Who doesn’t love a bite sized chocolate treat as a gift, favor or just because?  M&M’s is a chocolate treat that claims to “melt in your mouth – not in your hand” and a childhood favorite that many love.  Recently I had the opportunity to place a personalized order from My M&M’s and I wanted to share the chocolate goodness with you as well as my customer service experience.  Don’t free like reading?  Stop by my video and I’ll chit chat and show and tell with you.

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A week ago I decided that I would cash in on a gift code for My M&M’s that I had for taking part in a campaign a few months ago.  I have never ordered anything from their personalized website before, so this was not only an exciting experience for me, but I was looking forward to seeing how detailed the design on my M&M’s would be.  After a glitch in their system with my code I called their 800 number and was promptly greeted by Red & Yellow M&M on the other line while I waited for the next customer service representative.  As a fan of M&M’s and the commercials, I thought it was quite cute to listen to Red & Yellow interact with one another and patiently waited for the next representative.

After a few minutes, Richard answered the phone.  He was a kind mannered gentlemen that walked me patiently through my order (which included various steps and designs) and processed my order accordingly.  After a 40 minute time frame over the phone, Richard and I were able to complete my order and I received an email confirmation with the final design as well as my order laid out for me.  I was very impressed with the customer service I received via the telephone because my Customer Service Agent took the time to not only ensure he was getting my designs right, but the spelling, colors and every else I had planned to do via their website.  Since I added an image to customize my M&M’s – I had to email the image to him and he was able to process that portion quickly.  While we took some time going over every aspect, Richard did so kindly, patiently and his customer service was superb.  There are few places that you can call and have not only great service but also someone who is patient.  Even while I edited the image for color correction and brightness, he held on the line without any complaints.

Shipping to Hawaii was quick.  My order was sent overnight via Fedex, which allowed my M&M’s to be delivered in tact and quickly – without any melting.  Each product within the box was packaged well so that everything was not only protected but arrived safely.

my m&m's, candy, treat, gift, personalized gift, chocolate, M&M's,

I ordered a 2lb. bag of M&M’s that already had a set design, as well an Acrylic Gift Box with Plus Mrs. Brown Kit that had personalized M&M’s in it where I was able to customize and select:  Three (3) colors of my choosing (I went with Lavender, Light Pink and Platinum), Image Personalization, Custom Wording and Clip Art.  The Acrylic container holds 10 servings of your personalized M&M’s and it sits in a pretty black box which makes such a great gift.  I was happy to get Mrs. Brown too and knew I had to have her because she reminds me of me – lol.

my m&m's, candy, treat, gift, personalized gift, chocolate, M&M's,

The photo I selected on my M&M’s was one of my husband and I.  The detail on the image is great and everything looks absolutely perfect.  Not to mention, they taste delicious too… just as I come to expect from one of my favorite candies.  The spelling for everything I provided was not only accurate, but the font is legible and everything looked great.  Not one M&M arrived damaged and it was a sweet treat to have for my husband and I.

I’m not only impressed with the service I received from My M&M’s but also the quality of my treats.  The 2lb bag of pink M&M’s came with a little white scoop which made enjoying our treat easy and the quality of each item was well made and of quality.

my m&m's, candy, treat, gift, personalized gift, chocolate, M&M's,

A few years ago a friend of mine worked with me to design some M&M’s for her wedding.  It was simplistic and you could only add initials at that time so I was so happy to see the different types of customizing you can do to the M&M’s now and the fact that this could all be done online as well.  I’m glad there is an option available for those looking for a fun and thoughtful gift or something “sweet” to give out as favors at your next event.  Regardless of the reason, I think My M&M’s is a great way to go and I would return to buy and order again.

Did you know that you could customize M&M’s this way?  If so, have you tried for yourself or are your planning to?  Be sure to check out my video where I walk you through each product and discuss my thoughts with you as well.

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Disclaimer:  The product(s) featured in this post were purchased at a discount thanks to a gift code that I received from a previous campaign.  I did pay for some of the items out of pocket.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased and I was not paid to provide my thoughts or feature these products.



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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    i did this one year for little sweet business thank you gifts for my clients ages ago. They are very cute. Love your choices

  2. They have come so far in the last years. I did this once for a shower I was giving and everything was blurry. Yours are sharp and look perfect. I love your picture on them.

    • yes, I agree. My girlfriend could only get initials about 8 years ago or so and it was blurry. I’m so impressed at how they look now 🙂

  3. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    That’s awesome. Wish I can eat chocolates w/o triggering my migraines ‘tho

  4. Lisa Marie Heath Reply

    Love their gift boxes! I got my son the Star Wars one and he about died from happiness!

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