I’m a skin care addict, so for me receiving skin care is such a fab gift because I either get to try something new or get a replenishment of my favorite skin care products.  It can be difficult to shop for the skin care lover in your life because skin care is something that is very personal and with different skin types and sensitivities, it can be hard to pick and choose the right one.  However – that doesn’t mean that someone wouldn’t want to get it as a gift.  Today I share with you my choices for Skin Care sets or products that will make any skin care lover happy.  This is a small selection of goods, but some great choices nonetheless.  If skin care is something you’re looking to buy as a gift – ask the gift receiver to teach you their skin care routine to get tips on the products they love and if that doesn’t work, a gift card works well too.  Now on to the Gift Guide for the Skin Care Lover.

Gift Guide For The Skin Care Lover

A great skin care regimen includes something to help treat the eyes.  Reviva Labs is one of my favorite skin care brands and the Collagen-Fibre Eye Pad Kit ($38.00) comes with the pads to treat those under-eyes as well as the Skin Energizing Gel (which you put below your serums to help improve skin response).  The 100% pure freeze dried Collagen-Fibre is a guarded secret to provide quick improvements to your eye area by diminishing wrinkles, reducing puffiness and decreasing dark circles.  This kit is perfect for the Winter months and would make a great gift for anyone who is into anti-aging skin care.

Gift Guide For The Skin Care Lover

Call me biased but I think Tatcha Skin Care is one of the absolute bests I have tried and I have tried many.  This brand offers you the finest quality Korean skin care in beautiful luxe packaging.  The Tatcha Hakken Special Introduction Skin Care Set ($95.00) includes 6 travel sized versions of each step of the Tatcha beauty ritual (best selling products from Tatcha) and would make the perfect gift for someone looking to try the brand.  Tatcha does offer a few other sets that would make great gifts but the Hakken Set is my favorite.  With beautiful gold detail on each product and a gorgeous gift box wrapped to impress, this gift will make that Skin Care lover in your life fall head over heals.

Gift Guide For The Skin Care Lover

Proactive Solution Acne Kit from Rodan & Fields ($30) may seem like an unconventional holiday gift but there is a reason for my madness.  As a teen, my sister experienced acne and my parents worked really hard to afford treatment for her.  Proactive Solution was new in the market at that time and while the price was still attainable it was hard for our family to afford it financially.  It would have been awesome if someone took the time to find out what my sister could use (since we couldn’t afford it often) and either give her a gift card for it, or buy a set to help with the cost.  Acne cleansers and skin care is not an ideal purchase as a gift, but if it is something someone already uses, they will surely be thankful that they don’t have to spend the money on it because someone gifted it to them.  Whether a teenager or an adult, if this is something your loved one or friend uses, find out if they would like a set as a gift.  Keeping up with a skin care regimen is a challenge when you can’t afford it or you have to spend your money elsewhere and I think they would be very thankful if you gave them a hand.  Check out this site for more information about Proactive and how it can benefit you or otherwise.

Holiday Gift Idea For The Traveler - Cleanse On The Go With Michael Todd Soniclear Petite

When it comes to skin care, you need good cleansing tools.  I have two I’m going to share with you that are not only my favorites, but I swear by them.  The first is the Soniclear Petite by Michael Todd ($99.00).  I recently shared this on my site (literally just a week ago – you can read my review here) and it is the perfect size for anyone looking to try out something for cleansing.  It’s travel friendly, portable and come on now – look at that Watermelon color, it’s gorgeous.  Soniclear has awesome anti-microbial properties which make it perfect for those with sensitive skin or those that are germie-phobes like me.

Foreo Luna

Next favorite skin care cleansing tool is my Foreo Luna ($199.99).  It surely is an investment but I use this cleansing tool consistently and it is a favorite.  While this is the full sized, you can also get the mini and get a great clean just as well.  This product, like the Soniclear is perfect for those with sensitive skin because it also doesn’t harbor all those yucky germs and bacteria that other tools can.  What makes this a great gift is that there is no extra cleansing heads to replace making this a great gift for anyone.

Gift Guide For The Skin Care Lover

Last but not least is my skin care arsenal from InstaNatural.  I have featured this brand consistently here on my blog and I have a list of favorites I love so choosing a favorite to share in this gift guide was a challenge.  I decided I would list a few and you could decide from there which may work.  Of course, Hyaluronic Acid is a part of my every day skin care regimen and the one from InstaNatural is one of my all-time faves.  I have repurchased it a gazillion times and love how well it works.  The Argan Oil is so universal for skin, hair and nails as it the Phytoceramides capsules which I take daily.  The Age Defying Skin Clearing Serum is one of the best and also another I simply can’t live without.  If you are looking to invest on some serums for yourself or looking to treat that special skin loving person in your life – InstaNatural’s reasonably priced products will surely be a favorite.

Gift Guide For The Man In Your Life

I mentioned the Menaji Skin Care for Men set in my Gifts For The Man In Your Life guide, but I figured it would be a great thing to mention it again.  My husband enjoys Menaji’s products and this gift set is a must-have for the men who love a good shave.  There are four different products in the David Skin Care Set ($79.00) and it comes with a great expandable travel bag that’s perfect to hold all of these goods inside.  I think any man would enjoy this set and it would make a great gift.

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Well, that sums up some great skin care finds for you or someone you are shopping for this holiday.  Of course, there are a lot of other brands out there that you can choose from but these are a few things that have made my favorites list this year and I wanted to share them with you.  Skin care is such an important part of who I am and something I’m very passionate about.  I hope that if you are on the hunt for some skin care products for a gift, that this list will help make it a little easier for you.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Definitely loving this post. I love Reviva Labs and that Eye Pad Kit. And I’m always switching between my Michael Todd Soniclear and my Foreo Luna.

    • that’s what I do too. I find I’ve been using my Soniclear more for body use – but rotate between the two 🙂

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    Wonderful post on facial skincare gifts! That Hakken set from Tatcha looks so wonderful, and it is such a smart idea for them to do a “starter” kit. InstaNatural and Reviva are two of my favorite affordable skincare brands too

    • Oh my gosh Allison, it is such a wonderful set from Tatcha… it has given me the opportunity to try so many products. I agree – InstaNatural and Reviva are definitely my choice for great affordable brands.

  3. Many great ideas! I love my Foreo and my MT Soniclear. Reviva Labs is an amazing brand. I wish someone would gift me some Tatcha – I’d love to try it!

  4. Fantastic gift guide, and I love so many products from it! Tatcha and FOREO Luna would always be on my personal wishlist.

  5. all_the_words025 Reply

    Is it wrong that I want it all? I’m especially into the collagen eye pad kit.

  6. Lola Seicento Reply

    What a fantastic gift guide for those among us obsessed with skincare!

  7. TinaBowling Reply

    I would consider myself a skin care junkie, so I’m loving this guide! Tatcha has been on my list to try for a while now.

  8. Such an awesome skincare guide! I will definitely share this with a friend of mine who’s in the market for skincare devices! 🙂

  9. Aleya Bamdad Reply

    I love the Reviva Lab collagen eye pads. They worked wonders on my dark circles.

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