Blogs are a great way to reach new audiences and when it comes to creating a blog in 2023, it’s a great advantage to be able to reach as many audiences around the globe as possible. Whether you write about a specific niche or it’s a simple lifestyle blog based on your life, there are people out there who will want to read and engage with your blog.

With that being said, if you’re looking to improve your blog and ensure it reaches a wider audience beyond your own country, then here are some top tips worth utilizing.

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Use data to identify any existing global audience members

Data is a great part of business and can be helpful to have when it comes to understanding your audience. If you’re trying to identify any existing global audience members that may already be engaging in your blog, then the use of analytic tools is helpful to take advantage of.

You may find that you’re surprised by who is viewing your content and in some cases, blogs that are based in the US for example may have a predominant audience within the UK.

This type of data is helpful to have in place and you could be missing out on some opportunities already when it comes to growing your audience beyond your own country.

Create content that’s relatable to more people

When it comes to reaching a larger audience across more geographic locations, it’s important to create content that’s more relatable. Consider what topics or subjects you could cover that could be more relative to those readers in the other countries your blog is reaching. 

You may wish to alter the language to suit the type of audience. For example, British English is different from American English. 

Offer multi-currency if your blog sells anything

If you’re looking to sell anything on your blog, whether that’s ebooks, digital courses or physical products, then offering multi-currency is a great way of attracting a global audience. It doesn’t cost you anything if it’s a digital product but it may be worth weighing up the pros & cons of a multi-currency website if selling physical products.

Offering different currencies allows your website to gain more traction from countries beyond your native one. It’s definitely worth exploring it if you’re someone who is looking to make more money with their blog.

Promote your blog across more foreign channels

When it comes to gaining a global audience, it’s good to promote your blog across foreign channels, that’s particularly important when advertising your content. 

If you’re doing some PPC campaigns for your online blog, then make sure you’re targeting not only your own country but those countries that engage in your blog regularly.

Try to get more backlinks on sites that originate from different countries

Backlinks are absolutely necessary for the growth of your business. If your site originates from one country but is getting attention from others, work with sites that originate from different countries for guest posts and backlink opportunities.

Creating a blog that attracts a global audience, offers plenty of benefits, so make use of them!

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