Some people love to repair their home appliances and upcycle furniture, but others prefer to pay someone else and use the time for their work or interest. However, there are some clear benefits to repairing and upcycling your home items. Learn new skills and save some money.  

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Conserve Resources 

It might not seem like it sometimes, but the world has finite resources. Whether it is wood, paper, plastic, or metal, the materials need to be sourced from the natural world, processed and manufactured, and turned into household products. These materials are by no means unlimited. 

It requires lots of money and fossil fuels to source materials for use in home appliances, so it makes sense to recycle them when they come to the end of their natural lifecycle. But there are ways to prolong the lifespan of items as well, by carrying out some DIY repairs when needed.    

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Save Money 

If you have a washing machine, a dishwasher, or a tumble dryer that’s not working properly, it could be time to find replacement parts available here. With some DIY know-how, you can repair home appliances allowing them to operate efficiently for a few years before replacement.  

When you learn to repair your home appliances, you can also gain valuable knowledge that helps you to save money in the future. Let’s say your home appliance breaks down unexpectedly, or you have a leak. Use your tools and DIY knowledge to get it working again.   

Circular Economy 

Nowadays, there is a shift towards the circular economy; this is an economic system that values reuse and zero waste rather than the linear economy that has a system for raw materials, manufacturing, lifecycles, and waste products. Joining the circular economy has some benefits.   

When you align with the circular economy, you maintain your home items for as long as possible, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint. The circular economy is a zero-waste economy, so you can benefit from less single-use plastic in your life as well.  

Home Savings 

When a home item stops working unexpectedly, there is a tendency to call a local service to come and fix it – after all, you need your home items to be up and running for practical reasons. The trouble is that home services like these can be expensive and dent your annual budget. 

When you have some DIY knowledge, thanks to your attempts to repair and replace existing parts, you have the ability to fix the home appliance without any call-out charges. If you don’t know how to repair a home item, it’s an opportunity to learn new skills for your housekeeping.    

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Reduce Carbon 

Carbon emissions are a big issue for the planet at the moment. Unless we can find a way to live sustainably and collectively, it will be difficult to maintain a habitable planet in the long run. Although governments and industries cause most of the emissions, it’s important for individuals to play their part. Help to reduce your personal carbon emissions by repairing home appliances.   

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While home repairs, renovations and upgrades to a home is not always a person’s “cup of tea” – many others love this type of thing. It is something they thrive on. I am the type that rather leave it up to someone to take care of it for me while having some creative control over the changes and improvements that are being made. What about you? Are you someone who finds home repair to be your jam or are you someone who rather leave it up to the pros? Regardless, I hope this post will give you an idea as to how you can recycle and reuse items from your next home project and the benefits that come with it.

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No, this is not what you are thinking… I’m not going to show you a demo on how I get wrinkles out of my clothes… ha ha ha!  But, I did want to share with you a product that my family and I have been loving lately and it has been such a huge helper for me each day.  You see, laundry for a household of 5 people can be a daunting task and I’m thankful that my eldest son Kevin Ka’eo has that chore to do.  But, clothes get wrinkled… especially when your sons like to toss them in a basket for later use.  With my husband needing freshly pressed clothes and the fact that I am constantly ironing my tops, the Downy Wrinkle Release Plus has been a huge help for me and my family.

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Do you ever experience those days where your child wakes you up in the morning, telling you that they forgot to inform you the day before that their band uniform needs to be ironed because they have a concert at school that day?  Well, my child has – on more than one occasion.  And, that is just a small tidbit of what goes on in our household when it comes to wrinkled clothes.  While clothes are clean, most the time they are a wrinkled mess… due to running late in the morning and tossing clothes everywhere through out the day.  There truly is no time to pull the iron and the ironing board out of the closet in time to make the morning tardy bell for school.  That’s where Downy Wrinkle Release Plus comes to our rescue.  This awesome product (which is available in travel size, I might add) has been our lifesaver since first discovering it a month or so ago.  I don’t know how I got ahead without it… oh wait, I do – I rushed to iron clothes the traditional way… ha  ha ha!

Using the Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus is so simple.  You just spray the clothing (sheets and other items work too), tug and smooth the garment and hang to dry.  It literally is ready in seconds and perfect in a pinch.  I like to spray the clothing item in the wrinkled areas and toss it in our dryer for a quick, no fuss wrinkle release.  Hanging to dry doesn’t take long however and most the time it’s ready within a matter of minutes – usually I have the boys put on their shoes and socks or make their snack for school and then put their shirt on.  The Down Wrinkle Releaser is safe on virtually all fabrics, though they do advise that fabrics that may water-spot (silk and rayon) that you should test in a hidden area first.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus, downy, wrinkle free, wrinkles, clothes, mommy, helper, working mom, busy mom, house chores, household, review, wrinkle releaser, odor eliminator, fabric refresher, static remover, ironing aid, fresh scent, product review, home management,

My family and I are always on the go so having something that can assist at a moments notice helps to cut down my busy schedule.  But, while Downy Wrinkle Release takes care of the wrinkles, it is also an odor eliminator, fabric refresher and static remover.  I love that I have so many ways to utilize this product.  I spray Downy onto my car seats and on the floor to help eliminate the odors from shoes and stuff and it has made a big difference.  You can also use Downy Wrinkle Releaser as a fabric refresher and static remover or use it to aid in ironing (like spray starch).  I love that I have so many options for this product that I literally keep one in every room.  It’s perfect to spray our beds with if we are going to be out all day – because it really freshens the whole room and house.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus, downy, wrinkle free, wrinkles, clothes, mommy, helper, working mom, busy mom, house chores, household, review, wrinkle releaser, odor eliminator, fabric refresher, static remover, ironing aid, fresh scent, product review, home management,

Okay – now that I have shared with you my little secret helper, how’s about you head on over to your local store or check them out online and pick one up for you.  Reasonably priced, great fragrance and it takes out wrinkles… well now, sounds like a keeper to me.  Check out your local store to see if they have Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus in stock or visit: for more details.

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Fall is here!  Hawaii doesn’t get much change in weather – well, it’s colder, but not by much… but it’s still my favorite season… woohoo!  With Fall and colder weather come a change in clothing and accessories and today I’m going to be sharing with you an unconventional one.  Who says a water bottle can’t be the newest fall accessory trend?  I think it’s a great idea.  So, today I’m going to share with you some Fall goods that I think would be a great accessory and make fun and festive holiday gifts too.  While we are all changing out our closets and prepping for the newest beauty and fashion trends, I want you to complete your outfit with the latest and greatest accessory from Contigo.

water bottle, glass water bottle, Contigo, Coffee Cup, autoseal coffee mug, drinking mug, coffee, tea, fashion accessory, fall accessory, fall fashion,

Purses, shoes and jewelry are all fabulous things any time of year – but especially during Fall when dressing up is fun for colder weather.  But, Contigo has added a new addition to their line of hydration products and I want to share it with you because I think it’s important to stay hydrated during colder months.  The Purity Petal Glass Water Bottle is a glass bottle that is plastic free and adorned with a flower petal silicone sleeve in bright, vibrant colors.

Retailing for $14.99 this reusable glass water bottle offers style with your hydration.  The BPA-free Purity Glass Water Bottle has a stylish silicone sleeve which really makes this glass bottle so chic and perfect for on the go.  It comes with an attached silicone lid to make this convenient along with a carry loop to ensure that Purity will be ready for you and on your side for on the go.  I love the wide mouth which also makes it easy to add ice to keep your water cold when you’re ready to hydrate.

water bottle, glass water bottle, Contigo, Coffee Cup, autoseal coffee mug, drinking mug, coffee, tea, fashion accessory, fall accessory, fall fashion,

The Purity Petal Glass Water Bottle by Contigo features:

  • Made completely of glass, steel and food grade silicone; no plastic parts
  • Contoured wide-mouth design
  • Attached silicone tethered lid
  • Comfortable, stylish non-slip silicone sleeve to help with durability
  • 100% BPA-free
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • 20 oz. capacity
  • SRP $14.99
  • Available in: Very Berry, Scuba, and Grapevine

water bottle, glass water bottle, Contigo, Coffee Cup, autoseal coffee mug, drinking mug, coffee, tea, fashion accessory, fall accessory, fall fashion,

If you are someone who loves to drink tea or coffee (that’s me), then the Contigo AUTOSEAL Transit Stainless Steel Travel Mug may be one for you too.  Available in Stainless, Polar White and Matte Black – the AUTOSEAL knows when to close.  It is the ultimate commuter companion and so sleek and chic that it will go with any outfit.  It’s basically the Holy Grail of travel mugs and I love it.  It’s Spill Proof, easy to clean and stays hot for hours on end.  It was thoughtfully engineered with a CleanGuard lid to keep out dirt and germs and is perfect for transit and for a ride.

The AUTOSEAL Transit Stainless Steel Travel Mug retails for $24.99.

So, are you on the lookout for a fun Holiday Gift Idea or just want to add to your list of fashion and stylish accessories this Fall?  If so – I highly suggest checking out these finds from Contigo.  My plan is to pick up a purple one to have on hand of the Purity Bottles because I just love how simple but stylish they are.

You can check out all the info and more on Contigo and their complete line of products here:  And, if you have a coffee or tea drinker or water lover on your holiday gift list, I definitely suggest you get them one of these – it will be a great gift.

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Our household would not be the same without our fur baby Ikaika. He’s a little rascal and when the boys are not home, he takes the place of them needing my undivided attention all the time, but he is our family.  Because he is so important to us, like with any other person in our family, we want to make sure that he is not only happy but healthy.  Today I am sharing with you a few wellness tips and a great treat that Ikaika has been loving from Milk-Bone.

A Great Morning Treat For Your Favorite Furry Pal With Milk-Bone

According to the Milk-Bone Human Canine Health Study, a survey of 3000 U.S. dog parents conducted by Milk-Bone brand dog treats – pet parents who include their pups in family health routines lead healthier lives themselves.  As I always say – a pet is more than just a pet, but a part of the family so we treat our animals the same as we do our children… like they are family.  That goes with good hygiene, teeth cleaning, grooming, exercise and more.  In fact, 55% of dog parents say their lives are “full of happiness and joy,” compared to 39% of non-dog parents.

Four tips to ensure that the entire family – including Fido – is healthy and well?

51% of dog parents say they get more exercise because of their dog — but 1 out of 3 pet parents wish their dog would get more physical activity

TIP #1: Turn your pups’ morning or evening walking session into a fun, impromptu workout session for the entire family, so both you and Fido will get your daily fit fix.

1 out of 3 pet parents are concerned their dog isn’t getting enough of the nutrients they need.

TIP #2: Start every day with a vitamin routine for the whole family. Your pup’s should include nutrients not found in most dog foods, like Glucosamine to support healthy joints or DHA to supplement overall wellness, which MilkBone’s Good Morning Daily Vitamin Treats provide.

Pet parents conduct “well puppy” check-ups, as they would with their child. If a dog is rubbing his eyes, or has oily spots or bumps in his fur, something could be wrong.

TIP #3: Use fun petting sessions to give your dog a quick look over for possible health ailments, like gently rubbing the bottom of his foot pads for sores.

57% of dog parents who also have children involve the kids in their doggy caring care routines, with most reporting that it teaches them good life habits and responsibility.

TIP #4: Your pup needs just as much attention and care as you and your children. When it’s time for your kids to brush their teeth, brush his teeth too (or give him MilkBoneBrushing Chews).


I love that I always have a partner for exercise and Ikaika is always ready for a run.  Having had large dogs before in the past, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel has been quite a change in lifestyle but having Ikaika as a part of our family has been wonderful.  I grew up knowing that a bond between a dog and their human is unending and that has been proven to me so many times, I couldn’t count.  While there are so many products on the market today, a favorite in our household is Milk-Bone, a brand we have used and enjoyed over the years and consistently feed our furry friends.  Whether it be for brushing your furry friend’s teeth or providing vitamins, these are all essential things to include in their daily life and activity.

A Great Morning Treat For Your Favorite Furry Pal With Milk-Bone

Ikaika absolutely loves the Milk-Bone Good Morning Daily Vitamin Treats, they are soft and easy to chew for his little teeth but also are a great source of vitamins for our furry baby.  The brushing chews come in different sizes for your pets weight and are great to help with fresh breath as well as keeping your dog’s teeth clean.  These are some of our favorite treats for Ikaika and he loves them too.

Statistics don’t lie and since our fur friends are a part of our family, we should treat them as such with treats and vitamins to keep them healthy and doing well.  Milk-Bone offers such a wide variety of goodies for your pet which you can find here:  Treat your fur family members with some goodies to help keep them healthy and don’t forget to pet them constantly.

Happy Tuesday!

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While I’m a stay at home mom, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a job that most people underestimate.  It’s a job I love and I take pride in but it’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no days off.  You’re on call all hours of the day and night and as much as the job is rewarding, it can be trying and stressful.  But, I love being a mom!  Come on now, look at those three adorable faces… they keep me busy, they keep me on my toes, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the whole world.  Because I’m constantly on the go and busy being a mom, I am always looking for ways to help with the stress.  Here are a few steps and tips I can give busy moms like me going through the same.

the boys

1.  Positive Affirmation – First of all, know that you are just too blessed to be stressed!  I know, I know – this is easier said then done… but if you take a few seconds and actually say it out loud… “I’m too blessed to be stressed” you’ll be amazed at how good it will make you feel.  Saying positive affirmations out loud is a great way to empower yourself.  When I’m feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, this helps me in a pinch and works quickly.

2.  Breathe – As simple as this one may seem… no one really stops to think about it.  When a person is under stress or feeling stressed, their breathing pattern changes and they can often start taking on small, shallow breaths – which in turn can add to the symptoms of stress and make it worst.  This is otherwise known as a form of hyperventilation.  By controlling your breathing you can help to improve the symptoms.  Slow, controlled breathing can help to relax your body, muscles and can also lower your blood pressure giving you increased energy as well as the feeling of calm and well being.

3.  Exercise or Stretching – I find that sometimes just a long, good stretch will get the blood flowing in my body, give me a boost of energy and help me to get focused.  It’s a proven fact that when you exercise, your body releases natural endorphins in your body giving you a boost of self confidence and even happiness.  I will be honest, this is the one thing I need to incorporate more into my stressful days, but when I do – I have the feeling like I’m “unstoppable” and I can concentrate better for a solution to help with the cause of stress.  Overall – I’m much more relaxed and feel less stressed.

4.  Jam out to your favorite music while driving – This may not be a stress reliever if you live where there is heavy traffic, however – I find jumping into my car, opening the windows and sun roof and just listening to my favorite music helps to relieve a lot of stress.  Sometimes we underestimate how helpful belting out our favorite music makes us feel.  I love driving down a country road, easy listening songs on the radio and clear my mind.  It works, try it.  If you find yourself in heavy traffic – try putting on your favorite music and just sing along – you’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll calm down and how quick your drive will be.

5.  The last tip for conquering or relieving stress comes in homeopathic form.  RESCUE Pastilles is a natural stress reliever in a chewy pastille lozenge.  I especially love that these are available when I need them and are non-habit forming.  Just simply chew on one when you feel stressed or could use some relief.  They are travel friendly and I have one in my purse at any time to help when needed.  Active ingredients help you to focus, have patience and give you a balanced mind when losing control.

Rescue Pastilles

Keep a canister of RESCUE Pastilles in your purse in case you need it while on the go… and get natural relief in the form of a lozenge.  I find that while I’m out and about, I experience a lot of anxiety if I’m rushed or have to deal with large crowds when I was not expecting to.  Having RESCUE Pastilles in my purse has been a lifesaver.  I have the one flavored like Black Currant and it tastes pretty good.  Keep one around the house if you are looking for a quick way to provide stress relief.

Rescue Pastilles

RESCUE Pastilles has been trusted for generations and comes in a variety of forms to fit your busy (and sometimes stressful) lifestyle:

    • RESCUE Pastilles
    • RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts
    • RESCUE Pearls
    • and more

RESCUE stress relief products are available now at CVS, Walgreens, Whole Foods and Sprouts (in the U.S.) or where ever you find natural products.  RESCUE is developed by a doctor and since it is non-habit forming, it allows you to help keep stress at bay without side effects.  RESCUE products are affordable and can be found for under $10.  I especially enjoy taking one of the lozenges pre-workout to help me relax and just buckle down in the grind.

Rescue Pastilles

Want to try RESCUE?  Click on the Printable Coupon and Buy 1 Get 1.  Try RESCUE for yourself and see how it will fit in your every day life.

So – while keeping stress at a minimum is not an exact science, sometimes it’s the little things that help make it all better.  Let’s face it, we live in a complicated world filled with stressors that can often damper any positive thought or situation, but learning to deal with stress and help relieve it, helps not only in our day to day – but in life.  What do you use to relieve stress?  Is RESCUE Pastilles something you may try?

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