Spring time is one of my favorite times of year… not only for the beautiful weather and the gorgeous flora that grace us but also because I am a huge Sakura lover and look forward to Cherry Blossoms that bloom during that time.  You don’t find Cherry Blossoms in Hawaii, not the original ones that you would find in Japan or in Washington D.C. – so I always look forward to reading about the annual Sakura Matsuri Festival or Hanami which takes place in Japan.

Recently, I had the opportunity to place an order with Rainbow Honey and immediately fell in love with the Sakura Matsuri Collection that is available for sale.  After getting my hands on it – I knew that I wanted to use the Sakura Matsuri Namesake Glitter Polish in my look this week.

Nails of the Day - Cherry Blossom Love feat. Rainbow Honey


I used the following products to create my nail look that I’ll be rocking out this week:

Base – All Your Base from Rainbow Honey (part of the April Mystery Bag)

Main nail polish shade – Shay from Zoya

Accent Nail – Sakura Matsuri from Rainbow Honey

Top Coat – Sakura Matsuri Scented Top Coat

I have had this nail polish mani for a few days before I had the opportunity to take the photos, so that is why I have that little crack in my index finger.  I thought this was a very cute combination and I think it will be one I will enjoy rocking out year long, but especially during this time when the Sakura are in bloom.

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring.

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty Reply

    So pretty and feminine! I’m doing a similar but brighter mani tonight with my Zoya haul that arrived today 🙂

  2. they really are sweet… I am not used to placing larger scale glitter on my nails so it definitely takes a while – but I like it 😉

  3. It is 🙂 I am terrible in that the accent nail is always my go to… it makes me feel like I have a little rebel inside me. lol When I worked in the corporate world we had a select amount of colors we could wear and they all had to be the same shade, no designs… so I secretly think that I’m rocking it out. lol 😉 thank you

  4. FabZilla_Kath Reply

    That is such a beautiful mani. I’m not familiar w/ Rainbow Honey but it’s always nice to discover new brands!

    • thank you Love 🙂 I owned 2 of their polishes from last year and like them. 🙂 It is fun to discover new brands 😉

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