We just completed Week 6 of Distance Learning and our daily schedule is starting to become the new norm around here. Last week finished with its fair share of challenges, but I digress. Just a few short weeks before the end of the year and still so many changes are among us. This lockdown is taking its toll, but we’re making it work.

Mother’s Day

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all of the mommies out there. I’m constantly reminded that I am absolutely blessed to be the mother of such fun-loving and interesting littles. This Mother’s Day was especially important because the last few weeks have had me second-guessing myself a lot! While the boys are struggling with learning from home, I’m definitely having a hard time balancing work, teaching school, and managing the house.

Regardless of my struggles – I am so thankful for all that I have and all that I’ve been blessed with. I just wanted to share that, in case there is ever any doubt in anyone’s mind. Mother’s Day was celebrated with great food and even greater company.

Is Hawaii ready to reopen again?

In today’s Podcast Episode I discuss my thoughts on reopening Hawaii and getting back to normal without lockdown. I have a reason for chatting about it since I experienced something interesting this past weekend. You can listen to the Podcast Episode below. Honestly, I think that it’s way too soon to do so and not a good idea. But, if you want to really get my thoughts on the subject, tune in to the segment.

Our Adventures for last week

The twins and Kevin Ka’eo had quite a fruitful schedule last week. Their days were filled with Zoom meetings and there was quite a bit to do. We were so busy we didn’t get a chance to go on more than one walk for the week. I spent a few days out of the week working on jewelry pieces and working through a content schedule. My goal is to get on a better plan for the blog and posting. I’m pretty proud that I’ve been able to keep consistent lately.

On our walk last week we found a gorgeous array of florals lining a neighbors yard. I have seen flowers like these before, but never in a yard. We photographed it to do a little research. It’s called the Moss Rose or Portulaca Grandiflora. It is a succulent flowering plant in the family Portulacaceae, which is native to Argentina, southern Brazil and Uruguay. It is often cultivated in gardens, though I do not recall seeing it in a household garden before. This gorgeous flower has many common names which include: rose moss, ten o’clock, Mexican rose, moss rose and Vietnam rose. Some also call it sun rose, rock rose and moss-rose purslane.

In that one yard, we saw at least 5 different colors. To say that this is a beautiful flower is an understatement. I immediately fell in love with it when I saw it. I hope I can pick up some seeds and plant some in my garden.

Teacher Appreciation Week (last week)

While it seems like the time is dragging when it comes to school, we are all excited that the school year is ending. But, it also makes us a bit sad. Last week Friday we went to the boys’ school to pick up their belongings from their desks. It was such a sweet thing for the boys to experience because staff and teachers were lining the parking lot with signs that said: “We Miss You, We’re Proud of You, We Love You!” I cried because it filled me with so much emotion. I’m incredibly thankful for all that the teachers and staff of the boys’ schools have done for my sons. We all agree that this is not the way we wanted to end the school year. But I’m so grateful for all the teachers and their hard work and support through this uncertain time. I definitely could have not been able to teach the kids without guidance for the last 2 months.

A thank you to the teachers from the twins!

We certainly have a lot to get done this week and a fruitful schedule. But, we are so excited to share our adventures with all of you. What have you been up to lately? Anything new in your World? Wishing you all a wonderful week!


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