perfectly and gives my eyes a dramatic effect.

Showstopping Eyes with Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes


Lust Lash ($29.99) is just 15mm in length, the shortest of the 3 pairs I received. It is round and voluminous and my favorite to wear out of the three because it’s something I could use for day or night looks. Like the other two, it is also made of 100% premium mink and will take you easily from a day to night look while being comfortable and dramatic. It’s my favorite out of the three because it’s much more wearable (due to the length), but gives me just the right amount of showstopping drama. While I love all of the lashes, I gravitate to Lush the most because it fits my small eye shape well and has a little more of a natural look on me.

“She remembered who she was and the Game Changed!


The Glamnetic Magnetic Liner (sold separately – $37.99) is also a must-have. I have tried other liners on the market and while this one is a bit on the costly side, it really is great. Easy to use and a bit tacky on application, but it has a great liner applicator (which I love) and holds my Glamnetic lashes in place for hours. I think it’s very important to have a good liner brush in order to create a look. The skinny tipped brush applicator is what works best for me.

Smudge-proof & Water-proof

The liner is smudge-proof and waterproof and is very pigmented. The liner is matte black in color and glides on very easily (also available in brown). Because of the skinny tip applicator, the liner can be applied dark and bold or cat-eyed and winged out. It will take you from sunrise to sunset – trust me when I say I put this through the test. I remove the liner easily with micellar water (the waterproof one) and it comes out with ease. I love that my sensitive eyes don’t have any issues with it and I can decide to use another type of liner as a base and apply this magnetic one on top. The liner is safe for the eyes as all ingredients are commonly found in everyday makeup and you get 70+ uses out of the eyeliner which makes it worth the cost.

Showstopping Eyes with Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes

How Easy is Glamnetic Lashes to apply?

Glamnetic lashes are super duper easy to apply with the magnetic liner. Woohoo! No more glue is needed and the lash application is quick and effortless. There are 100% luxury mink and vegan lash options available and each lash has 6 magnets on the band for all-day hold. While the lashes and the liner are definitely an investment, you get 40+ uses from the lashes, because you don’t have to worry about glue build-up and clumping on the lash band. To remove the liner on the lash, simply use your micellar water (the waterproof version is best) and clean it right up.


The lashes from Glamnetic come in a variety of 17 styles from natural to super full. There are a lot of different styles to choose from to fit your need and look. Each of the Glamnetic lashes comes with a special magnetic case for safe-keeping. I love these cases because it has a full mangetic strip allowing your entire lash to adhere to it, therefore keeping the shape of your false lashes in tact. What I love about Glamnetic is not only their product, but the fact that they are Female Founded, yassss… Women Power!

Showstopping Eyes with Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes

Glam in a minute!

As mentioned previously, I discussed in a blog post and video my thoughts initially on the products I purchased and tried from Glamnetic. I surely loved Glamnetic then and I’m still loving them very much now. Because I had sensitivities to traditional lash glue, I stopped using false lashes, but I have been able to use Glamnetic lashes daily without issues. I am addicted to the fact that I can look glam at any given time in a matter of minutes with just the use of these lashes. Want to see how quickly these lashes work? Check out my video on YouTube.

Here are a few images of me wearing lashes from the V-Gan Volume Collection. Click here to read all about those lashes.

If you’re interested in trying out magnetic lashes or have been wanting to see what the hype is all about, head on over to glamnetic.com and have a look at their lash selection. Yes, their products are an investment, but I think that you’ll definitely be impressed with their variety of lashes. And, I know you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

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