Phytoceramides Skin & Hair Renewal Formula


I’m always looking for products that will help strengthen my hair and hydrate my skin and if it is something that requires little to no work and great results, I’m all for it.  In the last month I have been taking the Phytoceramides Skin & Hair Renewal Formula as a part of my vitamin and supplement regimen.  This product offers 30 capsules (a 30 day supply) for about $20 on sale ($36.00 retail price).  One tablet a day as a part of your natural dietary supplement and it claims to erase fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate and restore your skin and strengthen your hair and nails.  This is a veggie capsule that is easy to swallow and works best when you take it 20-30 minutes before a meal with an 8 ounce glass o water.  Now, I’m no doctor but offer the information on this product per my use so I do suggest you consult with a physician prior to use.

Phytoceramides Skin & Hair Renewal Formula

These capsules are not as big as some on the market, and I am impressed with how easy they are to swallow.  They are said to be a “Face lift in a bottle” and while I certainly do not look like I had a face lift, I do notice that my skin is soft and smooth and feels much more hydrated then when I used my regular moisturizer on its own.  I do suggest your water intake increase when taking these capsules because I often felt like I was constantly thirsty, though I do take in quite a bit of water during the day (more than the suggested amount) and I’m constantly hydrating my body.  I’m not sure if it is the ingredients in the product itself, but be sure to stay hydrated.

Vitamin A 5000 IU, Vitamin C 60 mg, Vitamin D 400 IU, Vitamin E 30 IU, Phytoceramides (From Rice) 40 mg. Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose (Veggie Cap), Purified Water, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid, Silicon Dioxide.

Phytoceramides Skin & Hair Renewal Formula

While I don’t think I’ve been taking these supplements long enough to see a large difference in my skin and hair I did notice a few things that stood out to me.  My hair hasn’t had as much breakage as it used to – though there are many factors that I know can contribute to that and one of them is that it is starting to cool off where I live and therefore, my hair doesn’t shed or break as often.  I can say that I did notice that my hair doesn’t seem as weak.  I also noticed that my nails are not chipping on the ends like they often do.  As many know, I take a daily vitamin supplement as well as Biotin from time to time and my chipping nails has always been a problem, but I noticed that it hasn’t been chipping as much.  While my skin may not have necessarily changed dramatically, I definitely notice that if I have a small pimple or a little break out, it healed within a day without me treating it as I normally did and I also noticed that some of my fine lines and wrinkles under my eyes look small and less defined.  While I can also contribute these to the use of great skincare items, I think that working together, they can all accomplish these things for me.

There is virtually no scent and no after taste – which I love and considering the cost, these capsules are a pretty reasonable addition to any skincare and hair care regimen.  Remember, I’m not a doctor or a professional in this matter, so be sure to check with your physician before taking any supplements or vitamins. 🙂

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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  1. erikatheicyone Reply

    These look good.

    I like the no aftertaste claim. I am testing a supplement that was sent to me that has an aftertaste and it makes me want to yak unless I take it with a flavored drink to mask it. 😛

    • girl… don’t you know I was so worried. I just finished taking one the month prior that tasted so fowl… I couldn’t stand it. lol These are good.

  2. I love that there are currently so many options for beauty supplements!

  3. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    I take vitamins and supplements every single day. This looks like a great product to try

    • I always have breakage now after having my children. I never had this issue until then and hair can be everywhere now. lol

  4. I’ve been having a terrible time taking tablets lately. I’ve had to cut back most of my supplements because I keep choking. Seriously, choking. Like, throat-blocked, can’t-breathe, have-to-heimlich …. choking!

    So no more supplements for me until I get it sorted 🙁

    • I deal with that often and my grandma died of choking on a grain of rice so it can be a terrible thing for me sometimes. I find that I need to take my supplements with a drink of Perrier or Gingerale and then finish with water. It helps sometimes and sometimes I just can’t bare to take it. I am sorry you deal with that. :/

  5. Hmmm… These sound great. Usually hair vitamins have Biotin in them and that makes my hair EVERYWHERE grow. I might have to hunt these down.

    • Girl… same with me. I take Biotin because my hair gets brittle from time to time and I didn’t see biotin in the ingredients for this one.

  6. Cosmetic Sanctuary Reply

    I’ve wanted to try something like this, but have a lot of trouble taking pills!

  7. I have wondered about these kinds of supplements before; after all, hair and nails are created by our bodies, so it makes sense that you’d have to start with nutrition if you want healthier hair and nails. Yeah to less breakage and chipping!

    • yes. That is why I take a daily mult-vitamin and when my hair tends to be dry and brittle after bleaching or summer months, I try to take a Biotin supplement. These have been working pretty well 🙂

  8. Betzy Carmona Reply

    I’m all into vitamins but lately I can’t seem to find some that work for me

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