About a month or so ago, I cashed in my ifabbo coins for this set from HYD.  Since I am the one that normally does all the reviews in the house, I thought it would be a great opportunity for my husband Kevin to try out something new.  Since he has sensitive skin (as do I), I was a bit worried at how his skin would react to the products, so I told him to test it out at a small section of his face to make sure that he wouldn’t have any type of reaction.

After using the product and not having any sensitivity issues to the product, my hubby started using it consistently over the last month.  He had positive things to say about each product and also a tip for those that are going to start using it.

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Shave Cream ($12.99) – My husband uses Shave Foam or Gel, so it was a bit to get used to using the Shaving Cream.  It was very creamy in texture and while it did foam up, it didn’t foam up as much as what he had been used to with other products.  However, this did not sway his thoughts on the product and it still worked well, offering a close shave as well as comfort when shaving.  He did feel that his skin was soft and moisturized after.

Razor Shield ($17.99) – My husband had been using “Old School Remedy” techniques to keep his razors clean and from dulling so he was very excited to try this product.  It worked well, kept his razor clean and kept the blade working great.  He did have one suggestion however, that if you were to start using this particular product, it works better with a brand new razor / blade.

(Get 90 uses out of the Razor Shield.  Last 3-12 months depending on your grooming frequency and uses. 15ml)

Buffer Stick ($24.99) – This was an interesting product and we both were not too sure if it would cause my husband irritation or sensitivities to his skin.  Since it exfoliates the skin where you shave so that you lessen your chance for in grown hair, it definitely is an interesting concept.  My husband enjoyed using the product.  It didn’t cause any sensitivities that he was aware of and it worked well.

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Overall, my husband was very pleased with the products from HYD and they worked very well.  The prices are pretty reasonable considering the amount of uses you get out of each product.  There were a few things that he had suggestions for or tips, but for the most part, he did like the products a lot.  They didn’t have any foul or strong smells, because my husband is very sensitive to scents and he didn’t have any trouble with them.  And, they are easy to travel with and convenient with sleek “manly” packaging.

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