Yay for New Releases!  Recently I had the opportunity to test out and play with some new Rainbow Honey goodies that were just released with their Summer MixTape collection.  This collection includes 12 new cremes, shimmers and glitters and they are all jaw dropping and gorgeous.  This new collection (released July 18th) is now available for purchase on Rainbow Honey’s website and offers you a shade range you will be drooling over.

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Summer Mixtape! is available as a complete collection in full size (15 ml each, $90 promotional price for the whole collection of 12 polishes) and mini (5 ml each, $45 promotional price – currently sold out). Each full size color is also available separately (15 ml) for just $10 each.   Check out my reveal/video embedded below or click here to watch it directly on YouTube.  Scroll down to see photos of the three shades I got.

Rainbow Honey Summer Mixtape

I received three colors from the collection and I wanted to share them with all of you.  Of course, the full size bottles come in the signature Rainbow Honey packaging (which I absolutely love).

Rainbow Honey MixTape


Left to Right:  Control, Work It Out and Elevate.

Rainbow Honey Control

Control is a shimmering fuchsia that is almost neon and is a great statement shade for summer or year round.  If you love hot pinks, this will surely be an awesome shade to add to your collection.

Rainbow Honey Work It Out

Work it Out is a creme coral that is another perfect summer staple.  This shade can be used alone or topped with your favorite statement glitter.

Rainbow Honey Elevate

Elevate is a glitter that includes a blend of blues, turquoise and other shades like green, yellow, pink and white.  This glitter is pretty cool in that it looks like confetti on the nails, and offers a variety of glitter shapes from micro glitter to hexes and circles and so much more.  Every time I think I have nailed down all the glitter in this bottle, I find another I didn’t see before. lol

Rainbow Honey MixTape Swatches


Each swatch was done on my nail wheel and each color was done in two coats.  The more coats you apply, the deeper Control and Work It Out become in shade.  I apologize for the nail wheel swatches, but as I do nail looks using these shades, I’ll definitely post them here.  Overall I think these shades are gorgeous.  Rainbow Honey is really great at creating a selection of colors.  For the price point of each, you are not only supporting a great brand, but getting awesome product.  I already have my eyes on I Wanna Get Better, Waves, One Minute More, and Lanterns.  The list goes on, but I am surely lovely them all regardless.

Want to check out Rainbow Honey and see all they have to offer?  Use promo code MIXTAPE20 to receive 20% off your next order.  Promo code expires on 8/31/2014 to take advantage of it while you can.  You can check out what Rainbow Honey has to offer on their site: rainbowhoney.com

Signature Honey


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  1. Girl, you better teach the youngins about what a mixtape is. LOL! I really think I need to get on the Rainbow Honey bandwagon.

    • LMAO… I know, I really considered getting into detail in my video but decided to opt out because it would be a journey into memory lane. lmao

  2. I like Work It Out – I love coral shades. My husband won me over with a mixtape, so this collection has some nostalgia factor for me! lol

    • I swear you and I have way too much in common… my husband – then boyfriend, made me a mix tape of love songs…. I was already in love with him, head over heels actually – but he just sealed the deal with that one 😉 Lmao – almost 17 years later… and we are still going strong 😉

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