Aloha ‘Ohana! Can you believe that we are just about two weeks away from September? Where did the year go? I am so excited that September is here and I hope you all are too.

There is so much going on in August. My husband and I are taking our oldest to college in just about a week. Because of this – I wanted to get the September Freebies on the site early. Believe it or not – the September Sticker Kit is also live.

All September Freebies – including the desktop and smartphone (mobile) wallpapers are now available for download and they feature my photography and illustrations of one of my favorite flowers – the sunflower!

Sunflower Desktop Wallpapers

You can download the Desktop wallpapers here.

There are a total of 5 Desktop wallpapers for you to choose from.

Sunflower Smartphone Mobile Wallpapers

You can download the Smartphone (Mobile) wallpapers here.

There are a total of 4 smartphone/mobile wallpapers to choose from.

September Sunflower Monthly Sticker Kit

If you are interested in checking out the September Monthly Sticker Kit featuring similar designs as part of the collection, that is also live. You can check that sticker kit out here.

I am so excited to be sharing this entire collection with all of you. Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers and they always make me smile. I wish all of you an absolutely wonderful Fall/Autumn season and hopefully you experience the change of leaves where you are from.

Aloha! xo Honey

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Happy February Fam! Seriously, what happened to January I blinked and we are now in the month of lllloooovvvveeee! I hope you are having a wonderful start to the month and having a great 2022 so far. I didn’t have a chance to roll out freebies for the month of January – but I wanted to make sure I had you covered for some February goodies. So – check them out and grab them to use.

For the month of February, I took my hand-drawn Daisy illustrations and turned them into a fun collection of phone and desktop wallpapers. These designs were supposed to be for January and were originally all purple. Since January was my birthday month, I wanted to make sure to have something special that represented me. But, since I had such a fruitful schedule, I wasn’t able to roll it out in enough time. I changed the colors around a bit and added pinks to give it a more Valentine’s Day vibe. I hope you enjoy it!

To download the wallpapers simply click on the links below each image. You’ll be taken to my website where you can download each item. Please note that these wallpapers are for personal use only and you can switch them out with other collections as you please.

February Desktop Wallpaper with Calendar and Dashboard
February Desktop Wallpaper

To Download the Desktop Wallpapers (2 Files are included in a Zip file), click here.

February Phone Wallpaper
February Phone Wallpaper with Calendar

To download the phone wallpapers (2 Files are included in the Zip File) click here.

This is my gift to you – so please feel free to share the link to friends, family, and on social media, for others to enjoy.

Also – if you’re interested I have the matching Sticker Kit for February available for sale in my shop as well. You can check out the collection and purchase it here. The sticker kit includes 4 sheets, printed on matte white sticker paper and it is pictured below.

While January and February have already been off to a crazy start and I feel like I am still kind of catching up – I’m trucking along. I hope you are all having a great start to your 2022 and I’m wishing you all a wonderful February! xo

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I’m sitting here typing this as I’m wrapping up the books for October. It’s Halloween Eve and I’m excited for November to grace us with its presence. For the month of November, I wanted to stay with a Fall theme, but I couldn’t figure out a floral of Hawai’i that I wanted to use. I decided that I would use the Pakalana flower, which blooms in the warmer months, but the fragrance is unforgettable. The blossoms are green and yellow with a little orange when in full bloom.

I feature a small pakalana blossom on my Tropical Hawaiian Washi Tape and for months I’ve been working on a lei version of the flower. So, today – I share with you the November Desktop and Phone Wallpapers. You get a total of 3 desktop wallpapers and 2 phone wallpapers.

To download the Desktop Wallpapers – you’ll add the item to your cart and checkout. These are free so no payment options are needed to be input. You’ll then be directed to a download zip file with your images. Simple “save as desktop wallpaper”. Click here to go to the store to download your desktop wallpaper.

To download the Phone Wallpapers – you’ll add the item to your cart and checkout. These are free so no payment options are needed to be input. You’ll then be directed to a download zip file with your images. Simple “save as desktop wallpaper”. Click here to download the Phone Wallpapers from the shop.

I hope you enjoy my illustrations and if you know what Pakalana smells like, I hope my drawings give you sweet memories of its fragrance.

Wishing you all a wonderful November – filled with family and gratefulness.




There is nothing more exciting than packing for an upcoming trip or long weekend getaway, right? Ha Ha!  I know, I know… I don’t like packing for anything, even if it is a little weekend trip or stay-cation.  But, I figured I could help you out with a little something something that could lend to be beneficial.  If you’re looking to pamper yourself on your trip or planning to hit the road this Labor Day weekend, how’s about packing an accessory or accessories that can add to the calm and relaxation?  It’s not going to take up much room in your bags and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.  Luckily for my readers AHAVA Dead Sea Mask Sampler Pack is a freebie you can take advantage of and just in time for your Labor Day weekend or for the holiday travels that are coming up in the next few months.

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Packing toiletries is one of those things I dread doing.  Not only can it be confusing because of the type of product it is, but how much will you need and how much do you want to take?  Will you be able to get it on the plane or will it spill in your luggage and bags?  It’s bad enough that you have to figure out if you need to take a facial wash or shampoo, perfume or deodorant, so getting all this together and ready to go when packing can be cumbersome and frustrating.  That’s why I love that AHAVA is offering this fun deal and I wanted to make sure to share it with all of you.

From a lifting mask, to a facial renewal peel – you get these portable individual mud mask packs that will allow you to freshen up at anytime and anywhere.  All you need to do is add this item to your cart and receive your FREE Dead Sea mask sampler pack (shipping fees may apply).

Go ahead, click on ADD to CART and get you a little travel companion for your weekend getaway.  Offer is valid once per customer and cannot be combined with any other offers.  If you have tried AHAVA before, then you know this will be a fine treat.

Note:  I paid $5.95 shipping / handling for my samples, but I live in Hawaii.

Enjoy your samples & pamper yourself.

Signature Honey

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