Water is the way of life, am I right? But, drinking plain tasting water is boring. If we are supposed to have at least 8 glasses of water each day, and flavoring water with artificial sweeteners and preservatives are not good for us, then how can we do it. We need a little love and fun with our drinks, don’t we? Enter, TASTEit4Water – the water that smells so good you can taste it!

The Story Behind TASTEit4Water

The inspiration of Brooke Mills (a mother of twins, health enthusiast and actress), the idea of TASTEit Health was born. Brooke disliked drinking plain, boring water, but also knew that unhealthy beverages like pop (soda) and juice contained a lot of sugar, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. With her years of experience selling products on television, she was exposed to many new water bottles, but none of them solved her problem of boring water.

Then, Brooke Mills brought together ScentSational Technologies and CDI International to make TASTEit Healthy a reality. Founded in 1997, this company leads the industry in developing, patenting and licensing scented products and packaging technologies. CDI International has designed and manufactured as well as sold over 275 million drink-ware products since 1993. Together, the TASTEit Health Team has spent many years developing TASTEit4Water, the first water bottle that makes water taste sweet and lightly fruit flavored. TASTEit Health is dedicated to utilizing advanced aroma technologies in drinkware products that help to enhance the drinking experience while significantly reducing the consumption of many unhealthy beverages on the market today.

Have a Love Affair With Water - TASTEit4Water

What exactly is TASTEit?

Rumor has it that you smell flavor before you actually taste it. Well, did you know that a significant portion of your sense of taste does indeed come from the sense of smell? Seriously – how cool is that? That’s why it is said that you can’t tell the difference between biting an apple and an onion if you close your eyes and hold your nose. Or – if you close your eyes and eat both of them, the onion tends to be the only flavor you taste. That’s the secret to TASTEit4Water.

When you drink the water from your TASTEit bottle, you smell the aromas of fresh fruit. Your brain gets a message that you are drinking lightly flavored fruit water. Since your tongue is hardwired to taste sweet flavors, TASTEit also adds sweetness to the tip to complete the taste experience. You don’t need to close your eyes but will get lightly flavored water without any flavor additives.

Have a Love Affair With Water - TASTEit4Water

How does TASTEit4Water work?

To experience TASTEit, simply add water to your bottle, attach the lid and close it. I like to put my bottle into the refrigerator for at least an hour, but if you like room temperature water, feel free to let it sit for an hour to allow the aroma to infuse the water. It’s that simple.

The tip that comes attached to your lid contains a proprietary blend of FDA-approved all natural aromas and artificial sweeteners. It can be removed and replaced easily and you can currently choose from 4 different flavors available. (Coming soon – TASTEit4Coffee in Mocha, French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Pumpkin Spice)

You don’t have to worry about boring water again! Simply drink three bottles of TASTEit4Water every day to easily meet the recommended amount of water that your body needs to stay hydrated and keep you healthy. There’s no need to buy packets of artificial flavoring or water flavors and these bottles help the environment as well.

Did you know that humans buy 1 million plastic bottles per minute and 91% of all plastic is not recycled?
Have a Love Affair With Water - TASTEit4Water

Our Thoughts on TASTEit4Water

TASTEit4Water makes it easier for you to not only get in your daily water intake, but also easier to reduce plastic waste. My family is really big on recycling and using reusable water bottles. We were excited to try TASTEit knowing that we’d get a lot of use out of the bottles. As a mom, I knew this would be a great alternative for my boys to flavor their drinks.

My family and I have had the opportunity to try out all four flavors of TASTEit4Water: Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Mixed Berry and Peach. I have been loving the Peach flavor and my husband enjoys the lemon. My sons have been drinking the Mandarin Orange and Mixed Berry. Immediately after opening the packaging, my boys fell in love with the scent of the mixed berry and mandarin orange and they have loved the idea and concept of the bottles.

The bottles are well made and sturdy and definitely easy to clean. We love how easy they are to transport and water is available for drinking on the go. The bottles are fun and we are all enjoying them.

Have a Love Affair With Water - TASTEit4Water

About the Bottle & Lid

Each bottle comes with one or more of the patent pending lids that make the water taste sweet and lightly fruit flavored for at least 30 days. Immediately upon opening the packaging, you smell the aroma and it smells really good. We’ve read that you can enjoy TASTEit and experience the aroma/flavor for months on a single lid. However, TASTEit recommends replacing your lid every 30 days for optimal flavor. The more you use your TASTEit4Water bottle, you will train your pallet so it doesn’t need sugar to recognize flavor. Because of this, your TASTEit4Water Lids will last long than they did when you first started the water program. My family and I have been using our TASTEit4Water about a month and we have noticed that our no longer tastes plain, making it easier to drink.

Your Investment & What’s Included

TASTEit4Water is actually quite affordable when you consider the reusable aspect of it all. Each TASTEit4Water System costs $24.95 and includes:

  • 25oz Tritan BPA Free Frosted Bottle
  • Flavored Lid with Sweet Tip – Made with FDA & EU compliant All-Natural Fruit Flavor and Sweetener
  • Additional Non-Sweet Flavored Tip Made with FDA-EU compliant All-Natural Fruit Flavor

the TASTEit4Water System features the following:

  • non-slip comfort grip
  • spill proof and leak proof lid with flip up dispensing tip for easy drinking
  • easy to carry lids that have integrated hooks to connect to a backpack or belt with a small carabiner (not included)
  • fits most cup holders
  • approximately 9.5″ tall x 3.25″ wide
Have a Love Affair With Water - TASTEit4Water

TASTEit4Water Replacement lids retail for $4.95 and include a Flavored lid with Sweet Tip. They are compatible with all TASTEit water bottles so you can pick and choose different flavors – you don’t need to choose only one color to match.

My family and I love our TASTEit4Water Bottles and can’t wait to see what this brand has in store for the future. It has become one of our staples in getting our water in and it makes the experience fun and exciting as well. We are big water drinkers since I stopped drinking soda more than 2 years ago and we don’t realize how we just crave flavor sometimes. If you are looking at a way to fall in love with your water, check out TASTEit4Water bottles and try it for yourselves.

Have a Love Affair With Water - TASTEit4Water

You can purchase TASTEit4Water and learn about the brand at: Use code: Future30 to get 30% off your purchase on the website and try TASTEit4Water today!

Disclaimer: This product was provided for review & feature via TASTEit4Water. All opinions are my own, 100% honest & unbiased. Affiliate links can and may be posted throughout.

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As a busy mom, I’m always looking for ways to cut my cleaning time in half.  Whether it be delegating the duties at home to a “willing” helper or accomplishing each chore a little at a time to get it done… I try my best to make it happen.  Though, I’ll be honest – I always think to myself, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all have our own personal Robot like they had in Bicentennial Man?”  Well, not really… because I’d probably develop a motherly bond and have difficulty letting go, just knowing me… lol.  But, I think I have a solution and my family and I have been loving it the last month.  Today, I introduce you to bObi Kaho’ohanohano, the new baby in our house.  But, bObi is not your traditional or typical baby.  Nope – she is a robotic vacuum.

Bobi, bobSweep, robotic vacuum, bobi robotic vacuum, bobSweep robotic vacuum, vacuum, household, cleaning, robot, easy cleaning, household cleaning, clean, vacuum cleaner, review, electronic, electronic product review,

When my family and I was given the opportunity to give bObi a test run, let’s just say we were quite overjoyed and completely ecstatic to receive her.  She came bundled in a sturdy box, well packaged and even included a little card that welcomed her to our family.  The directions are easier to follow than I would have ever imagined and getting her going and started was a complete breeze.  We were all excited to try her out… well, almost all of us.  Ikaika who is our King Charles Cavalier Spaniel is still currently on the fence about her and still hasn’t decided if he likes her or not.

Our family has a traditional vacuum, which I’ll be honest – I really enjoy.  It does it’s job but obviously, it can’t do it without someone behind the wheel actually doing the vacuuming.  I don’t mind running the vacuum, it’s kind of soothing – but finding the time in my hectic schedule can pose many issues.  We have a small house in general, so a standard vacuum will surely do the job without issue in very little time, but finding the time in my day is what seems to be the biggest problem.

Bobi, bobSweep, robotic vacuum, bobi robotic vacuum, bobSweep robotic vacuum, vacuum, household, cleaning, robot, easy cleaning, household cleaning, clean, vacuum cleaner, review, electronic, electronic product review,

Immediately after receiving it, my boys were so excited, they couldn’t contain their excitement.  While our living area is small, we were eager to try bObi out for ourselves.  I plugged her in the night prior to let her charge through the evening and then the next day, we were able to take her for a run.  Our biggest challenge is a small living area and the fact that things move around in our house consistently.  The boys have a table they do their homework on and it gets folded up and put away when we vacuum usually, so we wanted to be able to leave it out and have bObi work around it.  The vacuum learns a pattern of where everything is in the house, or you can easily use the remote control and guide it in the direction you want for yourself.  There is also a sensor on the vacuum so you do not have to worry about it bumping into things.  It has run me over a few times, but I noticed it’s normally when the sensor is on the opposite side of the unit.

Bobi, bobSweep, robotic vacuum, bobi robotic vacuum, bobSweep robotic vacuum, vacuum, household, cleaning, robot, easy cleaning, household cleaning, clean, vacuum cleaner, review, electronic, electronic product review,

bObi has a small sweeper attached to it with brushes that work to pick up all the little pieces or sweep them into the cleaner… it’s awesome.  I love that it gets near to the base boards in my kitchen or in the areas where dog hair gets caught and sweeps it up quickly and easily.  bObi does not get all the rubbish in certain areas all the time, but it’s still learning to make its way around our house the the boys ever-moving their things around the rooms.  While it won’t get that piece of lint or hair the first run sometimes, as it comes back around – it picks it up and leaves my house clean.  With bObi’s dirt sensors, she is determined to go back around and get it done – so no lint or dust will be left behind.

Bobi, bobSweep, robotic vacuum, bobi robotic vacuum, bobSweep robotic vacuum, vacuum, household, cleaning, robot, easy cleaning, household cleaning, clean, vacuum cleaner, review, electronic, electronic product review,

I set bObi on a timer so it will run a sweep through the house and kitchen area each day at 10am while I’m sitting at my desk working.  It’s so convenient for us that I think our traditional vacuum is starting to feel a bit left out.  I use bObi daily and run my traditional vacuum on Saturdays to get a really good, deep into the carpet clean.  bObi will reach under the beds and tables and below the cabinets because she’s so petite.  It’s nice not having to bend to get under those areas with my traditional vacuum.

bObi Classic retails for about $269.00 on Amazon ($749 USD on bobSweep website) and comes with all the attachments to get it done.  A charge overnight and you’re good to go and ready to clean the next day.  Mop, sweep, sanitize… have lots of fun and get a few moments of breathing time for yourself.

You can see bObi in action while she goes through our hang out area.  As you can see, Ikaika (our dog) is not yet a fan.  But, he’s warming up to her… especially since she keeps his area where he sleeps, nice and clean!  We are looking to replace our carpet and I can’t wait to see how bObi performs on the new one.

Oh, I forgot my favorite part… bObi mops.  My bObi unit comes with a mop extension and 2 mop cloths which can be attached to the unit to do a quick mop.  bObi comes with a UV light that kills bacteria and filters the air with her built-in HEPA filter.  She’s seriously genius!  I use this specifically for my kitchen.   This is the perfect way to “spot mop” or do a quick mop during the weekdays until I do my thorough cleaning and mopping on Saturdays.

Charging bObi is really easy.  It comes with a charging station and you can either let it run it’s course for it’s usual vacuuming and let it return to its dock or press the “juice” button on bObi or the remote control and it finds the docking station and recharges itself… simple and easy.

Bobi, bobSweep, robotic vacuum, bobi robotic vacuum, bobSweep robotic vacuum, vacuum, household, cleaning, robot, easy cleaning, household cleaning, clean, vacuum cleaner, review, electronic, electronic product review,

I think technology advances are so fun and exciting and I’m so thankful to have bObi to help me complete a few of my chores – mopping & vacuuming… check!  I have never tried a robotic vacuum before so this is an experience my family and I are enjoying and we’re very thankful for.  If you are in the market for a new vacuum, I highly suggest giving bObi or any of the other bobSweep family members a try.  After having bObi in our house for just about a month now, she’s settled in and is a great addition to our family.  Even Ikaika is starting to enjoy her (since she’s so quiet in comparison to our traditional vacuum), he has made her his friend and even rides her from time to time, lol.

Now that you’re done reading my thoughts (and my family’s) on bObi, do you think she will join your family?  We’re just a humble family with a little home that we love and I figured instead of staging or prettying up the post, you could see bObi in real life and experience what we experience – good cleaning and a little less hectic-ness and stress for mom.  Hope you enjoyed!

Check out the rest of the bObi family here or the whole bobSweep family here.

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Disclaimer:  The product featured in this post was sent for review consideration.  All opinions are my own, 100% honest & unbiased as with anything I post on my site.  Affiliate links are posted through out.

I can’t believe it is that time of year again!  Last week all three of my boys went back to school.  My eldest started his first year of Middle School and my twins were off to Kindergarten.  I’m not gonna lie, my schedule is naturally busy but getting back into the routine of school again is always a challenge for everyone in our house.  As if our schedules were not already tight, my eldest also started Football Season the other day and practice has us going five to six days a week… exhausting. There are many things that keep me going while my schedule has me running on fumes and I’m always lucky to find a little sweet treat that not only satisfies that little chocolate craving – but also helps to curb my appetite a couple of extra minutes while I get things situated before dinner.  This year, I’ve been enjoying M&M’S® Crispy as a snack and love sharing them with my husband and my sons.

Busy Mommy Approved - M&M’S® Crispy Treats

Back to school time means that I really need to keep myself much more organized to keep on top of my daily tasks.  It’s during those times that I also tend to skip a meal or two in lieu of trying to get everything I need to do accomplished.  To help curb my appetite while I’m working or down to the grind on a deadline, I am always looking for a little snack that will satisfy my little sweet craving and keep me going till dinner.  I have found a new love in M&M’S® Crispy and absolutely love that while I’m busy working and my sons are doing homework, we can take a quick snack break and enjoy.

Busy Mommy Approved - M&M’S® Crispy Treats

My sons, husband and I enjoyed this treat when we tried it originally, and now back by popular demand M&M’S® Crispy returned to the shelves nationwide this past January for the first time since 2005.  M&M’S® Crispy offers a way to enjoy America’s favorite chocolate candies with fewer calories per serving and I still love that the same “melt in your mouth, not in your hand” candy coating reminds me of my childhood.  M&M’S® Crispy were the No.1 most requested variety to bring back between 2005 and 2014 and our household is definitely a fan.  Doesn’t it just bring back memories hearing about the crunchy treat… “made of rich milk chocolate, sweet rice puff center that’s crispy and crunchy and coated in the world-famous candy shell.”

Busy Mommy Approved - M&M’S® Crispy Treats

Busy Mommy Approved - M&M’S® Crispy Treats

While the boys are in school and I’m planning for the week ahead or focusing on a deadline that is upcoming, I enjoy popping two or three of these milk chocolate crunch treats in my mouth.  I’m not gonna lie, sometimes it helps me focus a bit and there are times when I need something in my tummy to help my brain work faster – lol.  These are portable and make a great snack while enjoying your summer festivities (especially if you are still on summer break) or a great after school snack for my boys when they have completed their homework.

Busy Mommy Approved - M&M’S® Crispy Treats

And, when things are winding down for the night and I am sitting down with my planner, making notes for the following day, this makes a nice “me time” snack after the kids have settled in for the night.  M&M’S® Crispy is definitely MOMMY APPROVED and I’m glad I get to share a brand I loved in my childhood with my children today.  What is your favorite on-the-go or quick snack to satisfy that sweet tooth?

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I am a photographer for weddings and portraits.  I love capturing photos that evoke love and happiness and have enjoyed capturing images of couples for several years.  With a growing photography industry, there are a plethora of companies that are available for prints, personalization and design for yourself and to offer your clients.  Over the years I have used many different sites and vendors and quality is a definite a must when providing anything to a client.  Today I want to share with you an online site that makes customization easy and the prices are definitely on par with what is on the market today.  Today I introduce you to

minted sample 3


Minted is not a normal print website.  It is a design marketplace.  Creative content from a global community of artists can be found online and can be purchased in the form of art, home décor and stationery directly to consumers.  Minted not only allows you to be creative, the site offers challenges that are open for submission and voting which makes Minted. unique in that it gives an additional option for creators.

Photo by: Honey Kaho'ohanohano
Photo by: Honey Kaho’ohanohano


Started by Mariam Naficy in 2007, Minted held their first design challenge with a save-the-date card design competition that attracted 66 entries.  Now a few years later and thousands of design and art entries, the company has expanded into the art business and home décor business and their products have now reached 40 million homes Worldwide.  Founder Mariam loved art & design after seeing a variety of types through out her travels as well as those created by family members and for this reason, she wanted to have the hidden creative talent of those around the World accessible to consumers.

Use inspiration from the available artists or create your own artwork with an easy to use interface via Minted’s online site.  As easy as uploading your own images, adding text and purchasing, everything about Minted provides you with an ease of use, quality product and a plethora of art work to decorate your home, office and everything in between.

Minted Sample is the perfect solution if you’re looking to give a house warming gift.  How great would it be to offer the new home owners a personalized gift for display.  Newlyweds and newly engaged couples will love this option as well.   If you are an artist, photographer or someone who just loves art, Minted is a site that I know you will love and if you are anything like me, you’ll be spending hours going through all the options available.

Image by
Image by

Minted is not just for photogs alike.  Get great DIY tips for your special events or day to day as well as fun items to add a little spunk to your everyday.  Complete your party with favor bags, straws and all the fun decor you need to make a simple party an absolute blast.  From stationery, invitations and announcements and decoration, Minted offers more than you could ever imagine.  After hours of browsing through Minted’s website, I have yet to discover everything it has to offer.  You will be amazed at everything available and how much you can customize.

Check out for all the fun and inspirational ideas for your life and everything in between.  Have you heard of Minted before?  What do you think about sites like these that offer you a creative outlet as well as inspiration?

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