Last year my awesome hubby purchased all four of the Limited Edition Rose blushes for me when Milani rolled it out.  This year – they are rolling out four new shades.  Since I didn’t have the chance to review the shades from last year – I’ll be talking about those in a blog post and video review soon and hope to get my hands on some of these new shades as well.

Milani Limited Edition Rose Blushes

Last year’s limited edition blushes made my Best of Beauty 2013 products because of their matte texture (most were matte) and staying power.  Not to mention that they are the awesomeness that come out of Milani and Milani blushes are some of my favorites.  These blushes retail on for $7.99 (shipping not included) and will be available next month for purchase at select Walgreens stores.  If you can get your hands on these, I highly suggest it.  Not only are they absolutely gorgeous in packaging and design, I truly love the first edition and I know I’ll be rampaging through my local Walgreens stores for this collection as well.

Note:  A review on the original four Milani blushes will be coming soon as well as the new release for this years four if I can get my hands on all of them.  Stay tuned.



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