Some of you may have seen me post my flower mani on Instagram last week.  Seeing as I was super sick, these little Spring inspired beauties didn’t make it onto my site at all when I originally created them – so I figured I would share them with you today.Ciate Flower Mani

To create this cute flower manicure I am using the Ciate Flower Manicure and also added Zoya’s Perrie (which is the gorgeous creamy opaque purple you see on my nails as the base).  The pink shade you see is the shade Candy Floss from Ciate – which included in the Flower Mani kit.  I am truly in love with the top coat that was included in the kit as well – it literally dried in just a few short minutes.  Believe it or not, I was able to wash dishes about 5 minutes after drying – AWESOME SAUCE.

Ciate Flower Manicure Kit

I have seen that Ciate has several different kits available with different flowers.  Considering how easy this was to apply – I am looking into getting my hands on a few more.  These are great to use for Spring and Summer and I am just in awe at how fun they look and how quick they were to apply.

Ciate Flower Manicure

Hope you enjoyed my little mani share.  Sorry I haven’t posted in a week or so – I’ve been so sick… I’m finally back in the groove again and can post! YAY!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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    • I have not seen this yet also – but our Sephora is a 2 hour drive away – I have only seen it online and would have not purchased it by first glance. Im glad I got to try it. Thank you 😉

  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon! BornPrettyStore sells those little dried flowers, too. I have some, but I keep forgetting to use them! They take a while to arrive from China, but the prices are better than Ciate. And, um, if you want, I have a 10% off code on my blog. Just saying.

    • You know – I haven’t purchased anything from them in a few years after my falling out with them when I reviewed. But still – I did enjoy using their nail goodies so I’m gonna totally check it out – and use your code 😉

    • I love them – I can’t wait to get other sets. 😉 Or at least get my hand on that top coat – to die for. 😉

  2. I love using dried flowers in nail art. And this mani is simply stunning!

  3. I am loving it – omigosh – so easy to create. I was worried when I first seen it that it would take forever to dry but that top coat is AWESOMENESS

  4. thank you girlie. I am loving this kit so much. I am not very good at nail art – but this kit makes it super easy 😉

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