We are in the home stretch of distance learning for the year before summer starts. This Friday is the last week of school for the twins and Kevin Ka’eo finished school on the 15th. We are so excited for summer to start but we are also planning accordingly for social distancing. Distance learning hasn’t been so easy the last couple of months, but the boys have been troopers.

Wrapping Up the School Year - Confessions of a SAHM, Distance Learning Week 9
Before the change in hair color and hair cuts, enjoying our time under the stars and by the fire pit.

A lot has happened over the last week and I didn’t get a chance to share here. The boys have new hair. We decided to change things up a bit since I was planning to change my hair as well. Kevin Ka’eo has pinkish-red hair, Luke wanted to have purple hair but stopped at bleached yellow/orange (I need to tone it again) and Isaiah has a turquoise green shade. They seem to be enjoying it a lot and the process was quite easy for them. All three boys have never bleached their hair before, so they were excited to try something new. They’ve been loving it so far and I’m glad we were able to mix things up a bit.

We’ve also been spending some time outside roasting mallows. We have been gifted a fire pit from one of my sisters and we’ve been making lots of good use out of it.

What’s been shakin lately?

The twins received some help from one of their teachers with their math. It was a specialized math zoom class that focused on math problems. It was pretty helpful and the boys feel confident that they can do those problems on their own. We’ve also been busy cleaning out the house and organizing our storage. We’ll be having flooring put in (instead of carpet) and some repairs made to our home, so everything has to come out. There’s a lot that will be done during the summer months, so we are trying to organize and get things together the best we can.

Hawaii Is Reopening

While that was happening, it seems like Hawaii started reopening again, while still keeping with social distancing protocol, of course. *For most people anyway. I understand that many need to get back to work to make money, but I’m just worried that we are not in the clear yet to start celebrating. I also don’t think that things are ready to go back to normal. Parks are still closed unless you are exercising, the same as the beaches. The boys are looking forward to jumping in the ocean as soon as school is done, but there will be no sunbathing or hanging out. We swim (for exercise) and then leave. Honestly, we don’t mind that – because the boys have all been indoors for months now and they are restless. We are looking forward to getting in a little water therapy soon.

What’s Next?

What’s in store for us the next few weeks? Well, none of us really know. Dad has gone back to work in the office, instead of from home. So it will be just the boys and I during the week. We hope that we can still go on adventures together as we like to do during the breaks from school. My goal is to catch as much of it as I can on camera. Honestly, the last couple of months have been a bit of a blur seeing as most of it consisted of doing everything at home. We are definitely looking forward to having time away from the house but we’re not quite sure what that will entail.

Are you looking forward to summer? How are you planning to keep busy while still social distancing?

Come and follow our distance learning journey, see what we have been up to the last few weeks. And, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to get the daily dose of our life in photos.


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