I am aware that I’m a bit late with sharing my Rocksbox from November, but this month literally got away from me and I’m trying to catch up on everything.  Today I’m going to be sharing with you my November Rocksbox and the goodies I got inside.  I’ll be honest, when I first was contacted by Rocksbox, I didn’t think that it was for me – but after giving it a try I can honestly say that I’m enjoying this subscription.

November Rocksbox Reveal

So what is Rocksbox anyway?  It is a subscription service that includes an unlimited jewelry rental from top designer brands including Kendra Scott (one of my favorites, Gorjana and so much more.  Each box is personalized for you and curated by a team of stylists.  I decided this would be the perfect time to share my November box with you because this would make a great gift for the Holidays.  You can wear your jewelry on loan as much as you want and then swap anytime when you are ready to refresh.  Simply return your set in the original packaging with the prepaid label, leave your stylist feedback online and your next set will be on it’s way shortly.  I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy using jewelry that had been returned and worn, but I was so impressed with not only the packaging for each piece, but the care and instructions included and the quality of each item.  The pieces are gorgeous, well maintained and kept and I loved each one I received this month.

November Rocksbox Reveal

Special discounts and member rewards are given towards purchases and you keep and purchase at a discounted rate the pieces you want to keep and return those you don’t.  Rocksbox also offers Free prepaid shipping both ways which makes this subscription service a fab choice. The attention to detail in the packaging is wonderful.  My box came a tad bit crushed, but it didn’t bother me because everything was well packaged and nothing was damaged upon receipt.  There is a wonderful theme through out the packaging – down to the stickers and tissue paper and I was very impressed with what I opened even before I seen the jewelry pieces inside.  Let’s dig deeper and see what I got, shall we?

November Rocksbox Reveal

I received three gorgeous gold toned items.  I love gold and use it often so I was impressed at how nice each piece was.  The first piece I received was the Melinda Maria Cade Pave Ring (Insider’s Price $46).  This ring is gorgeous.  It is a tad bit too small for me to use like a regular ring on my ring finger but makes a great accent ring or even midi ring for any of my fingers as a great accent.  Each little crystal is set in place and this offers a beautiful statement without being too over powering.

November Rocksbox Reveal

The second piece I received was the Kendra Scott Jamie Bracelet in Irridescent Drusy (Insider’s Price $52).  If you have been following me a while, you know that I’m a huge fan of Kendra Scott jewelry and own a few pieces from the line.  I immediately fell in love with this bracelet because I’m also a huge fan of gemstones and drusy cut stones that I knew this would make a great piece in my collection.  This is the item I decided to keep.

November Rocksbox Reveal

The third and last piece I received was the Gorjana Cresent Pendant Necklace (Insider’s Price $56).  This piece was probably my least favorite out of the three I received.  It is funny though, because I had this necklace added to my wishlist but when I received it I realized that while the style is something I would wear – the length of it was just too long for me to love.  My Rocksbox stylist saw that I added this necklace to my wishlist and built the cohesive set I received around it – so it still is a great find and a gorgeous piece but I really would prefer something with a shorter chain.  I love it nonetheless, but not enough to keep it.  This necklace would make a great piece to pair with a casual outfit like jeans with a top or dressed up for your business suit or a dress.

November Rocksbox Reveal

For just $19 a month you get three pieces to wear on loan and you swap your set anytime you want.  If you fall in love with the pieces or a piece – you get a $10 monthly shine spend to apply towards your purchase.  There is zero effort and no commitment on your end.  Prepaid shipping allows you to simply put the items back in the mailbox and wait for your next set to arrive.  It’s simple and easy and while this is my first time experiencing Rocksbox, I am loving it.

November Rocksbox Reveal

Each item I received was wrapped well and each came in their own little pouch to keep them secure and protected.  Instructions also came with the box on caring for each piece so that they would last and keep looking great.  Each piece you receive, while Costume or Fashion jewelry are well made pieces from awesome designers giving you the opportunity to try new ones each time you get a box.  Like I mentioned previously, I think this would make a fabulous gift for anyone who loves jewelry.  I am beyond impressed with this subscription box.

“If loving jewelry is a crime, we plead guilty.”

Want to try Rocksbox out for yourself?  Click here to check it out and use promo code: honeygirlkxoxo

So have you been hearing about Rocksbox lately?  Is this something you wouldn’t mind getting as a gift?  What about the pieces, do you think I made the right choice in choosing the drusy bracelet to keep?

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Disclaimer:  The products mentioned in this post were sent for review consideration.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest and unbiased.  I was not paid to feature these products or this service here and affiliate links are posted throughout.


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  1. Love me some Rocksbox! Kendra Scott is a favorite of mine too and since I’ve been with Rocksbox, I’ve come to like Gorjana too!

  2. I no longer wear much jewelry other than my wedding band and two meaningful necklaces. When I was working full time I’d have loved this though since I always looked for a way to spice up my wardrobe.

  3. That ring matches the earrings I bought from Rocksbox. I found myself wanting to grab it through my screen.

  4. I love jewelry, and love to wear different pieces all the time. Sounds like a great way to try different styles and designers.

  5. I loved the few Rocksboxes I got but I just can’t justify subscribing then buying used jewelry 🙁

  6. Those are some beautiful pieces, Honey! Too bad about the ring, I think it would have looked gorgeous on you if it was the right size!

  7. all_the_words025 Reply

    I love the pieces you got! I’d definitely try the service if they expand and start shipping here.

  8. I really want to try this sub, thanks for letting me know about it. I can see why you loved the bracelet most – it is breathtaking!

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