I haven’t done much nail art in what seems like forever… and even if I did do nail art before, what I can do is pretty limited to a small amount of creativity. lol  Watercolor nails are fun to do and a technique I have always loved.  Yesterday while getting ready to paint my nails, I was stumped as to what nail polish I wanted to choose… so I ended up choosing them all.  Now – I’m not “nail art” designer… and I’m constantly learning new techniques if I have the chance, but I always love how these turn out and since it’s summer – I know I’ll be having some fun with my nail polish utilizing this technique.water color nails

To create this nail look I started off with Rainbow Honey’s All Your Base as my base coat and then topped Zoya’s Adel over that – using two coats so that it was a bit more opaque then one coat would offer.  I then took Zoya’s Perrie and dropped a few drops of polish on each nail.  To create the marbleized / water color look, I dipped my nail brush into my nail polish remover and painted over Perrie (the purple shade) so that it kind of mixed in and blended in till I wanted it to be.  Then I dropped on Wet n Wild’s I need a Refresh-mint over the purple, doing the same technique with the nail brush and nail polish remover.  Once I finished with that – I then did the same technique with Cameo from Rainbow Honey.  Once I got it to the look I wanted, I topped my nails with Ciate’s Speed Coat Pro fast dry top coat and let my nails dry.

I will be having a nail polish tutorial coming up with this design on my YouTube channel  It is much easier than people think it is and faster too.

Nail polish

Left to Right:  Rainbow Honey All My Base – Base Coat, Zoya Adel (white), Zoya Perrie (purple), Wet n Wild Megalast polish I Need a Refresh-Mint (turquoise), Rainbow Honey Cameo (neon pink), Ciate Speed Coat Pro (top coat).

If you are looking for ways to add a little color to your nails but certain colors may not mesh well with your skin tone or your liking, this is also a great way to be able to use those colors.

Watercolor nails


Hope you enjoyed this nail look for the week!


Signature Honey


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  1. Love this nail art look! So pretty, and like a good company supper – it looks great and impressive, but is really easy and quick to do!

  2. thank you – I was debating of doing a different nail a different color until a light bulb went on in my brain and decided to mix them together 😉

  3. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    I love that look. I’m not sure I followed the technique so I will definitely check out your YT tutorial. It sounds much easier than the traditional method

    • it’s really easy and I know I was all over the place in my words. As soon as it’s up – I’ll post it here… gotta wait for a tripod for my phone since that is what I film on 😉

      • Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

        I use my phone too, and the little tripod made such a difference. I’ll be on the lookout for your video

    • thanks. This technique is more of a water color painting like… so easy. I hope to film the tutorial once I get a tripod for my phone… since that is what I film my vids on. lol Then I’ll do a water marbling tutorial next. I wish I had more time to do nail stuff… those are my favs.

  4. Betzy Carmona Reply

    They turned out amazing ! Giving me some inspiration for my nails right now

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