The matte lip is all the rave and trend right now and that includes the liquid to matte lipsticks that we are seeing from different brands.  While each of them have similar formulations, I can’t help but enjoy the ones I try since it allows me to go without touching up all day.  A few months ago, Milani (my favorite drugstore brand) came out with the Amore Matte Lip Cremes.  I got my hands on four of them so I figured I would share them with you should you be wondering how they worked for me.

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme - Liquid to Matte Lipsticks

The Milani Amore Matte Lip Creams come in eight different shades at the moment – though I am sure Milani may be adding to this list of liquid lipsticks eventually.  You get a pretty nice variety of shades from very light and wearable nudes to deep dark vampy reds that are showstopping and perfect for the Fall season.  Each liquid lipstick retails for $8.99 on but I’m sure they can be found a bit cheaper at your local Walgreens where available.  I ordered one of the shades online and haven’t been able to locate a display at any of my local stores to date.

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme - Liquid to Matte Lipsticks
Left – 02 Adore, Right – 04 Lust

The Amore Matte Lip Cremes have that liquid-to-matte formula that has been coveted by many lately.  It dries to a soft, velvet like finish and really gives your lips that fuller look.  If you are familiar with the Brilliant Shine Lip Glosses from Milani, these liquid lipsticks have the same double-sided, flexible plush applicator which I actually enjoy because it applies nicely to my pretty full lips.  Each one has a sweet sugar/vanilla scent which makes application enjoyable – I love it.

Out of the four shades I have I am really loving the darker ones – Crush & Flirt.  Crush applied so easily, though because it is so dark, with any type of oily food, it starts to really fade and can leave that ring on the inside of your mouth.  Flirt is a gorgeous berry red that will be my go-to for this Fall Season.  Adore and Lust are really nice too – but I truly fancy the darker shades at the moment.  I’m sure during Spring and Summer I’ll pull for Adore & Lust more.

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme - Liquid to Matte Lipsticks
Left – 01 Crush, Right – 08 Flirt

While most liquid lipsticks dry to a matte finish and can be drying on the lips – I was pretty impressed with the texture of my lips with these on.  Most of the shades I own (I have four of them) apply pretty evenly, though I thought Lust was the one that I needed to work with to really get the best application.  Was it enough to sway my opinion and dislike the product?  No, because after a little fixing, I was able to get it to work for me without issue.  These lipsticks take about a minute to two minutes to dry on me… but I think it depends on the weather.  During the summer months I found that it remained tacky up to 5 minutes before it actually set.  Now that Fall is here and the days are a little cooler, the colors set on my lips within a minute and are locked into place for several hours through the day.  All of the shades I own have an opaque color on the lips when set and dry and I can get approximately 6-7 hours of wear time before I feel the need to reapply.  If I am eating anything oily (like my favorite food, pizza) – of course, it will start to fade and in some cases, I’ll need to touch up.  But – I can kiss my hubby without any transfer which also makes these “HUBBY APPROVED!”

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme - Liquid to Matte Lipsticks

Considering the price point and the fact that this is from a Drugstore brand, I think they are really nice and I enjoy them.  My goal is to collect all eight so that I have a selection to choose from when dressing up my pout.  I would love to see Milani create many different shades as they have with their Color Statement Lipsticks – purples, plum nudes and dusty rose pinks are all of my favorite types of shades, but an orange and mauves would be great hits as well.  Overall – I am loving what I tried so far and I think they are a great addition to one of my favorite brands.

Have you tried these yet?  Have you been able to spot them at your local stores?  With the price point and the brand, I think these could definitely be a hit.

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Disclaimer:  The products mentioned in this post were both purchased by me and also sent to me for review consideration.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased.  I was not paid to feature these products or provide my thoughts, however – affiliate links are posted through out.


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  1. I want Lust! I have two, I think one is Crush and one is something else… I’ll post on them soon and you can see haha, but they’re really pretty!

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    I love Crush and Flirt on you, so sexy! I just received a few of these and I’ve gotta go check the shades! I’ve also gotta photo them so I can try ’em out!

  3. I think the colors are beautiful but they are too matte for me personally.

  4. polarbelle Reply

    I wish I could find these here. I had no idea they were a liquid lipstick type of deal. I LOVE Crush.

  5. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    I’m drawn to Crush and Flirt. So Fall/Winter-appropriate

  6. I went looking for these at my local CVS stores and couldn’t find any of them! I may have to order them. Maybe they’ll have a sale!

  7. Aleya Bamdad Reply

    I love how those reds look on you! I really do need some Milani in my life.

  8. all_the_words025 Reply

    There is only one store that carries Milani here but I’ll be keeping an eye out for them. These look great!

  9. They all look beautiful on you! 😀 I haven’t looked at our milani selection here in town in a long while. Most times I go and there isn’t much there. They take forever to bring in new stuff too and before they do they have a sale and there is hardly anything in the display.

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